Rule 3

Chapter 7

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I was just leaving Sasuke's office the next morning when Sakura came stumbling in, hungover. I asked sweetly, "Rough night?" Sakura groaned and waved a hand, "Don't yell, my head is pounding." I rolled my eyes and grabbed her arm, dragging her to the breakroom, "I don't doubt it." Sakura groaned again and sank down into a chair while I poured her a mug of the weak office coffee. I set the cup in front of her and closed her fingers around the handle, "I hope you can pick this up, I'm not to help you drink it." I said and stepped away, "Now, you have twenty minutes to get youself together, otherwise I'll have to tell Sasuke-san where you are." I mentally grimanced, here was the perfect excuse to fire Sakura. Hopefully Sasuke was going to pull one of his late numbers and I wouldn't have to even worry about it.

Itachi looked up when I walked back into his office, "What to you so long?" He asked. I debated on telling him about Sakura. I sighed, knowing he would find out sooner or later, "Sakura. She had too much to drink last night. Please don't tell your brother." Itachi raised a dark eyebrow and turned back to his computer, "Hn." I sighed, knowing that that 'hn' meant 'okay', Sakura's secret was safe. Itachi messed around with his computer a bit before turning back to me. I knew that look, I was about to take notes, I pulled out my notepad and flipped it to a clean sheet "The Hyuuga meeting is next week, so be prepared." The Hyuuga was Uchiha Corp's main competition, but not by much. The meeting was probably another ploy to get Uchiha Corp to sale their assests. Itachi continued, "Also, the Uchiha famly reunion is coming up, please make plans to attend." I paused in my note-taking, Itachi never invited me to a family matter. The only Uchihas I delt with were Itachi, Sasuke, and Mikoto. I had met Fugaku and Shisui briefly, but that was it.

"Forgive me, sir, but may I ask why?" I probed. Itachi gave me a look, "My mother has asked for both you and Sakura to attend. She has yet to share her reasons with me." I shrugged and scribbled down the note. Itachi watched me before saying, "The yearly conferance meeting is in two weeks, make sure you book the airplane tickets in advance. It's in Oosaka this year." I glanced up, "And how many people will be attending?" Itachi shrugged, "Me and you. Sasuke will be taking care of the ends here. And tonight I have a business dinner, after which would you please bring me the Takashima files to my house, I belive there is an error in the home copy." I nodded and jotted that down. "Anything else?" I asked. Itachi smirked, "Yeah, I heard about your bet. Are you really that dumb?" I bit the inside of my cheek to keep from cursing, was there anything that Itachi didn't know? If he wasn't such a good businessman, he would make a perfect spy! I tried to play it nonchalant, "Maybe I am. I have to go check on Sakura." As I opened the door Itachi called out, "You're going to lose." I glared at him over my shoulder and left, why did no one believe in me?

Suki was arguing with a man my age, who was leaning over the desk, glaring at the fustrating girl, "I told you time and time again. If you want to see Sasuke-sama, you'll have to make an appointment!" Suki snapped. The man came right back with, "I'm his best friend, and if you don't let me in I'll inform him that-" "Naruto?" I said surprised, coming to his rescue. Both Suki and Naruto spun to see me. Naruto immediately flashed me his trademark goofy grin, but before he could say anything Suki butted in, "Miss Taihen no Ichigo! This... boy said that Sasuke is a friend of his, now I didn't believe him and-" I waved a hand, silencing her, "Don't worry, Naruto is a close friend of Saskue-san. Go back to work." The girl stiffened and turned away, typing angrily at her computer.

Naruto shook his head, "Wow, Ichigo, when Hinata said you had changed I didn't believe her. Now I'll have to tell her she's right." I laughed, "Yeah, I saw her last week, how is she?" "Fine, that's why I'm here actually. I need to add our kid to the insurance plan, once he's born that is." Naruto explained. I arched my eyebrows at the hint of gender, "So you found out it's a boy, huh?" Naruto puffed out his chest proudly, "Yep, Hinata wants to name his Minato." I smiled, "I'm sure his grandfather is proud." Naruto sighed and nodded, "Both my parents are going crazy. My mom already has made the baby a whole array of clothes for his first three years. And Dad is planning the poor kid's life out at this moment. So far he's gotten to year fourteen." I tried not to laugh, but a snicker escaped me, tears gathered in the corners of my eyes.

My friend paused and said to me, "I'm sorry we didn't make it to the reunion. Hinata got sick and I couldn't leave her. I knew you must have been very lonely..." I waved off his worries, "I had fun, Sakura and Ino kept me entertained." Naruto frowned, "By arguing with each other?" It was then that I realized that no one had informed my one and only friend in high school of my new friendships, "No, Sakura, Ino and I are friends now. Don't ask me how it happened, one day I ran into them at the mall, we got to talking and now we're all friends. Although they do entertain me when they start arguing." I laughed, but Naruto didn't. He just raised an eyebrow, "So you're friends with the people that were, and I quote, 'nonstalgic, self absorbed bitches that don't understand the true meaning of life'?" I shrugged, "Well the found the meaning of life. And FYI, Sakura works here now, so I'd watch what you say."

