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Chapter 6

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Ahhhhh, drama. You can't go wrong with it! Oh and I was reading though the last few chapter and I noticed a mistake, I accidently said that Sakura was twenty-one... oops. Anyway, Ichigo, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto etc are all actually twenty-three. My mind was dead when I did the math last time. That makes Itachi twenty-eight. Get it, got it, good!


"I hate you... and you... and you..." I grumbled under my breath at each passing of my old classmates. Sakura had been dragged off by her old friends and Ino was too busy flirting with Shikamaru to notice me. Hinata and Naruto weren't here yet, so I couldn't talk to them. So far this night had been a total disaster, the first and only time anyone other than my friends said anything to me was Kiba when he commented that I still smelled of cat.

Sakura finally managed to tangle herself free from her friends and sat down beside me, "So, things have changed right?" I gave her a look, "Yeah... back in high school I was only an outcast to the preps, now I'm an outcast to everyone.." Sakura gave me a sheepish smile, "You're dress is pretty at least. And plenty of our old classmates keep staring at you." I sighed and unconsciously ran my fingers down the pale violet silk of my skirt. Sakura was right, it was a very pretty dress. Sakura had picked it out of course, with Ino's help, I would have never been able to make such a selection by myself. I would never admit to it, but I liked the slim dress. It was an one shoulder number, the one sleeve was long and hugged my arm outlining every muscle of my arm, ending just at my wrist. The top was of a darker purple and blended smoothly into the icy color of my skirt. My hair, which had taken forever to do, was piled on the top of my head, perfect ringlets casscading down to one side.

My friend smirked, "You like that dress, I can tell." I clasped my hands together before she could prove it, "No." I lied and Sakura laughed, "Yes you do! I know you too well, Ichigo." I glared and stuck my nose up in the air, "Believe what you want." It was the closest she would ever get me to admitting it, and we both knew it. Sakura was about so say something when suddenly one of her old followers popped up, "Sakuraaaa! It's soooo good to see you!" Sakura nodded and said frostily, "Karin..." The redhead clutched my friend's arm, "I came to save you and get you back into real company. Come on, I want to know everything about your life!" She squealed happily, but she didn't fool either of us. The thinly insult to me riled Sakura, "I am in real company, Period-head. Go and try to seduce some unfortunate soul."

I had to slap my hand over my mouth to keep from laughing. Karin stared at the pinkette, her red eyes wide with shock, as if she couldn't believe that her hero was really yelling at her. Sakura shook her off, "Bye!" She said in false cheer then grabbed my arm and dragged me away, "Come on, you're not going to sulk at a table all night." I shot her a dark look, "Itachi-san put you up to this, didn't he?" Sakura held up her hands playfully, "Hey he threatened to fire me if I didn't." I rolled my eyes and mentally cursed myself, I should have realized that Itachi could fire Sakura without any threat of me quiting.

My friend pulled me to a stop beside a tall darked haired Hyuuga, "Neji, this is Ichigo. Ichigo, this is Neji. You two have fun!" She chirped before disappearing into the crowd. The pale eyed man glanced down at me then took a sip of his wine, "Ichigo, huh?" I sighed, "Well, it's been fun, but good-bye!" I tried to turn and make a run for it, but Neji grabbed my arm, "Sakura would kill me if I let you go without at least talking to you." I huffed, "The cold and aloof Hyuuga Neji suddenly scared of a pink haired woman? What were the chances of that happening?" Neji tilted his head, "Did I know you?" I scowled and snapped, "Let me refresh your memory. Ever hear of 'Strawbatty'?" Neji blinked, finally some type of emotion, "That was you?" I facepalmed, "Oh come on, I haven't changed that much."

Neji's mouth twitched briefly, "I dare say you have. You're not... childish anymore." I pursed my lips and refused to get angry, "Alright, you can tell Sakura that you talked to me. Can I leave now?" Neji held up his hands, "I'm not stopping you." I gave a mock curtsey and turned to walk away. Only to run into Sasuke. I glared at him, "What do you want? It's my day off so I'm not doing anything for you." Sasuke smirked and grabbed my arm, "I need to talk to you, away from prying ears." I rolled my eyes and let him drag me away from the crowd of our old schoolmates. He let me go only when we reached outside, I turned to him, "You better watch it, some people might think that you actually like me. Weren't you the one who came up with that nickname?"

Sasuke ignored my jab and said, "About the deal with Sakura..." I froze, he wasn't going to fire her and make me hold up my part, was he? Itachi would kill him if he did. I frowned, "You're going to just have to get along with her." Sasuke smirked, "It's not that. I was thinking and..." He waited for effect, making me want to hit him more, "...I think we should make it a bet. If Sakura still has a job by the end of the month, I lose." I frowned, "I'm not making a bet on my best friend!" The infurating Uchiha smiled, "If I lose, you get to call your prize, no matter what. Anything from... a job as one of the bosses to a company paid vacation." I paused, those were good insitives to win, "And if you win?" I asked cautiously.

My boss's mouth curled into a sinister grin, "I get to pick a date for you." I jumped in surprise, of all the things I expected, Sasuke playing matchmaker was not one of them. I narrowed my eyes at him, "How about we keep it a deal and you never bring this up again?" Sasuke shook his head, "Nope, or I'll tell Sakura about our little deal that's keeping her in a job." I growled in the back of my throat and jammed my fingers into my styled hair, fustrated. "FINE! You have a stupid bet, and I will win." Sasuke laughed mockingly, "Uchiha's never lose, hasn't being Itachi's assistant taught you that?" I smirked at him, "If I remember correctly you lost a bet with Itachi when I first started working there..." Finally Sasuke glared at me, but before he could say anything Ino put her head around the door, "There you are Ichigo! Sakura is about to blow her top and-... am I interuppting something?"

I shook my head, "No, Sasuke-san just wanted to talk about something dealing with work. He just finished. Let's go find Sakura." I threaded my arm through Ino's and walked back into the building where the reunion was taking place. As the door shut behind me I glanced out the window to see Sasuke smirking after me. I immediately regretted my decision, making a bet against any Uchiha was bad enough, but making a bet with Sasuke was the worst thing imaginable. That guy was more stubborn than Shisui and more ruthless than Itachi when it came to challenges.


Things just got verrrrrrry interesting!

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