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Charmed Melinda Season 1

By Valentijn M. Civi

Fantasy / Action

Happy Birthday


Power of One

Episode One

Happy Birthday

15th July 2025

Dear Diary,

Today is my 18th birthday! My mother is downstairs cooking all day, to make all the food I love and my aunts Phoebe and Paige are coming over and hopefully, my very busy brothers too??

18 years and already won so many battles. I wonder when I will be able to live a normal live, like my mom and dad (whatever you can call a normal in our family).

My Dad (still human), took after the Ultimate Battle against aunt Billie, the magic school over and good owns it again. Both of my brothers went there and me too. He is the best teacher and dad, someone can wish for…

After Wyatt graduated and after a huge fight with mom, he didn’t wanted to be a charmed one anymore, but a whitelighter and finally an elder. My mum flipped completely, but in the end, she lost the battle and he became a fulltime whitelighter and we only see him, when there is an attack and the power of three is needed. I don’t blame him, for years, demons tried to kill him or tried to make him evil…I understand if he is sick of it….and also that we are the next generation The Mighty Charmed ones, with two twice blessed children doesn’t help either.

Yeah it is sad but true, me and Wyatt are twice blessed with amazing gifts blablabla…poor Chris. All his life he had to prove himself to mum and dad and to us, but mostly to himself that he was worthy to be a Charmed One…he is now also a fulltime whitelighter which actually makes him more smile and happy with himself then being a Witch.

Mum has now her own restaurant and it go’s pretty well…I work there sometimes, to earn nice money and eat all the nice food, my mum has created herself…she is so cool. After the battle a year later she did something she hadn’t done in years and went to the church. Before she became a witch, she went to the church often. When she was there, she thanked that she had won the battle with Billie and that everybody was save and she wished for me. She hoped that now she could finally start living her life as a normal person. Unfortunately for my mum, she had proven herself to the Halliwell line of powerful witches and became the Matriarch of the Family, which gave her amazing powers and something earthy, strong earthy powers. She had another destination for herself which was to banish all evil for a long time, that it took them years to recover and she did. Now she doesn’t use her magic much, unless she gets attacked offcourse. Besides that, she does her thing and lives her life finally. When witches ask me about my mum and I tell them that Piper Halliwell is my mum, they show her so much respect. Her name means something in the witch world and I want to be just like my mum…the only thing is, I have to do it alone…

I have been blessed with all the Charmed Ones powers. Telekinesis, I blow up stuff or slow it freeze it. I have premonitions like aunt phoebe and sometimes I have also dream premonitions. My newest power is creating a some sort of force field like Wyatt can, but only if we are all three together. Alone it doesn’t seem to work…..weird…

So now Wyatt and Chris all over the world or up in the sky, the next generation of demons are now coming after me or my family for the ever same reason…our powers...or to get higher in the underworld…but let them come…I’m prepared for anything. I’m Melinda Halliwell. Next in line become the Matriarch. I will change the Magic world and I will make my mum and dad so proud…Now let’s go downstairs and see what my mum has prepared!

Melinda went downstairs and on the way down, all the nice smells came to her and she couldn’t help it to smile. She couldn’t wait to get her presents. She was almost downstairs when she heard something smash in the kitchen. She run down the stairs and into the kitchen, to see that is was empty. Pan with baked vegetables was lying all over the ground and the some food was still cooking. Where was her mum? ‘Mam…are you here? ‘MAM?

‘Wyatt, Chris get your butts here, right now!!! Both brothers orbed in together to see there sister standing in the kitchen looking very worried.

Chris: Hey birthday girl…18 years, good for you…!

Melinda: Mam is missing!

Wyatt/Chris: What?

Wyatt: What do you mean missing?

Melinda: look around you! Food on the ground, when mam is cooking?

Chris: She has a point...mam would freak out, if she saw the veggies on the ground and we standing here not cleaning…

Melinda slapped Chris on the arm. ‘I’m serious! She is nowhere in the house!

