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Chapter 9

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It was day four of the trail, by then everyone was worked up. The lawyers had actually came close to blows an hour ago, resulting in the judge calling a recess while he chewed them out. I could tell that Itachi was irritated by his laywer's unprofessional attitude and I knew that the attorney would hear about it later. I wandered around the courthouse's halls with nothing to do. Ryuu had taken Temari home on account of her morning sickness. Itachi and Sasuke were discussing work as usual, I didn't want to be apart of that. I had no one to talk to.

I walked past a private office, but paused when I heard Seimei's voice coming from it. Glancing around to see if anyone was watching I pressed my ear to the cracked door. When I realized what the conversation was about I dug my tape recorder that I used when Itachi was speaking to fast to write out and hit record, thanking my lucky stars that it was an empty tape. Finally something to end this long drawn out trail!


The court resumed at three. By then I was ready. The judge, already tired of this court case, droned, "This court is now in session, Day four. Rikishi-san, do you have a witness?" The prosecutor said no and the judge asked Sasuke's attorney if he had any witnesses. Imada-san stood, "I call, once again, Taihen no Ichigo to the stand." The court shifted. It was rare for someone to be called twice to testified, let alone one who was excused from the witness stand. Itachi glared at his attorney, but before he could protest I stood and took my place at the witness stand. I gave the oath of truth and sat down, prepared.

Imada-san smiled at me, "You work for Uchiha Corperation, correct?" I nodded, "Yes sir, I'm Itachi-san's assistant." I stated the obvious. The attorney nodded, "And how long have you been working there?" I pretended to think, "Seven years come this March. I started working there when I was still in high school." The man raised his eyebrows, as if he hadn't expected that. When he asked me if I had worked anywhere previous I said no. Then he asked if I was loyal to the company. I giggled, "I wouldn't say loyal as in I'd lay down my life for it. But I have an obligation to Uchiha Corp." The court chuckled and the judge was forced to bang the gavel to get the court to come to order. Imada-san smiled before continuing, "And how long has Sasuke work there?" I shrugged, "Ever since he graduated college, since he was twenty I guess." I said then laughed, "You could say that if Uchiha Corperation was more focused on senority then I could have been his boss!" The court laughed again and Sasuke glared at me. I couldn't help but notice the small smile on Itachi's lips.

The attorney changed the questionings to my sister. After I confirmed that she was indeed my sister and was older by a year and a half, Imada asked, "So how long have you known her husband?" Now was the time to put the plan into action, "Who?" I asked innocently. Imada-san pretended to be shocked and gestured to Jiro still sitting behind Itachi, glowering at me, "Uso Jiro... Seimei's husband?" I pretended to study him then shook my head, "She's not married." The court shifted and began to murmur. The judged banged his gavel, snapping, "Order! Order in this court!" Everyone queited and Imada-san continued, "What makes you say that? They've been married for three years."

I shrugged, "I wasn't invited to the wedding. I never saw a marriage certificate." The court shifted again and Jiro and Seimei exchanged uneasy looks. The judge glared at me, "Do you have proof to back this claim up?" I pulled out my tape recorder and gave it to the attorney. He flashed me a miniscule smile and plugged it up to a speaker before hitting play. There was a slight static noise followed by Itachi talking in the background about some meeting last week. I guess I had accidently pressed the record button without knowing. Then the conversation that would win Sasuke the case started. Seimei was speaking, " you saying, Jiro?" There was a pause before Jiro spoke up, "I'm just saying... I don't think this is going to work out. It's obvious that that bastard Imada is good. Maybe better than Rikishi-san." There was a thump that had to be Seimei stomping her foot, "Rikishi is the best laywer I could find. And-" "Has it occured to you that Uchiha Corperation is mainly into the lawfirm? That they might have someone better than Rikishi?" Jiro inturrupted my sister. He must be a brave man to do that, "I'm doing this for us! If we win this case do you realize hom much we could squeeze out of those pompus Uchihas?!" "...Are you sure this isn't just something against Ichigo?" "Don't tell me you're taking her side!" Seimei shrieked. The court shifted at her shrill voice. Jiro was quick to reassure her, "No, no. Of course not. I'm just wondering why now... Did she do something?"

It goes into a pretty boring conversation about how I was such a pain to Seimei growing up, but this trail wasn't revenge on me. That Seimei was sure I had no true loyalty to the Uchiha family and their company. That it was only a job and everything. There was a lot of flirting and endearments that made me want to puke. The court began to settle after a while, realizing that it was going to be a long conversation. Then the conversation turned back to the trail. Jiro was speaking again, "I'm still not sure if this is such a good idea anymore..." It took a while for Seimei to respond, "I told you I'm doing this for us. After a few years we could-" Once again Jiro cut her off, "What? We could what? Get married? If Ichigo found out that this trail was a sham she would drag us all back to court to clear her precious boss's name!" I crossed my arms and glared at Jiro for that comment. I didn't care about Sasuke one bit, he could suffer from a bad reputation for all I cared. But I wasn't about to let my job go down the drain for a false trail.

Sasuke twisted to glare at Seimei, but the tape wasn't done yet. Seimei continued, "Of course not. We could have a private wedding in the next town, forge a date that says we technically got married three years ago, and we'll be set!" "No. I'm not going to wait a year to get married only because we can't risk getting caught." Jiro snapped. I had to admit I would probably have liked this guy if he wasn't such a jerk and in league with Seimei. My sister's voice grew desperate, "We could get married tonight! Or as soon as court lets out today! All we had to do is go find another court to marry us and make sure the date is different! ...Or do you not want to marry me? Is that it?! I know it is! I can see it on your face! You bas-" There was a slap, I didn't know if it was Jiro slapping Seimei, or the other way around. A minute later Jiro said, "I do want to marry you. I just don't see how we can now that we're in this mess... We should head back before someone catches us he-" The recording stopped then and silence desended upon the room.

The prosecutor shot to his feet, "That is false evidence planted by that girl! Imada-san was leading her to that false evidence!" The court burst out as everyone began shouting. In the choas Imada-san excused me from the witness stand and let me walk back to my seat. By the time I sat down the judge had the courtroom back under control with the threat to throw everyone out if they didn't shut up and sit down. Itachi gave me a proud glance and whispered, "Good job." Simple words that were said every day, but coming from Itachi, 'good job' was the highest praise anyone could ever hope to achieve.


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