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True Love Can't Be Forgotten


It start like a normal day with akuma fights and love problems, but when Marinette tell Chat noir she loves Adrien, changes it to an unforgettable day. Because what Marinette tell Chat noir makes his heart beat faster. All of the sudden takes his heart control instead of his brain. His heart choose to kiss his new love interest. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ But what happens when Marinette dream about Adrien being Chat noir?

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Adrien’s POV

I felt like I have forgotten something important, but I didn’t know what. Then I tried to remember my head begun to hurt.

I felt my hands holding another pair, I opened my eyes slightly and saw it was Ladybug’s.

My eyes meet her’s and we jump up, pulled our hands back.

I heard a voice, it was Alya’s there asked: “Ladybug? Chat Noir?”

She was standing next to Nino. They looked a little sad, but also happy at the same time, I didn’t know why.

I asked Alya and Nino:

“You haven’t seen a supervillain named, Oblivio, have you?”

Nino answered: “You’ve defeated it already dude-”

Then Alya interrupted him: “Actually he was us..”

We both said: “Oh, okay, pound it.”

I teased: “We make a good couple, don’t you think? Otherwise, we wouldn’t have won again, like we always do.”

Ladybug groaned and put her hand to her head and said: “ We’re a team, not a couple, don’t start that again. I’ve already told you, I’m in love with another boy, besides this charming kitty act of yours was the reason, we became distracted, and got into all this trouble in the first place.”

We both had our arms crossed and I began to laugh, and she didn’t know why.

Then she said: “ That’s right laugh all you want.”

I took my hand on her cheek, it was burning, turned her head to Alya’s phone, so she would understand why is laughed.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

She gasped as she saw the screen Alya giggled and pointed at, where there was a picture of us two kissing.

She said: “ Everyone saw that?!”

I could fly right now, so happy was I, she finally fell in love with me!

But I don’t think she felt the same as I did right now, she took her hands to her head and said:

“This is a disaster! What on earth happened!?”

I said playfully: “Well one thing’s for sure, we would make a good-looking couple.”

She looked at me like she could kill me, but I kept going.

“We’re meant for each other M’lady! You’re the only one who doesn’t see it”

She gave me a mad face, but I love it when she mad.

I heard her earrings beeped and she looked at them.

She pulled her yoyo out, swinging away while saying:

“This conversation is not over!”

I looked after her, but she was already gone.

So I de-transformed and walk on the bus, where everyone else from my class was.

I took my seat, Nino and Alya came on the bus.

They told why they got akumatized and apologized.

The school was over because of the Akuma-attack, so I went home.


My head still hurt, I felt more and more that I needed to remember what I forgot.

Plagg ask then he saw how I looked:

“Adrien, you seem down, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing big, I just feel like I need to remember something really important, I think it’s something with M’lady.”

“You can not remember anything?”

“No, nothing” Then it hits me.

“Plagg! I just remembered something, it was about Ladybug.” I tried so hard to remember more.

“Well, kid tell me!” Plagg almost yelled.

“I thought you didn’t care?” Teased I.

“I-I’m just curious….Are you going to tell me or what?”

“Yeah yeah, I remember that I saw Ladybug in the elevator after we both got shot of Oblivio, and I saw you and another kwami, so that means I was together with Ladybug while she was in her civilian form!!! Can you believe it Plagg I found out who Ladybug was, but I can’t remember!?”

“Kid, it’s the love of your life! You need to remember, Adrien. I will not let you give up, I’ve seen you fool around Ladybug so long. You need to step up your game to get her!!.... Sorry, Adrien I just needed to let that out..”

“Ok ok I’ll, but how?”

“I thought you knew that just gimme my Camembert, I’m starving!”

“Fine, I knew you couldn’t help…”

I found his Camembert, and he ate it in one piece.

I ate dinner alone again…

I needed company, so I decided to visit my princess.

I transformed into Chat Noir and jump from rooftop to rooftop. I saw Marinette standing on her balcony, she looked sad.

I wanted to cheer her up, so I said:

“Hello, purrincess! A pleasure to see you here tonight.”

I bowed and kissed her hand.

“Hi, kitty…” She looked away.

“Are you okay? You seem down?”

“I’m fine, don’t worry.” I heard the sadness in her voice.

“I know you’re lying, it’s all in your voice...Please tell me what’s wrong, I’ll help you.”

“Okay kitty, you’re my friend, so I’ll tell you..” I loved her nickname for me.

“I have fallen in love with two people and I feel it’s so wrong to love two. I feel like I’m cheating on my feelings for Adrien because he was my first love.”

“You’re in love with Adrien!?”

“Oh, didn’t I tell you? Well, I’m.”

“So you like him, because of his good-looking like all his fangirls?” I really hoped she didn’t fell in love with “the other me” because I’m a model.


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