Wyatt: Ok, let say she is kidnapped. Who would want to kidnap mam and why now? It has been years that she had a demon attack. She would have sensed the demon while he shimmered in...She may be getting old, but she is still the Matriarch…

The doorbell rang and they all hurried to the door. When Melinda opened the door, she saw a huge smiling Phoebe standing there. Her 3 nieces and Coop weren’t there. Phoebes smile disappeared immediately when she felt all the worries coming from her nephews and niece.

Phoebe: What happened?

Melinda: I don’t know, we think mam is kidnapped? Come in, Come in..!

Phoebe: What? Piper? Why would anybody want to kidnap Piper? After all this years? She took her coat off and was wearing a blue dress, with a side cut from the below. She looked lovely.

Melinda: We don’t know!

Phoebe: I see. Ok, did you try scrying for her? You boys, did you already do the scan thing you guys do…? Did anybody let Leo know? Is Paige here?

Before anybody could react, blue orbs started the fill the hallway and there was Paige. In a beautiful black dress with an open back and she had her long reddish hair with some greys strings loose, which mad her much younger then she was..

Paige: Sorry guys I’m late. Henry couldn’t make it on the last minute. Je got a huge case he is working on and they got a lead and the kids….well you know them...they all doing their own thing....

Phoebe: Piper is kidnapped!

Paige: whaa what..? Piper kidnapped? Why would anyone want to do that??

Phoebe: We were just trying to figure that out?

Deep in the underworld

Piper opened her eyes to see that she was in some sort of cage. She got up and took the dust of her clothes, moaning and cursing the demon who interrupted a very important day. Her daughter was becoming a woman tonight. Eighteen years, she couldn’t still believe why she was so blessed with a girl. For years she taught that it would never happen, but then it did and Piper felt so blessed. Who dared to take this moment away from her? Piper looked around and found what was supposed to be the door and tried to blast it, but it reflected back to her and she fell hard against the backside of the cage. She tried a spell, summoning her sisters, sending a message magically but nothing worked. She looked around more closely and the cage looked very familiar to her. She had to think hard and then it suddenly hit her, she was trapped in the same cage as the one, the seer had used many years ago to sacrifice the girls to become the Source herself. But then she was the one who was summoned to the cage, how did they do it? Piper tried to relax her breathing and tried to remember the spells she knew to get out of here or to get some help.

Then someone walked in the room and Piper eyes went huge.

Piper: Katrina?

Katrina: Hello Piper. Nice to see you again. Too bad it had to come to this?

Piper: Come to what? Why are you doing this. You supposed to be a Melinda’s best friend. You have slept over so many times and had dinners with us? How can you betray us like this?

Katrina just looked over to Piper, ignoring her completely and walked around the cage like an animal who is walking around his target, before it devour its.

Katrina: Years. Years I had to smile and pretend to be this nice girl. It was terrible. But now it is my time and I will have my revenge. Revenge on my mother!

Who are you?!! Piper demanded.

Katrina: I’m the daughter of Christy. Do you remember her? You killed her in the Ultimate Battle. Actually dearest auntie Billie has killed her, but you had a huge part of it too. If you died that night. I still would have my mother and she would be one of the strongest demons walked the earth and I would be right next to her. You probably think how this is possible. Do you really think that my mother was the plan? They made sure there was a backup plan, is she failed. Me. They put me by human people, who were also magical, but evil. So I could pretend to be normal and be evil in the meantime…you have no idea how much fun that was…not! But no worries. After years of searching in the underworld of old spell books or any valuable book from all the powerful demons, which were already killed by you and then I found the lair of the Seer. Do you remember her...she said with an evil smile? Now I have the knowledge to keep you in this cage. Offcourse I had to strengthen it, but don’t worry, I made it just strong enough to keep you here, but one of your kids to find the place and come and save you, so I can kill them all and have my revenge…!!

Piper: You leave them alone! You have a grudge against me; they have nothing to do with! Suddenly Piper decided to change tactic. I wonder how many demons would have slept with her over the years down there…do you even know who your father is? She asked if she was having a normal conversation…

Katrina shouting: SHUT UP! SHUT UP!!! How dare you talk about her like if she was a cheap whore? Who gave you permission to speak? You are nothing…maybe in the old days you were almighty, but now your just an old woman…who cannot even remember half of the spells she once used anymore….your nothing and you will see how I kill one by one your children and then your lovely Leo and before I kill you, I let you watch, how I kill your daughter, if she was an insect, that needs to be crushed and at last I will kill you….

