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The Love Triangle ( A Naruto Fanfic)


In this story you are in a love triangle with Naruto and Sasuke.

Romance / Action
Age Rating:

Meeting new people


Y/N means your name or first name

L/N means last name

Character’s involved

Naruto Uzamaki

Sasuke Uchiha

Shikamaru Nara






Chapter 1 : Meeting new people

Reader’s POV

( I wake up late because my alarm failed me ) OHH SHIT I”M LATE FOR SCHOOL. Not my best first impression at my new school. ( I get dressed in a loose mid-thigh skirt and a hoodie that shows my stomach. I don’t care what they say fuck it. I run out of my house and close the door but I didn’t bother to lock it )

* 20 Minutes Later*

( I go in homeroom ) Sorry I’m late Sensei!!!

Sensei’s POV

You must be our new student Y/N. Your gonna need someone to guide you around and a friend. Ummm…. Lets see…. Sasuke you will take her under your wing.

Sasuke’s POV

( She’ll be mine. ) I don’t mind come next to me Y/N! “So are you sure you wanna be my babysitter I can be a handful.” Said Y/N.I think I can handle it. I’m the schools bad boy after all. “ Ohh really Sasuke?! ” Said Y/N. Y/n I love the way you said my name. It was sexy as hell! “ Are you crushing on me?! “ Said Y/N. Bout time you realize bae. “ Okay then how bout you come to my place after school tough guy cause I can’t be tamed but you can try. “ Said Y/N. Challenge accepted baby girl. “ I’m looking forward to it mister tough guy, but I must warn you I’m not a saint or innocent.” Which makes it all the more fun! “ Mister Uchiha I hope you are helping her with the lesson and not trying to corrupt her!!!!” Said Sesei. I am alright!!! “ Don’t use that tone with me! I don’t want her innocent soul corrupted, but I need her good influence to rub off on you!!!!” Said Sensei. “ Sensei I don’t think that’s possible.” Said Shikamaru. “Why not Mister Nara?” Said Sensei. “If you wanted her to stay pure you would of got Naruto or Ino to watch over her.” Said Shikamaru.

Reader’s POV

Do I have any say in this since it’s about me? I mean it’s not like I’m a piece of property. “Sorry Miss L/N.” Said Sensei. As long as I have someone to show me around I don’t care. Plus, I’m not as pure and innocent as I seem. I’ve done some shit in the past. “Sensei and your letting a piece of trash around Sasuke!!!” Said Sakura. “She is not a piece of trash!!!” Said Naruto. “WOAH!!!!” Said the class. “Naruto do you have something you wanna tell us?” Said Sensei. I… uhhh…” Said Naruto. Naruto it’s ok to tell them. “Alright here’s the thing. Y/N and I are childhood friends.” Said Naruto. “Figures! I knew something was going on between these two but I didn’t know what!” Said Sakura. “Yeah right Uzamaki!” Said Sasuke. Sasuke it’s true! Me and Naruto were around each other since I was 6.

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