Professor Layton and the Time Device


Sequel to Professor Layton and the Mishaps of Mystery. A visitor with an eerily familiar face - or three - reveals how life for the professor, Emmy and Flora will never be the same again.

Romance / Scifi
Age Rating:

Prologue - It's time - again

The professor was sat at his desk, marking papers as usual. He had been in this job for over twenty five years now, and knew exactly what he was doing. Tick, tick, comment, next paper. The professor continued on like this until he heard his wife and son enter the office.

Emmy beamed at him as she sat down on the sofa with their son, Alfendi in tow. "Nearly finished?" she asked.

"Almost," the professor replied, scribbling one last comment on the end of the paper in front of him.

Emmy cleared her throat. "Er… do you know what day it is, Hershel?"

"Tuesday," the professor replied.

"The date?"

"15th May, 2029," the professor replied. Then he stopped. "Ah… I remember." He suddenly looked quite anxious.

"What is it, mother?" Alfendi asked.

Emmy sighed. "We have to go on a mission. All of us. And it starts today."

"We never told you about this particular adventure, did we my boy?" the professor smiled, turning around to face his son.

"No. I want to hear!" he said enthusiastically.

"Alright," the professor smiled. "Well, it will really begin today, with what your mother and I am about to do, but really, it all began fifteen years ago…"

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