St. Trinian's 3: Girls vs Boys


The girls of St Trinian's are back and there have been some changes. They've been evicted from the school building by the bank and they may have to go to normal school. But, when their headmistress Ms Fritton receives a proposal from the notorious Charleston boys school to merge the two schools for a year, it may be the only thing they can do. However, there's one slight problem...the boys of Charleston are even more rebellious then St Trinian's and they're drop-dead gorgeous! The jocks make the girls drool without their shirts off, the preps all look like models from vogue, the emos are mysteriously alluring in their dark ways, and even the nerds are unbelievably hot! (They're also planning to get rid of St Trinian's from the school for good) So the girls must try to resist them, but their all having a bit of problem with that because of what happen to Annabelle (aka head girl) on the first day with the Head boy. Wanna know what happens? Read to find out!

Humor / Adventure
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“Hey! Yo Annabelle!” An American voice called and I looked over from where I was stood (outside the train station) to see one of my very best friends at St Trinian’s. Sam Jennet. She came to St Trinian’s not long after we had the incident with the Fritton gold. She came from America and had been kicked out of 10 private schools. Reasons why included egging her principle, causing an explosion in a lab that left some students deaf, catching pictures of her English teacher snogging the librarian and sticking them on every door in the school and getting into a fight with the most popular girl in school.

Sam was rough around the edges and she was into loud rock bands and didn’t like people telling her what to do. Not acceptable in society, but normal at St Trinian’s. She and I became friends quickly and she has a sense of leadership so when I leave school, she’ll probably be the next head girl. I picked up my suitcase and started to walk over to her. She was stood at her black BMW that was slightly small but was quite modern and had an open roof. It was something her dad got her when she was sent to England by him. It’s the only thing he’s given her that she hasn’t broken yet apparently.

“Hello, Sam,” I said as I opened up my arms to hug her. She chuckled and hugged me back.

“How ya doing Annie?” She asked and I laughed at her nickname for me. She was the only one that called me that.

“I’m great, how was your summer in America?” I asked as she put my suitcase in the back seat of her car.

“The usual. Me and my dad fighting,” she said with a smirk and I shook my head.

“You never change Sam,” I said and she laughed.

“You know it, Annabelle.” She said back then got into the driver’s seat. “Now come on or we’ll be late. Head girl.” She said starting up her car. I smiled grinned and got into the passenger seat. Sam revved the car engine before the car moved quickly forward and Sam started to drive quickly away from the train station. I looked at her with wide eyes but she just laughed like a maniac.

“Don’t do that again!” I yelled as we slowed down a little driving along the main roads out of the small town we were in. It was just under an hour’s drive from the town to the school. Sam drove at over 60 miles an hour and we even got chased by the police! (Now I know how the twins felt when they got chased last year in their mini).

“God damn cops, have we lost them yet?” Sam yelled while she drove down the winding roads, disturbing the peace of the southern English countryside. I daringly looked back to see the flashing lights of the police car.

“We’re not even at school yet and your already causing trouble! Crikey.” I said, nearly yelling and clung to my seat belt. Sam tutted and rolled her eyes.

“Aw, come on Annie. They’ll back off as soon as they see where we’re going!” Sam yelled back and then I decided to turn on the radio. Bad reputation covered Avril Lavigne started to play. How ironic.

“I love this song,” Sam said sighing almost dramatically. I rolled my eyes.

“I wonder why,” I said sarcastically and Sam chuckled again. We soon thankfully turned into the school gates and I looked back to see that the police car had stopped and that a lot of the first years were stood with hockey sticks and blunted bats pointing at the police car as if it were a warning. Sam stopped the car also looking back.

“See, told you so.” She said standing up in her car. I opened my door and got out of the car.

“Hey, Annabelle.” Two young voices said and I spun around to see the twins stood wearing dark CSI glasses with cricket bats in their hands. Their blonde hair was tied in messy plats down the sides of the muddy faces.

“Oh, hello girls,” I said and smiled pleasantly. I heard Sam get out of her seat as well.

“Should we get them?” The twins asked and I heard Sam’s voice yell ‘heck yes’. I looked over with wide eyes to the open trunk of Sam’s car then to the twins, then to the mayhem gate. First day back, already I have to deal with shenanigans. Ah, the wonderful life at St Trinian’s.

“D’you know what? Why not. Go ahead.” I said gesturing with my hand to the gate.

The twins looked at each other with grins.

“Awesome!” They said and high fives each other.

“Bye Annabelle!” They both said and ran off to the gate. As they did the other first years holding the police car prisoner started to attack with eggs and paint bombs. Sam closed her car’s trunk and grinned at me as got my suitcase. She was holding her suitcase with a coat as well.

“Welcome back head girl.” She said playfully and wrapped an arm around my neck. I laughed and we started to walk towards the school seeing all the different students arriving in their different means of transport and unloading their bags in, dangerous, ways. But that was st Trinians. Different and dangerous, and not to be messed with.

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