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This is the story of how Y/N and Min Yoongi became one. Y/N, curious and mentally unstable, yet both ordinary and innocent to the public eye. From losing her parents to her life long reign later on in the mafia world, she regretted not once of her decision in the beginning. To become the leader of the feared, the "Aces"... But, what happens when Min yoongi comes into her life. A k-pop celebrity with nothing but attitude and charms. Yet, he still needed to put the cold hearted mafia act to work. He was born into the criminal world, but not wanting any part of it. He had everything as leader of Bangtan but... his goal? To remove any and every crime group from walking on earth's surface. What will happen when they meet? Both hidden from the outside. Keeping their underground identities sealed...Will she bring him down and rise even higher? Or will he end her game and lift himself up? (Wattpad) Award winner: 3rd place- The Sunflower Awards 2020 Book cover made by the amazing artist: @KookooCash(CoCo Graphics)on Wattpad

Action / Romance
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