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He doesn't have a character of his own. "Which character should I portray now?" He doesn't belong to the outside world. "Why did you lock me up?" He doesn't understand emotions. "Can you teach him?" 'He' is Kim Taehyung, a 24-years-old being who spend 20 years of his life locked up in a colorless world where his color palette varied between white and black. "I wondered when I was young what's different. Now I understand." This whole book is edited by @givinglove10 from Wattpad Don't forget to leave a heart and a review 😊

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Dear Diary,

Hello older me who is reading this, my name is Kim Taehyung, and I like people to call me Taetae, no one other than my mother who calls me by that name because no one actually talks to me. Why! Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe older me will know. Oh! I almost forgot to mention, I’m 9 years old now; soon to be 10. I’ve been in this place for 5 years now ever since mommy dies. They all said she was a bad mommy for leaving me, and I was bad too so I had to stay here. I’m not allowed to talk to anyone other than the butler who brings me food twice a day, sometimes he forgets about me, but it's okay I don’t get hungry anyway. I wonder what the outside looks like! I remember a few things, like the blues sky which my mommy and I used to look at a lot. I wish if I watched for longer so there will be no way for me to forget. I also remember mommy’s long orange curly hair, it was too soft. I remember the color of her eyes, but everyone back then kept telling me, “you have the same eys as your mother.” I guess I’ll never know cause there are no mirrors here. This is fun, while studying, I found this book that said people on the outside world write something called Diary so this is my first, and I hope I keep on writing them. So older me, keep writing them so the even older you can read them and never forget what younger you remember...

Dear Diary,

Hello older me, I know you’ll get tired one day of writing these stupid diaries, but please just keep doing it for the younger you. Now I’m 12 years old, how do I know? Mum once told me that my birthday is on the last day of the year, and I can know it when Christmas approaches. I don’t know the exact date, but when I hear celebrations, I add one year to my age. It’s stupid I know, but that’s the only way to keep track of time. I happened to realize I’ve never actually described this place. Hmm first, there are lots and lots of books, newspaper and weird papers, 4 walls, one of them has the door that only a butler can come through. There were mentions of doors in the books I’ve read, but it was never mentioned how to open one. Anyway, I know it’s locked cause I always hear that clicking sound whenever the butler leaves so there is no use. I know that I’m being locked up here for doing something bad, but I don’t remember though and neither do younger me. I went through all my diaries and there was no mention of anything. So if you remember anything, try to apologize maybe then they’ll let you out. I’ll stop writing cause I want to finish that book I’m reading, it’s getting interesting...

Dear Diary,

Hello older me, this is 17 years old you, people are partying outside now so I guess I’m 18 now. In the book I’ve read, 18 years old people are allowed to do whatever they want, so I’ll wait till they come and let me out, even though I doubt that’ll happen. I hope older me is out now doing all the things he wanted to do which were written in the books.

I’ll give you a to-do list:

1. Get new clothes
2. Eat all kinds of food
3. Have so many friends
4. Know why you were being locked
5. Find someone who loves you
6. Go to the amusement park
7. Have a pet
8. Have children
9. Travel the world
10. Be happy

Dear Diary,

Hello older me, I know you’re not out yet and you’ll never be out. Just surrender already, I’m 22 years old now and nothing has changed, the same dark room, one lamp is on that’s when I’m lucky though. The books I read over and over like a 100 times already, all my diary papers are scattered around me. I don’t know why you are even still even reading them. This will be the last time I write cause it’s becoming useless and boring so I’ll make this short. This place is called prison people come here for their wrongdoings so you better stop whining and start looking for a way out.

Taehyung placed the last piece of the diary beside him then rested his head on the wall behind him.

I wonder how the world looks on the outside. I hope it has more colors than here, he thought to himself with a soft smile plastered on his beautiful face which he didn’t even know he had.

Memories of the past 20 years he spent in exile ran through his head, making him gulp harshly as he remembered all the tears younger him shed. He remembered those moments when he shivered from the cold water which splashed over his weak and small body.

He remembered the times when he used to think that there is someone or something which will help him get out of that devilish place. He just sat there simply reminiscing how naive his beliefs were.

Taehyung got up from his miserable sitting position which was on the floor and decided to sit on his cracky bed to rub away his negative thoughts which were trying to consume his sanity over the years.

He grabbed one of the many thick books he had and turned to a specific page, reading the words he admired the most out loud “The definition of each color differs. Some people might say that they like Blue because it reminds them of the sky which hovers over them for protection whereas others might say, they dislike Blue because it reminds them of the ocean which carries so many mysteries along with scary creatures. So what’s your definition?”

He smiled to himself and hugged the book against his chest while resting his body on the bed. His eyelids closed as his mind pictured the color blue which for him was more than just one meaning.

Blue has many shades. Light blue is different than dark blue which is totally understandable. The blue sky in the morning is different than at night same goes to the ocean’s blue, Taehyung thought to himself while diving into dreamland.

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