Rule 3

Chapter 5

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Sooooo... How's life been treatin' ya?


It was midnight before I got home from Hayaku's. I trudged up the steps of my apartment, dilegently ignoring the thumps, screaming arguements, and other noise from my neighbors' apartments. I stopped at a deep blue door with the faded gold plating that had the number 307 stamped into it. I dug out my keys and inserted them into the lock. I could hear the dead bolt scraping as I turned the key and let myself in. Raion, my tabby cat, greeted me with a small, sweet meow. I scooted him out of the way as I shut the door behind me.

I threw my purse down on the hallway table and Raion leapt up after it, poking his pink nose into the soft leather. I picked him up, "You must be hungry if you're trying to eat leather." My cat started to purr loudly, his green eyes half closed as I carried him to the kitchen. He jumped out of my arms with grace and stood by his bowl, meowing pitifully. I chuckled, "You're as bad as Itachi. I just might have to rename you." Raion just meowed louder. I took out his food and poured him a small amount before going back to the hallway and picking up the mail on the floor.

Walking back into the kitchen I flipped through the stack of envelopes, muttering, "Junk... junk... junk... bill... junk... bill... bill... what's this?" I asked myself, coming to a ivory envelope with no return address, I turned it over, hoping to find the address there. Nothing. Shrugging I slit the evelope open and pulled out a card folded in thirds. I sat down at the kitchen table and began to read,

Greeting Taihen No Ichigo,

Guess what time it is? No it's not Spring, and it's not noon! It's our five year High School reunion! How awesome is that? Pretty awesome! Now is the chance to see all your friends and see how they changed in five years! Have you ever wondered who is the fattest now? Or if that Hinata and Naruto have gotten together yet? Do you wonder who's the most successful? How about who has kids? This is your only chance to find out! Hope to see you there.


The Konoha High School

I crumbled the card and threw it at the trash can. It missed and rolled to Raion, who pounced, thinking it was a new toy. I sighed, but was too lazy to get up and save the paper from my fierce cat. Leaning back I grabbed the kitchen cordless and called Sakura. She answered after the fifth ring, "Hello?" I cringed, I should have realized she would be in bed, "Sorry I woke you. I didn't realize the time, it can wait until tomorrow." I started to hang up when Sakura said "No. No, I'm awake now. Besides you'll have me up all night wondering what you want to say." I conceeded the point and asked, "Did you get the graduation reunion letter?" "Yeah... are you going? I am." I shrugged, then realized she couldn't see me and said, "I don't know, depends. I'll let you get back to sleep now." I hung up without waiting for her to answer.

Raion looked at me, the card hanging in his jaws. I couldn't help but smile, "Good kitty. Murder that thing!" Raion meowed again, dropping the ball of paper in the process. I picked him up, "You're such a little lion. One day I'm going to have to put you in a zoo, you're so fierce." He meowed again, rubbing the top of his head against my jaw, purring. I hugged him closer, suddenly feeling better.


"Okay, so why did you call me in the middle of the night to ask about the high school reunion?" Sakura asked yawning, as she spread the folders that Sasuke needed to look at today on his desk, making sure that only the names of the files peaked out from the one on top of it. I swiftly typed in Sasuke's password, allowing me access to his computer. I pulled up the internet and logged into the Uchiha Corp website before answering Sakura, "I didn't get home till then. Hayaku had trouble getting the kids to bed, then we stayed up reminicing until midnight." Sakura nodded, "Ah. That would explain it, so are you going?"

I shrugged and stayed silent as I organized Sasuke's pencil holder to his liking, black pens in the front, then red, blue and pencils in the back. Two highlighters, standard yellow and bright red, stood in the middle. Sakura put her hands on her hips, "You're not, are you?" I gave her a look, "We may be friends now, but I don't think anyone else shares that opinion. To their eyes, I'm the girl who still works at her high school job. I don't even have a college education! Like I'd want to go to a place where everyone teases me all over again."

Sasuke walked in then, much to my surprise. He never got here before ten in the morning, unlike his brother who was usually at the office by eight. I cast a glance at the clock, to justify if he was early or if I was behind schedule. The clock read 8:43, Sasuke was definatly early. My second boss raised an eyebrow at my presense, "Shouldn't you be straightening Itachi's own office?" He asked. I gave him a look, "I finished that a six, like always. I was just showing Sakura how to get your day ready," I paused long enough to be disrespectful before adding, "Sir." Sasuke glared and I did a mock curtsey before leaving, a satisfied smirk on my face.