Piper was about to say something, but Katrina hold her hand up and just walked out of the room. Piper thought she was going to lose it any moment…what could she do??

Attic, Manor

Melinda was standing over the map of San Francisco scrying for her mother.

Phoebe was holding the plate, Piper was probably holding before she got kidnapped and tried to get a vision, but didn’t have one.

Phoebe: Melinda can you help me out? Maybe our powers combined, we will be able to see something? Chris can you take over the scrying? He did as he was told.

Melinda came over and stood next to Phoebe. With one hand they holded eachothers hands and with the other the plate, fingers touching. They both closed their eyes and focussed on seeing Piper, where she was now…and slowly they started the same rhythm of breathing and both were sucked in the same vision:

Piper was locked in a cage, phoebe recognized immediately as the cage of the Seer. There was someone else in the room throwing energyballs for fun at Piper, not to kill her, just to torture her. Then the image changes and they saw themselves finding Piper, just to find out, that they walked right in the trap of the mysterious person…Image changes again and they see Billie working strong magic to find the girl, but is not successful.

Both girls started to blink a view times, before they were out of there vision.

Phoebe: Wow, you really are getting strong. It felt like I could touch the cage, touch Piper, so real it seemed.

Melinda blushed and smiled at her aunt. At that moment Leo walked in with Paige, who had orbed to the magic school to get him. He walked straight to Melinda and hugged her.

Leo: Happy birthday sweetie and smiled at his daughter. Then he turned around the room and hugged his sons and Phoebe and after quick greetings, he became serious.

‘Did you guys, scried for her?

Melinda: Well we had a vision that she was hold in the Underworld and in the same cage as the Seer holded the Charmed Ones long time ago…

Leo: I remember. I also remember that you two managed to get Piper in the cage. Can we not somehow make it happen to get you two in the cage…?

Paige: Actually I don’t think it will work. If someone is strong enough as the Seer to make that cage magically sealed again and make Piper the Matriarch unable to free herself, then I don’t think we will be able to get in the cage…Paige paused for a minute and then said: But maybe if we make a spell to get us to her, then if we try to get in the cage, it will bounce us off to the ground and we will be right in the cave she is…otherwise it can take us hours to find the right cave…

Leo: let’s do it, we have no time to make other plans. I want Piper tonight home and I want to celebrate my daughter’s birthday is that clear?

Everybody nodded and Phoebe and Paige started to make the spell, while Melinda was standing over with her brothers, trying to plan a fight plan.

An hour later the spell was ready and they all stood in a circle holding hands and all had a piece of paper and they all chanted at the same time:

Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now -- open your ears.
The Matriarch - is what we now seek,
By Moon, Sun, Earth, Air, Fire and Sea.

They were all surrounded by white/yellow light and taken away from the manor to Piper.

Underworld, Cave Piper is captured

They landed all, right on the cage and because the cage is protected by magic, they were all blown away from it, all over the place against the wall. They all had to struggle to find there balance and to get up. When they did, they saw that the cave was filling with demons. The Charmed family were all facing the demons, ready to attack at any moment.

Piper: Katrina is the one who is doing this! She is the daughter of Christy and wants revenge!

They all looked shocked at Piper. Then they heard a girl laughing in the midst of the demon.

Katrina: Aaaah Piper…Piper. Still thinking that this will end well for your side…but as you can see I have brought some minions…turning to them and with a firm voice…you can kill them all, except for her…she pointed her finger, right at Melinda…

Then things happened really fast…Chris throw telekinetically some demons to the side and orbed out and appeared behind some demons to do the same at them...

Paige did mostly the same, orbing out and between two demons who finally killed themselves by throwing there energyball of weapon at eachtother…

Phoebe was maybe older, but she still knew how to fight and dodge flying energyballs and divert them back to them with her empathy power...

