Another Day For The Royal Couple

Stress of a New Arrival

This story was written and published in 2013 on, though I have recently begun rewriting it. This may result in the writing style seeming inconsistent.

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A laugh rang throughout the hollow, a baby's first giggle echoing through the ears of many. Fairies of all talents eagerly gathered in the centre of the Home Tree, gasping and gossiping excitedly at the sound of the new arrival's flower.

Meanwhile, Lord Milori and Queen Clarion were preparing for the ceremony. Every month either Pixie Hollow or the Winter Woods would receive a new arrival, depending on who needed it the most. This month, Pixie Hollow was in need of a new talent.

"Are you ready, my love?" Milori turned to Clarion, who was adjusting her crown on her head in front of a full length mirror in her bedroom. It sparkled atop her chestnut bun.

"I believe so," she smiled, her eyes lit with delight. One of her favourite duties as queen was to greet new arrivals, guiding them to their talents and bestowing them a name.

Tinkerbell had invented a pendant that allowed winter fairies to cross into warm seasons, which allowed the Lord to be with his lover. She had suggested that he joined her tonight if the new arrival were to go to Pixie Hollow, proposing that she would join him if it were to go to the Winter Woods. Either way, her plan meant that they could do the arrival ceremony together.

"Shall we leave?" he smiled, offering his hand to her. Clarion nodded and took his hand in her own, his cold touch welcoming. As she approached the door, Milori pulled her into his embrace.

"What's wrong?" she asked, concern creased into her features.

"Nothing," he tugged her closer. "Nothing at all." he kissed her lips softly, enjoying the warmth that her body provided. The Queen could feel her heartbeat quicken in her chest, kissing him with passionate force.

"We should go," she breathed, forcing herself to relinquish her pleasure. Duties come first.

"Of course," he responded, "I love you, Clarion." both fairies smiled in delight.

"I love you too, Milori." her eyelashes fluttered. Wordlessly, they left the comfort and privacy of Clarion's room. Most fairies had accepted them as a couple, and thankfully, doing to arrival ceremony together was deemed acceptable. After all, for the new arrivals to meet the Lord and Queen at the same time was thought to be easier rather than one, then the other.

It made life easier, and for Clarion and Milori, it made life better.

As the couple arrived, Milori on the ground and Clarion fluttering beside him, they watched as the flower delicately landed. They both stood with the Ministers of Seasons, waiting patiently for a Dust Keeper fairy to arrive with Pixie Dust, which would allow the flower to take form into a fairy. Terence flittered above the flower, golden dust encasing it as the new arrival lifted it's head, long wavy hair flowing from her shoulders. Blue eyes greeted Clarion as she approached the young fairy, her hands clasped in front of her as a warm smile painted her face.

"Hello?" the new fairy called, anxiety shaking her tone. She quickly noticed the approaching fairy Queen.

"Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow." she called, approaching her.

"Oh, hi," replied the arrival, seeming disinterested as she attempted to find her feet. Clarion offered her hand, allowing the fairy to support herself as she stood.

"Shall we test your wings?" she flittered behind the fairy, running her hands along the soft edges as they erected with Pixie Dust, proving to be of common size. Queen Clarion smiled, returning to the new arrival's view as she testingly fluttered her wings, curiosity overwhelming her.

"Can I fly?" she asked tentatively, wide eyes watching the Queen. Fairies in the crowd giggled at the new fairy's question and Clarion chuckled with delight.

"Of course!" she exclaimed, offering her hand to the young fairy as she moved her wings. After several attempts, she continued to struggle with her wings, quickly becoming increasingly frustrated as she fell. Clarion watched at ease, patient with the young one. A fairy's first flight is the most important after all, she thought to herself.

"Go help her!" the Minister of Winter whispered to Milori, becoming impatient and nudging the Lord of Winter. He nodded and walked calmly to Clarion's side. Clarion and the new arrival were too distracted to notice him.

"Why can't I fly?" she sighed angrily. The new fairy looked at Clarion and then noticed Milori. "Who are you?" she asked, confused. Clarion was confused at who she was talking to and turned to see Milori at her side. He smiled at his lover before replying to the new fairy.

"My name is Lord Milori. I am the lord of the Winter Woods." He smiled warmly.

"Oh, hi," she replied before turning to Clarion. "Why can't I fly?" she sighed again.

"It may take some time, dear," Clarion replied calmly. When Clarion was born she had trouble flying at first. With some fairies they can't fly at first but eventually can.

"Okay, if you're sure…" the new fairy faked a smile.

"Shall we find your talent, then?" Milori asked. Clarion nodded and raised her hand. A circle of mushrooms appeared and one fairy of each talent came forward with elements that seem to represent their talent.

"What do I do?" the new arrival asked.

"You'll know." The queen smiled, slowly flying backwards a bit to give the new fairy some room to find her talent. Milori followed his lover and stood at her side. When Milori turned around, the new fairy noticed he didn't have wings.

"Lord of Winter?" she called to Milori. He turned around.

"Yes?" Lord Milori replied.

"Why don't you have wings?" she asked sheepishly. Clarion knew that the question would make Milori a bit depressed so she fluttered over to his side and put her hand on his shoulder. He put his hand on hers and smiled.

"It's okay," he whispered to his lover before turning to the new fairy. "I do have wings but they are broken." Milori explained, taking off his cloak and turning around, revealing his broken wing. The new fairy gasped in shock and began to get scared. 'Are they going to break my wings too?' she began to panic and tried flying away. She got a few metres in the air before dropping slightly, although, she continued flying away. The new fairy wasn't sure where she was flying to, just anywhere but there.

"Wait!" Clarion called after the new fairy, trying to follow her without scaring her more. Milori turned back around to see what was going and began to feel stupid. 'She is too young!' he mentally scolded himself.

"Go away!" the new fairy shouted, tears in her eyes. "Leave me alone! You're all evil!" she cried. Clarion stopped and sighed. Going after her would only turn her against Clarion. Vidia was hard enough to handle, she didn't need another fairy alike her. The queen fluttered back down to Milori and he hugged her tightly. Milori could tell she felt guilty.

"It's not your fault, Clarion, it's mine." He whispered. "She was too young to see that."

After a few hours had passed it was dark outside and the crowd in the Home Tree centre had flown home, leaving Clarion and Milori. They decided to wait for the new fairy to return but she hadn't. Being out in the dark at her age was extremely dangerous; she could get eaten by hawks or captured by pirates.

"Clarion, we have already sent out four search parties and all the fairies know to be on look-out for her. All we need to do is calmly wait." Milori tried to comfort Clarion. She had been worrying over the new fairy for hours.

"Milori, she doesn't know her talent! She can hardly fly! And she doesn't even have a name for Mother Dove's sake!" Clarion never, ever used language like that. She was just so concerned for the fairy's safety. Nothing like this had happened in her reign. She sighed and rubbed her temples. "I'm sorry, Milori…"

"It's okay," he replied, although, he was extremely surprised at her language. "You're just worried."

"That's still no excuse for my language." Clarion replied guiltily.

"Stop it," replied Milori with a serious tone.

"'Stop' what?" she turned to him, confused.

"Stop blaming yourself for everything." He wrapped his arms around her. She faked a smile. "Stop that, too."

"What?" she asked.

"Stop faking smiles. I hate it when you that."

"Sor-" Clarion was cut off by Milori's lips. She kissed back, however, when Milori opened his mouth she pulled back. "Not here. Wait until later…" she giggled.

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