Naruto shook his head and chuckled, "When Hinata said you had changed, I didn't believe her." "You already said that." I pointed out, earning a dirty look from the blonde, "Well now I mean your outlook on life, not your appearance." I threw up my hands, "Why is everyone saying that suddenly?!" "Because it's true." Itachi said behind me. Naruto froze and I spun to see my boss stirring a cup of coffee absently as he watched us, leaning against a wall. Sakura was in the break room doorway, her arms crossed and glaring at both Naruto and me, "A bitch am I?" She snarled. Naruto turned red and I rolled my eyes, "You say so yourself all the time. I'm not talking about now. You better dissappear in that room before your boss gets here and fires you." Itachi smirked, but didn't say anything.

Before anyone could say anything else my bluetooth buzzed in my head. I pressed the accept button automatically and droned out, "Uchiha Corperation. Itachi's office. How may I help you?" Sasuke growled on the other end, "You can help by getting my brother on the phone!" I blinked, Sasuke never called before he got to the office, as in ever. I caught Itachi's attention and held up two fingers to signal a call was on line two while pressing the number two dial on my little bluetooth keypad that hung on my belt with my free hand. Itachi nodded and walked back into his office to take the call. I waited until I could hear Itachi picking up his line before I cut the call. Naruto gave me a funny look, "You sure answered that quick, at first I thought you were talking to me or something." I shrugged, "Seven years does that to a girl. Now excuse me, I have work, Sakura, please make our client feel comfortable until your boss shows up." I could hear Naruto say to Sakura as I returned to Itachi's office, "Is Ichigo always so... business-like?" I didn't hear Sakura's responce and I really didn't want to anyway.

" you mean?" Itachi was saying as I closed the door behind me. He was sitting at his desk, cradling his forehead in one hand and holding the phone to his ear with the other. Whatever Sasuke wanted, I could tell Itachi wasn't happy about it. Silently I sat down at my desk and pulled up the office schedule on my computer. I flipped open my notebook to the notes I had taken earlier that day and began putting the dates into the calender. "Where are you?... WHERE?! HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN?!" Itachi shouted and my head snapped up. What on earth did Sasuke do to make Itachi yell? My boss heaved a sigh and said, "Alright, give me ten minutes." He hung up and I sat there, waiting for an explination. Itachi stood, scribbling something down on a Post-it note before finally turning to me, "I'll explain on the way, come on." I snatched my sweater from it's peg as Itachi shrugged into his suit jacket and acutally held the door open for me. As we passed Suki, Itachi said, "Hold my calls, we'll be back." Suki, who miraculous changed into a happy worker, nodded and sang, "Have a good day, Itachi-sama."

It took two of my steps to make up for one of Itachi's, so I pratically ran to keep up with him, "What's going on?" I asked. Itachi ignored me, nodding to any employee how greeted us (which was pratically all of them), soon we exited the building. The valet, surprised that he head boss of Uchiha Corp had suddenly appeared with no call from his assistant, scurried away to call one of the drivers up. A black professional car soon rolled into the drive and the driver got out to open the door for Itachi. My boss gestured for me to get in first. Utterly confused, I did as he told me, sliding into the smooth black leather seat. Itachi climbed in after me and gave the driver the Post-it note. He looked down at the note surprised, then up again at Itachi before turning around and pulling out of the drive and onto the highway.

I turned to Itachi, "Now are you going to tell me what's going on? I'm starting to get a little freaked out, Itachi!" I didn't care that I hadn't used the honorific suffix like I usually did, and Itachi didn't say anything about it. He glanced at me out of the corner of his onyx eyes and tapped the roof of the car. The driver rolled up the privacy window that seperated the back of the car from the front. Only when the window fit snugly against the roof of the car did Itachi speak, "I need you to call our news agent and both the company and Sasuke's personal lawyer. He's in trouble again." I sighed and dialed the news agent first. The receptionist pick up on the third ring "Yes, is Kitzu there? This is Ichigo from Uchiha Corperation, may I speak to him?" She put me through on line one and Kitzu picked up almost immediately. After the initial greetings I said, "Kitzu, we need cover up on Sasuke-san... Yes, again... I don't know the details yet... Yeah... Alright, I'll call you when I get the full story. Bye." I hung up and called the lawyers, the company lawyer was still tied up with the false rape charges on Sasuke and the other was on vacation. I tried to reach the Uchiha family lawyer but she was on materinity leave, so Itachi made me call his lawyer to take the case. By the time I got off the phone with him I was ready to murder Sasuke for getting into whatever mess he was in.

I snapped my phone shut and leaned my head back against the headrest, "Did you bring me along just to make phone calls?" I asked Itachi. My boss shook his head, "No." I narrowed my eyes at him, "You better start explaining... now." Itachi glared at me for ordering him around, but leaned back and said, "Apparently, according to my brother, after the high school reunion he went to a bar for some fun. There he met this girl and bedded her," I rolled my eyes, of course Itachi would never use slang, "It turns out that, not only was she married, but she is in fact your sister, Seimei." My mouth dropped open. Sasuke has slept with... my sister?! And she was married? When did that happen!?


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