It stayed there as I entered Itachi's office, my boss gave me a questioning look, "Did you get into the cream?" He asked. I couldn't help but laugh, it was rare Itachi made jokes. "If you consider bothering your brother cream, then yes." I said innocently as I sat down at my desk and put the blutooth to my ear, "Uchiha Corperation, Itachi's office. How may I help you?" I asked, pointedly ignoring Itachi's stern look. The woman on the other line began her triade of how Itachi was supposed to call her back, and that it wasn't fair that he wasn't paying attention to her. I waited for her to finished before saying, "I'm sorry, Itachi-san isn't here at the moment, would you like me to give you his number?" Itachi's head jerked up as he glared at me, silently telling me to shut my trap before he killed me. The woman squealed and said yes, "Okay, his number is... 224-238-1447" The woman hung up.

Itachi opened his mouth to say something but the phone rang again, "Uchiha Corperation, Itachi's office. How may I help you?" It was the same woman from before, she snapped that I had given her the wrong number. I pretended to look surpised, though she couldn't see me, "Wrong number, are you sure?" She repeated the number back to me, "Nope, that's the right number... Hm?... The Konoha Asylum? Of course I knew that was the number... No Itachi-san is not there, but you should be!" I hung up on her. I glanced up at my boss, his lip had a tell-tell twitch that I knew he was trying not to laugh. I smiled at him, "Is there something you need, sir?" Itachi shook his head and turned away just as the phone started to ring again, "Uchiha Corperation, Itachi's office. How may I help you?"


"So have you thought about it?" Sakura asked as we walked through the Konoha Mall during our lunch break, sipping our drinks from lunch. I shrugged, "My answer still stands." Sakura sighed, "I really think you should go. You've changed in five years and everyone will be shocked to see you like you are now." I gave her a look, "Changed how?" I was curious. To me, I hadn't changed a bit. It was Sakura's turn to shrug, "Well for one you've... I don't know, lost your nerdiness." I laughed, "'Lost my nerdiness'? What makes you say that?" Sakura sighed, "You don't have those awful clunky glasses anymore, and the braces are gone. Plus your hair is less ratty and tangled now." I shook my head and counted off, "One, everyone had braces at one time. I remember a certain picture from fourth grade that showed a pinkette with braces. Two, I got contacts and I have more time to take care of my hair now that I'm not in school and working at the same time."

Sakura shrugged again, "Well you asked. I still think you should go." I smirked, "And I still think you're a stuck up prep underneath all that 'I'm a changed person' act you've got going." Sakura glared at me, "THAT'S NOT AN ACT!" She shouted, bringing the attention of pratically everyone in the mall to us. I laughed, "I'm joking, geez you've got to work on that." Sakura blushed, "That's another thing, you actually have a sense of humor now." I stuck my tongue at her and got another 'that's another thing that's changed about you' speech again. Sakura spent the rest of our lunch break pointing out the things that has changed about me in the five years since we graduated. It got old after the first twenty.

As we walked back into Uchiha Corp I finally stopped in front of her, "If I go will you shut up about all the changes?" I snapped. Sakura smiled in triumph and nodded. I started to sigh, but he held up a finger, "But... I get to chose your outfit." I groaned, "This isn't prom! It's a stupid high school graduation!" Sakura rolled her eyes, as if she didn't know what to do with me, and said, "You want to show up in sweats and a grubby T-shirt? Yeah, that will leave the impression you want on everyone. Look, image is everything. You want people to think that you-" I held up a hand, cutting her off, "Don't go there. If you start your prep talk I just might pour coffee over your head."

Unfotunately the Uchiha brothers caught the last bit, Itachi raised an eyebrow while Sasuke smirked, "Violent, Ichigo?" I scowled at the floor, struggling to keep my cheeks from flaming, and said, "I have work." Before turning and stalking into the safety of Itachi's office. Itachi came in a few minutes later, "You're not usually so eager to work." He said, just a hint of amusment in his voice. I glared at him before turning my gaze back to my computer, "You know I hate my school." "Yes, Sasuke mentioned the high school reunion, it would be a pity for you to miss it..." Itachi said in a tone that infuriated me. I kept my gaze diligently on my laptop screen. I finally glared at him, "Save your breath, Uchiha, Sakura is already making me go."

Itachi raised an eyebrow coolly, but I could tell he was enjoying then too much, "Someone managed to talk you into something?" I growled back, "You're on a oneway ticket to becomeing assistent-less." My boss just smirked, "You have tenure and a contract that binds you here for three more years." "That's supposed to be for my benefit!" I snapped back, but my temper did nothing but make Itachi even more smug. "Not if I twist things around, you know I can." I groaned, I knew all too well how Itachi could twist things to make it go his way. That little skill was the main reason why Uchiha Corperation was the best business in Japan. I buried my face in my hands, "Fine, I'll go and not complain one iota." I could feel Itachi's victory smirk from across the room. When I scowled at him it was gone; with one last suspicious look I returned to my work.


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