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Chapter 8

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I had the sudden feeling that I was falling and snapped my eyes open, mentally cursing. Stupid. I sat up straighter, determined not to fall asleep again. Beside me Itachi sighed, looking just as bored as everyone else. Ryuu, my eldest brother, was dividing his time between glaring at our sister and making cow eyes over Temari, his eight month-pregnant wife. The two had only been married for three months, so I expected them to still be in that newlywed glow. Behind me, Seimei's 'husband' sat, his arms crossed and his face dark. I still refused to believe that he was married to my sister, although he did a pretty good job of convincing me when he called me a 'two-timing cow who put her job before family.' Considering Seimei had said something along that lines at the last family reunion, I was fairly convinced. Hayaku had given the man a black eye for the remark and was escorted out of the courtroom; he was told not to return.

It was day two of the trail, the prosecutor had called for a recess when Sasuke's attorney had almost cracked the case the first day. Today my sister's lawyer had returned with more evidence and was giving the attorney a run for his money. With each witness case against him, Sasuke grew more and more fustrated. Seimei had given a tear-filled testimony about how Sasuke had been 'presistant' at the bar until she finally was 'pressured' into agreeing and was 'forced' upon soon after they got home. Knowing my sister, I knew it was a complete lie. The men who were untrained to her ways seemed to melt with saddness, even the judge. I really wanted to throttle my sister then.

Ryuu was called to the witness stand. The prosecutor seemed surprised that Seimei's own brother had such a low opinion against her. He seemed to dismiss it as sibling rivalry and then called Kayo, Seimei's twin, to the witness stand. Of course, she gave a glowing regard of her sister, complete with a teary question to the jury of why would they even consider this trial. It was obvious that Sasuke had harmed her poor sweet sister, according to Kayo that was. Several people from the club were called to stand, three stood in favor of Sasuke and gave evidence that Seimei was the presistant one; three other witnesses said Sasuke was the guilty party. One seemed to get her facts wrong, but she was elderly, and so probably forgot what she saw (at least that's the excuse the prosecutor used).

They tried to call me to the stand. Panicked I shot a look to Itachi who made some kind of motion and Sasuke's attorney dismissed me by claiming that I was tied to both parties and would have conflicting views over the situation. The judge let it pass and I stayed where I was, huddled between my tall boss and equally tall brother. It got interesting when Itachi was called to the stands.

"So, your brother... does he work as much as you?" The prosecutor asked, leaning against the stand as if he and Itachi were buddies. Itachi said emotionalessly, "No. My brother is one of the laziest people I know." The prosecutor ran with that, "Lazy enough to hit upon a married woman?" Sasuke's attorney stood, "Objection you Honor! He's leading the witness on!" Before the judge could grant the objection Itachi smirked, "To flirt with her? Yes." Sasuke glared and the court shifted, wondering what Itachi was doing admiting to his brother's crimes. Itachi continued before the prosecutor could ask another question, "Sleep with her? Not even my brother is stupid enough to do that willingly."

The prosecutor's eye twitched and he let that pass to ask: "Uchiha-sama, you say your brother is lazy... is that all he is?" Itachi shrugged, "No." The prosecutor raised his eyebrows, "Care to elaborate?" Itachi gave a small smile, "No." The lawyer pressed his lips together in silent fustration, "Sir, I ask you answer the questions." I knew Itachi could go into a long argument on whether or not 'no' was an answer, but instead he said, "My brother fires his assistances within weeks of each other." I could see the grin on the man's face, he thought he had found something to win with, "And why is that?" Itachi leaned closer, "Because he may be lazy, but my brother refuses to disrupt what work he does to go with women, even if they are very willing." The proscutor had been backed into a corner. He glared at Itachi as he stepped away, "No more question's your Honor."

The judge looked to Sasuke's attorney, "Your witness, Imada-san." The attorney stood and bowed before taking his place in front of the stand, "Uchiha-sama, I ask you to restrict you answers to 'yes' or 'no'. Does your brother sleep with women often?" Itachi rolled his eyes, "No." "Does he go to bars often?" "Yes." "And when he does, does Sasuke ever go home with women?" "No." "Why is that?" Itachi darted a look to he brother and said, "He brings them home to sleep with them, he doesn't like sleeping in pig-styes." Sasuke glared at Itachi, who smirked in responce. The attorney smiled, "I have no further questions. You may step down, Uchiha-sama."

Instead of returning to his seat, Itachi passed by us, whispering, "I'll be outside." I nodded absently, suddenly interested in how things were going. Seimei was pouting in her chair, not liking it that Itachi had ruffled her lawyer's feathers. After all, she had bragged to me before the trail began that he was the best that money could buy. I had neglected to tell her that Itachi wasn't a person to lose any arguement. Even if he knew he was wrong, he'd still win. Suddenly I stiffened, a thought coming to me. Quietly I made my excuses to Ryuu and walked outside in time to see Itachi lighting a cigarette. I snatched it from his lips before he could inhale the first puff, "No!" I said as if he were a three year old child doing something naughty and ground the disgusting thing out with the heel of my shoe.

Itachi glared at me, "Ichigo..." He started warningly, but I shoved a finger in his face, "Don't you even start. Smoking is bad for your health, and you know it!" Itachi opened his mouth to speak, but I managed to cut him off, "Don't you remember two years ago? Ending up in the hospital with the start of lung rot? You're just lucky that we caught it before it could take effect and kill you!" Part of my job as assisstant was to make sure Itachi survived. He had been a very bad smoker and nearly killed himself because of it. Now it was up to me to make sure he never started smoking again. Itachi glared at me for a long time before signing and leaning against the wall, "Sorry..." I blinked and took a step back. Itachi never apologized. He must have been really fustrated to start smoking again and apologize to his assistant/slave all in one day. I eased up, "Alright... you're forgiven. Now hand over the pack so it doesn't tempt you." With one final glare at me Itachi shoved the pack in my palm and walked back in without another word.


Well since in the series Itachi had a health condition, I couldn't help giving him one in this story!

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