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Blessings (TomEdd) [God of kindness Edd x Forced demonologist Tom]


In this story, Edd is the God of kindness, and Tom is forced into Demonology and rituals against his will by an adoptive parent. They are both a least teenagers, but Edd has his bangs out of his face, and Tom is done with puberty. (no more pimples or braces!) When Edd is in a human form, he has his natural brown eyes, but in God form, his eyes are golden (get it? =3 ) Anyway, enjoy the story!

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Tom loved his life, A nice mom and dad, two great friends, and all the joy he could ever have. His life was perfect....... Until it wasn’t. His dad died from a gunshot, and his mom died from sickness.

Two weeks after his mom’s death, he was moved into an orphanage, he was the youngest kid there, but gotten taken care of for 6 months, his friends still stayed by his side, and he always kept Tomee Bear with him at all times.

When he lived in the orphanage for 7 months, someone wanted him as an adopted child, and the day Tom got the adoption, he regretted leaving the orphanage. As he grew up with his adopter, he was forced into Demonology. His parents raised him to be a Jehova’s Witness, or at least they did what they can.

Tom enjoyed being with his parents as a Jehova's Witness, but became a part of Satanic rituals against his will. When he turned 13, the abuse just gotten worse. Every night, Tom would pray. Pray behind HIS back. His "Dad's" back.

Tord and Matt were always there for him, but they never knew about the abuse of his adoptive father. He just couldn’t risk anything for him to get hurt again. Today, Tom was turning 17.

Tom was walking home from school, mentally preparing himself for what his “dad” had for him.

“Dad, i’m home.” “Ah, I believe it’s your birthday, right?” “Y-yes, sir?” “Well, Today I have a very SPECIAL spell to try today.... But I need something for it to be complete and for us to start it up. Go to the store and get these special runes, I need them fast.” “Yes Sir.”

Tom set his school ID in his room, grabbed all his money, and he was out the door. If he didn't come back soon, he'd know what will happen.

Meanwhile, Edd Gould, the God of Kindness, was watching over Tom, Edd didn’t know anything about him, but found some strange negative energy coming off of him.

Edd wore a white Clergy Robe, with a golden Cahin with his mother’s family cross connected to it. Edd went into his human form when he flew into an alley that was right next to the demonology store. The place didn't seem good to him.

“I can’t believe my “Dad” does this to me every year-” Tom dropped the runes as he and Edd bumped into each other, but Tom fell and Edd kept standing, but he stumbled back a bit. “Oh my God, I’m so sorry!” Edd said in a pleading panic. “It’s okay, I wasn’t paying attention-”

Tom stopped his sentence when his black eyes met golden ones. And he saw what Edd was wearing and thought he just came from a Church event.

Tom knew he himself was different, but he never seen anyone with normal eyes and having a golden eye color. Edd tried snapping Tom out of his thoughts. “Hello? You okay?” “Huh?... Y-yea.” “L-let me help you up” “Okay.”

When Edd grabbed Tom’s hand, he felt a lot more negative energy on him than he did at a distance. Tom felt something positive about Edd, he didn't know what it was about him.

“Thank you.” “No... Problem....” “Aw, man. Dad’s gonna kill me!” “What? Why?” “He told me to buy these runes, now they’re scattered all over the place. I don’t know if I can find them all now.” “I can help you pick them up.” “Really?” “Yeah, I can’t let someone I just met get in trouble!” “Thanks man.” “No troubles, now let’s pick these up. By the way, my name’s Edd, what’s your name?” “Tom.” “Nice to meet you, Tom.” “It’s my birthday, I just turned 17.” “Oh, Happy Birthday!” “Thanks.”

For once in Tom’s life, someone he ran into didn’t get mad and he made a new friend. Maybe his birthday was going to be different this year. But there’s still something about Edd that makes him feel a bit suspicious....

(15 minutes later)

“Dad, I’m back!” “You’re late.” “I-I know, I’m sorry, I ran into someone and dropped the runes.” “Sorry doesn’t turn back time, Thomas. Now, let’s get started.....” Tom felt his gut sink in fear. He knew this wasn’t going to be easily finished.

(The next morning)

Edd was going under cover at Tom’s school he wore a green hoodie, green sneakers, and Tan-ish pants. meanwhile, Tom was getting ready for school. He only had 2 hours of sleep, just like every night.

His grades are slowly declining, and Tom’s adoptive father keeps getting on to him about his grades, and telling him that sleep is in the mind, he shouldn’t be tired.

Tom’s body was now scarred a bit from the spell used last night. A possession spell. He’s been possessed before, but they usually didn’t do too much damage. This time he was in PAIN.

(School bell at 7:30 A.M.)

The school bell rang for class to start in 10 minutes. “Tom!” Matt shouted from across the hallway. Tord followed behind him. “Hi Matt, hi Tord.” “Hi Jehova, how was your birthday?” Tom usually has to lie to keep his secrets, especially this time. “It was great.” “Yeah, sorry we couldn’t come, Tord wanted to go somewhere new.” “It’s fine. And Tord, for the last time, please STOP calling me a Jehova’s Witness.” “But you ARE one.”

Tom seriously couldn’t tell them about how he was forced into Demonology, they would get freaked out and try to arrest his adoptive parent, and if they did, then he’d no longer have a home. It will be back to the orphanage.

Edd was ready to go in the school, and see if Tom can be helped in any way. Last night, he kept watch over him. He saw EVERYTHING that happened to him.

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