Leo was fighting with his fist as many demons as he could.

Melinda looked around her and then to her mother, who looked worried and furious the same time…and she was keep throwing her hands against the cage to blow it up, so she could fight to and help her family…and this was all because of her…and then something snapped in her…and she felt a sudden rage and power in her. Like she never felt before.

Melinda shouted: ENOUGH! She threw out her hand and started blowing up demons like they were insects. One by one they were gone…some throw out an energy ball, but it reflected back to them, thanks to her telekinesis power…And fast as they had filled the cave, that fast they were all vanquished. She turned around to face Katrina and looked at her family who were all staring at her…

‘This is my fight. Nobody interferes, got it! They all nodded.

Katrina: Well well, the great Melinda Halliwell thinks she can beat me! How funny...

Melinda almost whispering: Let my mother go and I will not hurt you.

Katrina: Are you kidding me…this cage is so much fun…we have been throwing for like a hour energyballs at your mother…poor thing…you could tell she is getting old. She couldn’t dodge all the balls as you can see…

Melinda, looked quickly at her mother to see, that her mother has some places, where her clothes were burned and you could see the blood dripping. She snapped.

Melinda threw her hand and made a side move with it, which made Katrina fly threw the cave, hard against the wall. She tried to get up, but Melinda, slowly closed her fingers, which made Katrina scream out in pain.

Melinda changed her fingers in a way, so she could use her blowing power, but with the power she felt in her and the rage, something had changed in her…she had amazing control over all her powers and she was able to use it in a way, she never or her mother could. She kept blowing one blow after the other, which made Katrina hit over and over again, against the wall, without able to do anything, then watch in horror, how Melinda came slowly closer and closer, with some glow over her and a determination and rage on her face. She looked like a Goddess, which scared the crap out of Katrina.

‘LET MY MOTHER GO, NOW!!! She shouted and kept walking closer and closer to Katrina, till she reached and was standing over her, still using her blowing power. Katrina crumbled under her, not able to speak, or use her powers. She had never seen such a power or felt it, by Melinda! ‘How dare you to betray me like this? Feeling anger rise again ‘I LOVED YOU AS A SISTER! HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME! ANSWER ME!!! The whole cave started the shake…

Piper and the others looked in awe at what was happening right in front of them. Melinda showed amazing powers which she never had shown before. From where Piper was standing, she watched with proud and a bit disturbance at her daughter…she had a very strange look in her eyes, which scared the hell out of Piper. A power to destroy everything what comes on her path or to create. Katrina, finally released of the attacks of Melinda, tried to sit up straight and finally she made it to sit down and looked up to Melinda...who was standing right in front of her, looking calm , but you could feel her power coming in waves…

Katrina: Your mother was right. I’m the daughter of Christy. Billie’s niece. Because of your family, my grandparents died. Because of your families manipulation Billie was forced to kill her own sister.

Melinda: That is not true. Billie chose herself to be good. She understood finally what kind of bad person your mother really was and what she was about to do, to the Charmed Ones, was unacceptable for her and she decided to fight back to her own sister. Let me ask you a question: why now. Why pretend all this years, to be a weak witch…but great to hang out with, to talk to…we shared meals with each other, slept in the same room…why now..??

Katrina: I wanted you to be become 18 first. Grow up…and feel the love of your family and then BAM…all of it gone…just like me…I had to grow up, between, filthy humans, who were evil...but thanks to them I found the lair of the Seer and that is how I’m able to use the cage…she smiled with an evil grin, what was not human anymore. Then her smiled faithed, when she looked up straight in the eyes of Melinda…

Melinda was now really glowing with white light around her…she didn’t looked if she was from this earth…With a voice of Iron…I’m Melinda Halliwell, daughter of Piper Halliwell the Matriarch. My power comes from her and all the Matriarch’s before her. She lifted her hand and squeezed her fingers so that Katrina crawled on the ground again in pain. ‘Stay’ Melinda said. She walked over to the cage and looked at it if it was a puzzle and then she told her mother to back away...and lifted her hands and closed her eyes and thoughts of the words she had just spoken. She was powerful and she knew it and she could do this. She knew deep in her guts, that she could open the door. She took a deep breath and flipped with her fingers as hard as she could. The cage shaked, but the door didn’t open. She closed her eyes again…and took a deep breath and breathed out again and opened her eyes with more determination ever and flipped again with her fingers and the door clicked open.

