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I Love You, Don't I?


Ladybug is head over heels for Chat noir. She fell in love with his kindness and now stumbles all over her words. Chat noir only think of her as a friend, how can she change that? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In civilian life is Adrien madly in love with Marinette and flirts all the time with her. He shows a lot off and will always try steal a kiss from her, but she always lets him down~ ___________________________________________________________ What will make them fall for their alter egos? *^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* 5 words to describe this book: Cafe date, Love potion, Secrets, Wrong and right kisses & Mistakes

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Marinette’s POV


I groaned because I knew what it meant. I had to wake up.


I had a late-night patrol yesterday with Chat noir, and I might or might not have looked at his abs more than after crime.

It’s just so irresistible, why does his suit have to be so tight?

I could just imagine how good he would look in swimming shorts. I sighed dreamily and imagine it.

Now you may think I fell in love with Chat noir at first sight, but no, you’re wrong.

I actually thought he was a stuck-up snob, because:


This day was the weirdest day ever, I got home and I saw some kind of casket on my desk.

And then I thought it could get weirder, a small “thing” flew out. So of course, I screamed.

“Ah! Help it’s a giant bug! A mouse….A bug-mouse?!”

I was so astounded, but she calmed me down and told me a lot of things. Around 60% of it did I not get.

But there was one thing I really did get and that was, I have to be a superhero!

I also caught her name, Tikki.

She told me about a partner with a black cat miraculous. Lucky charm it’s my secret super-power, kind of weird, but all this is also going so fast.

“You’ll be a superhero, you just have to say spots on.”

“Spots on?”


Suddenly a red mask with black spots appeared over my eyes, then a whole suit red with black spots appeared.

I looked in the mirror and I almost like a ladybug.

Then I met my so-called partner.

We didn’t have time to introduce our self, because the Akuma took me, and my partner was supposed to help me, but he just froze. While the Akuma dragged me to the Eiffel tower.

Many questions ran through my brain.

Why is my partner standing there without doing anything!?

Does he think I am not good enough to be a superhero and lets the Akuma take?

Is he a snob and want to work alone?

Does he want me to do all the work and just be a superhero because of the popularity?

I needed to do something, so I used my yoyo to get out of the Akuma’s grip.

I then fought him, but he was too strong, so I looked around and saw my partner still standing in the same place.

“Hey, partner! I need help as you can see! Why don’t you help me?”

He slowly came out of his trance and ran up to me.


He said something under his breath it sounded like “Cataclysm.”

What a weird thing to say?

Then I understood why he said that It’s has super-power.

He touched the bottom of a streetlight, and it fell on the akumatized victim.

I used lucky charm and it was car jack, I used it to open his right hand, where the object fell out

I destroyed it and the Akuma flew out.

I looked over at my “partner”

“See you... hopefully not.”

“Wait, I can explain!”

I didn’t want to hear his excuses, so I swung away.

I found out that I forgot to catch the Akuma and now it is all my fault that the whole city is in the process of being transformed to Stonehearts.

I thought about it and I thought that I wasn’t good enough to be a superhero but I need to do something if my partner isn’t.

So Tikki told how to do it and I transformed.

I came to the Eiffel Tower and saw many Stonehearts, I saw my partner and he was calling after me.

But I huffed and try to avoid him.

It wasn’t that easy we are a team after all, but does he even want to be it?

I tried to fight the stonehearts alone, and I was just about to ask him for help but then I remembered I had lucky charm.

“Lucky charm!”

It was a camera, and I had a perfect idea, but I needed my partner’s cataclysm.

“Chat!! I need you to use your cataclysm”

I didn’t know what to call him so I just called him Chat, because he was kind of a cat

“Eh ok, where?”

He was really surprised that I talked to him.

“Right there.” I pointed on the spot.

“Ok, cataclysm!”

At the exact same time, I took a picture with the camera at the original of the Stoneheart eye.

Some pieces of steel from the Eiffel tower fell on the Stoneheart and trapped it.

I destroy the object again and captured the Akuma.

“Chat” turned around and tried to get eye contact with me, but I denied.

“I’m sorry about yesterday…I guess all of this happened too fast, I’m also sorry about not helping you when you needed me the most…

I think I wasn’t prepared to see a super-villain.

I’m so sorry that I didn’t have the same courage as you. Will you forgive me?”

I turned to him. He held his hand out to me.

I took it and we shook hands.

“Y-yes, I f-forgive you.”

“Btw, I’m Chat noir. What’s your superhero name?”

“U-uh, L-ladybug, y-yes Ladybug.”

“So, we’re a team now?”

He smiled happily to me.


I gave him a smile back.

“See you...Partner!”

He waved and gave me one of those smiles that could make any girl weak in the knees.

“S-se-e y-yo-u.”

Woah why am I stammering?


“Marinette! You’re going to be late!”

My eyes shut up by Tikki’s high-pitched voice.

“Noo, not again! What have I done to always be late?”

“I don’t know by you, but I think you could have slept more if you didn’t have to take so long doing patrol.”

“You already know why, it’s the only time I get to see Chat noir, where there’s no Akuma.”

It was right, but I wanted to be with Chat noir all the time I can.

I hurried down the stairs and grabbed some breakfast.

I rushed into the bathroom and brushed my teeth.

The way to school was short, so I could just walk to school.

But I always end up running, because I’m late.

Now I’m kissing my parents goodbye and rush out of the bakery.

I couldn’t get far before I saw a car parked right in front of the bakery.

The window rolled down and a guy with sunglasses is behind.

He slowly pulled the sunglasses down and winked at me.

It was Adrien Agreste


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