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Yogi's Secret: Part 1


A short story about Yogi Bear and how he's keeping a deep dark secret from his girlfriend, Cindy that he doesn't want her knowing about.

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Yogi Meets Up With Friends

One day beautiful day in Jellystone Park, Yogi Bear was taking a walk through the woods when he heard someone say his name from behind him. He turned around and saw his friend Huckleberry Hound walking towards him. Yogi waved at him and as soon as they were in hugging distance, Yogi gave Huckleberry a hug hello, to which the hug was returned. Yogi then asked when he and his friend had let go of each other and started walking in the direction of Yogi's place,

"What are you doing out here in my neck of the woods, Huck?" Huckleberry chuckled and said,

"Well, it's funny that you should say that. I was actually on my way to visit you and it was quite fortunate that I happened to run into you. You saved me a trip from walking all the way to your place. Now, we can go together instead of me going by myself." Yogi chuckled himself and as he was about to say something back, he heard his name being called again. He and Huckleberry looked around and they saw Yogi's other friend, Boo Boo Bear (who Yogi considered to be more like his son than a friend). Boo Boo was carrying a box of unblown up balloons of all different colors and it looked like he was struggling a bit with the box because it was way bigger than he was. Yogi went over and helped Boo Boo out by taking the box from him and Boo Boo said,

"Thank you very much, Yogi. That box was getting to be a bit much for me."

"You're quite welcome,

Boo Boo. Where are you going with all these balloons anyway? Is there a party somewhere that I don't know about that you're going to?" asked Yogi. Boo Boo shook his head and said,

"These are for Forest Ranger Smith, Yogi. He wanted a box so that he could fill them up with water and throw them at people when they weren't looking." Huckleberry Hound said,

"Well, I'll be! That's not a very nice thing to be doing. Why would he want to go and do that for?" Boo Boo shrugged his small shoulders in reply as Yogi cleared his throat said to Huckleberry and Boo Boo,

"To change the subject matter, would you both care to join me for lunch someplace? My treat." Huckleberry nodded his head as did Boo Boo. He said,

"Let's all go after delivering this box to Mr. Ranger Smith." Boo Boo walked away from Yogi and Huckleberry in the direction of Ranger Smith's cabin which luckily was only ten minutes away from where they were all standing. Once at the front door, Yogi went and gave a short knock on it and called,

"Mr. Ranger, Sir! Are you in there?" The door opened and a man wearing a dark green uniform a deputy's hat soon stood in the doorway and gave a small smile. He said,

"Hello, Yogi. How are you and your friends doing?" Yogi said with a teasing smile and a wink afterward,

"Oh, just fine, Mr. Ranger. Boo Boo has brought a box of balloons for you that you had requested. I hear that you're going to be putting them to good use, Sir." Ranger Smith took the box from Yogi and cleared his throat and didn't say anything back to him. To Boo Boo, he said,

"Um... Thank you for delivering this to me. You, Yogi and Huckleberry have a good day." Boo Boo nodded his head, as did Huckleberry and Yogi, who was chuckling at Ranger Smith, and said,

"You're welcome, Mr. Ranger." With that said and done, Ranger Smith shut his door so Boo Boo, Yogi, and Huckleberry Hound all left and went about with rest of the day that they had planned.

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