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A trip down memory lane


Ravén has had a bad past, containing her losing her dad at 12 years old and turning to a path or drugs, alcohol and a lot of parties. Hunter is the cliche bad boy in all schools that shows no emotion, sleeps with most of the girls and leaves them the next day, drinks, parties with his friends and is covered in tattoos. Ravén is a freshman in college trying to get away from her past and the incident that happened at the last party she ever attended by being a golden girl and staying out of trouble. But will a certain somebody drag her back to down to what left those emotional scars?

Romance / Other
Naomi Adams
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Chapter 1

Ravén POV:

It is my first day at UCLA (University of Los Angeles) and I couldn't be more excited. I'm hoping for this to be a fresh start.

I'm in the car with my mum right now University is an hour and a half minutes away from my house so she volunteered to bring me here.

I've got a license, I just can't afford a car right now. I have savings in my account and as soon as I have enough I will buy a good car

"So how are you feeling" My mum ask

"I'm fine I just want to move in with my life and forget about the past to be gh honest"

"Don't worry honey things will get better" she says as she gently puts a hand on my thigh

"Thanks mom, I love you"

"I love you too"

15 minutes later

"Raven" my mum says

"Yeah mum" I answer back

"We are here"

I looked outside of the window and saw my new home. I am going to be living here for the next few years.

My mum couldn't stay to help me move into my dorm room because she was 'busy'. But she did give me my pills. I was in an accident a few months ago and If i don't take them i may get hospitalized. Well that was what my doctor told me.

As I walk up to my door, i am welcomed with a smell of cigarettes. I open the door to be greeted by a girl with icy blue eyes and covered in tattoos and piercing.

"Hey. you must be Ravén, I'm Lola" she got up and shook my hand

"Nice to meet you" I say to her

She went and sat back on her bed so I went to unpack all of my belongings.

30 minutes later

I have now finished unpacking. I turned around to realise that Lola has left. She had left a not on her bed.

"I've went out with my friends I'll be back later."

Great what am I meant to do now.

I later decided to go and grab a coffee.

As I was walking towards the coffeehouse, I took sight of the surrounding buildings. Everything seemed big and beautiful.

After what seemed like 5 minutes of walking, I finally reached the coffeehouse. I walked up to the counter to be greeted by a young man. He seemed like he was around my age maybe we go to the same school.

"Hi my name is Luke. What can I get you" the young man tells me

"Hi can I get a caramel iced coffee and a white chocolate chip cookie please" I reply

"Coming right up"

It took a few minutes but I finally got my order. I have been craving this for a long time. Ever since I got out of rehab, I didn't really leave my house especially since I was going to be coming here in a week time. I will however have to go therapy twice a week just so they can keep track of my weekly activities. Luckily my sessions are only 30 minutes so I won't be stuck in there for long.

As I'm about to leave, some idiotic dickhead walks into me making me drop all my stuff

Without looking at him I say "Hey, can you look were you are going" I look up and face him. He is dressed in black from top to bottom. He had the most beautiful of blue eyes and those eyes were just glaring at me.

"Are you deaf?" I asked him

Instead of answering me, he just walked away.

"Asshole" I yelled out to him

I checked the time on my phone and it said 3:15. I have got no idea what

I want to do for the rest of the day so I on a walk around the whole campus to memorize where everything is.

By the time I had finished remembering where everything is, the time was 6:27 so I went back to my dorm to find it still empty. Steph must still be with her friends. I took a shower in the shower rooms for girls, changed into a white tshirt and shorts. Then went to bed

I was woken up by the sound of the door opening and slamming shut. I turned the light on to reveal lola in a all to revealing outfit. Her breath stank of alcohol and she couldn't even stand up right. I guided her to her bed and played her in. I took of her shoes, her hoop earrings, her necklace and all her other unnecessary jewelry

She finally recognised me and her eyes opened wide and said "oh hi Ravén, long time no see"

I saw and met you this morning but okay

"Were have you been?" I asked her

"I went to a party with my friends, you should of come, we would have had a great time"

No thank you. Her definition of fun is getting drunk on a school night and walking home half naked at past 3 in the morning. I don't think so.

"Maybe next time." I tell her

God who am I living with?

"Ravén what time is it? " she asked me

I replied and told her "it is past 3 in the morning"

"Okay" she says while starting to fall asleep in just a matter of minutes, she is in a deep slumber.

Is this what she is like every day? If it is then we're gonna have problems because I need my Beauty sleep. Why ambition so cranky all of a sudden?

Then I realised!

"Oh shit, my pills" i said quietly

I ran toward my draw and grabbed 2 tablets and my bottle of water from my Michael Kors handbag which my mum bought for me for Christmas since I can't spend it with her.

I was so busy exploring the whole school that I forgot about my pills there could have been serious issues if I don't take them.

Now that I have taken my pills, I got back into bed, set a 7:30 alarm and went to sleep.

Read on to find out what happens next!

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