Katrina in pain, struggling to speak: That is impossible only I have the power the open the cage.

Paige: Can somebody vanquish her already? She said annoyed.

Piper: No! She is still human. It was terrible enough to kill Christy, but she gave us no choice. It was her or us. But I believe, if Katrina sees the real truth of what happened back then, maybe she can still be good.

Phoebe: How can you be so naïve Piper? She has lived practically with you guys, knows everything about you guys and in the meantime, she has been planning this. If we let her go, who knows what she will do next. We cannot risk that or our children!

Piper: Who says we will let her go. First she will be placed in magic school, in a room where no magic can be used. By nobody in the room, even us.

Then we will figure out, how to show her that the story as she knows it is not true and hopefully that will help. Otherwise we can always vanquish her later, she said with a bit of an ironic smile. This made Phoebe roll her eyes.

Piper walked over to Katrina and kneeled beside her and turned her face to Melinda. Can you release her please?

Wyatt: Mom. I don’t think that is a good idea. We still don’t know what her powers fully are or what kind of spells she can throw at us…I think we should orb her right to magic school and let two human students, put her in the room. Then Melinda can release her?

Piper looked thoughtful and then nodded as in approval and they all walked over to Piper and Katrina and orbed out to Magic school.

Magic school

When they arrived, Leo walked straight to the big hall to find two students, who could help out. After a view minutes waiting awkwardly in front of the door, Leo came back with two students, who gripped Katrina, who was still looking if she was in great deal of pain and brought her to the room. Melinda was exhausted and couldn’t hold it anymore and started to cry. Piper and her whole family were right there with her and they all hugged her. When they let go, Piper looked deep in her eyes, full with awe and proud...

Piper: I have never seen such a power in my whole witchy life. You were like a Goddess. What were you feeling?

Melinda becoming a bit shy: I felt all my ancestors, their power, their commitment so the Charmed Ones could be born and save the world from evil...I felt Grams and I felt you...and all of you and the love you felt for me and that gave me the power to do what I had to do.

They all looked at her proudly and her brothers smirked at her, which made her shyer then she already felt. She was tired and hungry and wanted to go home now.

Phoebe: I think that is a great idea Melinda, she said smiling...

Melinda: I think you are right. Who is hungry, she said with a smile?

Everybody cheered and made happy sounds and when they orbed out, Melinda looked

one more time at the door, where her only bestfriend she had was locked up and had tried to kill her. She couldn’t help feeling a bit said for Katrina and hoped really that her mother’s tactic will work.’ I release you, she whispered, before they faded away.

Melinda in her bedroom:

Dear dairy,

I feel terrible and fantastic at the same time. Tonight didn’t go as it supposed to go…when I went downstairs, my mother was kidnapped and after a bit search we found her in the underworld in a magical cage.

Katrina, my best friend and sort of sister...kidnapped my mother. She has been planning this for 18 years. OMG I still cannot believe it. I loved her and we told eachother everything and shared our food and bed and even fought of demons together and it was all a LIE!! I feel dirty and betrayed, but on the other side I feel amazing, powerful and blessed with my family.

When I fought Katrina, something snapped in me. I felt it happen and suddenly from out of know where I felt all this ancient powers, but not mine only, but all the ones before us…so freaking weird…my mother called me a Goddess. All of them looked at me with awe and proud…it made me shy…My mum…I love her…she is so wise. Even after what Katrina has done to her, she still wanted to help her to rehabilitate.

I wonder what is happening with me. Where did this power come from, why now? Do I need it, that I have received it? Maybe I can ask Grams?

Believe it or not, after this huge fight, we went home and had a nice meal and I got a lot of presents and my family was with me and we laughed and talked and I had fun... but I’m dead and want to sleep.

Write soon again…

See ya...


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