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Chapter 1

Disclaimer: Nope, I don't own Naruto (Though I saw this really awesome Naruto belt and... never mind)

So this is the sequel to Acrobats! DON'T READ IT IF YOU HAVEN'T READ ACROBATS! It's set in the Shippuden and since I haven't even gotten pass the tenth episode, this is definatly not following the series. I'll try to make it close as possible though.

By the way, ages are: Naruto, Reiko, Sasuke, etc... (16), Shisui (27), Itachi (21), Tora (18), Tenshi (4), so on and so forth.


I frowned at the monthly report from the hospital, pushing my long black hair out of my orange eyes as I scanned the number of cases dealing with a perculiar symptom. Twenty-seven. That was close to an epidemic. Ino, sitting across from me, trying to consentrate on her own paperwork, noticed me glaring at the scroll. "What happened?" I started and looked up, my friend raised an eyebrow and waited for me to answer. I sighed, "Nothing, just medical trouble."

Tenshi and Yuki chose at that moment to come barreling into the room, screaming. Yuki was one of Tenshi's school mates and her mother was ofter busy with work so I had volunteered to watch her, though now I didn't understand why. When she was over, Tenshi always turned from the angel she was named after into a little devil. One of them, I didn't see who, collided with the table, causing it to shudder percariously. They were both gone in another second I shouted, "Yuki! Tenshi! Quit rough housing before you break something!" Yuki popped her head around the corner of the hallway, "Sorry, Tora-san." She panted, "We're playing 'ninja' and I'm the bad guy." Tenshi shrieked something unintellagable and Yuki disappeared again.

Ino chuckled, "Oh leave them alone, they're only kids." I shot her a dirty look, "Those 'kids' broke one vase, three kunais, eight chairs, two shurikens, how they accomplished that I don't know, and fourteen dishes... all in the past week." Ino blinked in surprise, "Then why don't you tell Yuki's mother not to send her over again?" I rolled my eyes, "Because Tenshi has Reiko wrapped around her little finger and Reiko has too many favors he can use against me. Besides, if Yuki is anything at home like she is here, I say her poor family needs a break from her." Ino laughed.

Just then Reiko burst into the house, "Guess what? You'll never guess what!" He shouted, Choji seemed just as excited as my brother, Shikamaru looked bored, but something in his eyes told me he was excited too. Ino rolled her blue eyes, "What, no 'hello'?" She asked sarcastically. Reiko scooped his girlfriend from her seat and swung her around, "Hello beautiful!" He said before soundly kissing her, all of us laughed at Ino's red face. Tenshi, hearing Reiko's voice, ran into the room, "Reiko-oji!" She squealed and Reiko put Ino down to pick up Tenshi. "How's my favorite sweetheart?" He asked and Ino pretended to be offended, "Hey, you're dating me aren't you?"

I stood, bringing all attention to me, "Okay, now that everyone has said hello, what's the big news?" Reiko grinned from ear to ear, "Naruto's coming home! Today!" Ino's mouth dropped open. I shrugged and turned back to my paper work. After spending three years being around Shisui and Itachi, I had turned just as stoic as any Uchiha, at least that's what Reiko said. Sometimes he was right.

Suddenly there was tugging on my split skirt. I looked down to see my blind adopted daughter tugging on it, her gaze staring in the general direction of my face, "Pick me up?" She asked sweetly, holding out her hands. Shaking my head I swooped down and settled her on my hip, I turned to Reiko and his team. "I suppose you're hungry?" They all nodded eagerly, "Alright, Ino, come help me." Reiko called after us as we walked into the kitchen, "Make sure it's a big dinner! I'm inviting Naruto over as a welcome home party." I stuck my head aound the corner and asked, "Are you inviting the whole lot?!" Reiko shot a grin over his shoulder as he and the boys headed for the door. I shouted after them setting Tenshi down on the kitchen floor with Yuki, "Send the girls over here to help then!" Turning to the girls I touched Tenshi on the nose and said sternly, "Behave." They both giggled.

Over the years after Naruto left the rest of the genin came closer until it was one large mesh of friends. Ino grinned, "How do you think Hinata is taking the news?" I looked at the younger girl, "Knowing her, she's probably stuttering again." Sure enough, when the rest of the girls showed up at my door, Hinata was red and twitchy. Tenten giggled, "She's been that way ever since Neji told her Naruto was coming home." Sakura rolled her eyes, "About time he comes back, Sasuke is about read to kill Sai." I grinned at her, "Just Sasuke?" The pink haired girl didn't respond, but her expression told the rest of us everything we needed to know.

Ino rubbed her palms together, "Well if Naruto is coming home, then we need to get Hinata ready." Hinata blushed even redder and I rolled my eyes, "What happened to the girl that kissed Naruto the day he left?" Ino shrieked, "You did!? You didn't tell us that!" Hinata blushed and fiddled with her fingers, "I-I-I didn't k-k-kn-know yo-you k-kn-knew, T-T-To-Tora-chan." I smirked, "I was there when it happened." "Oh..." She trailed off. Tenshi chose at that moment to tug on my skirt again, "Mama?" All the girls squealed at Tenshi calling me her mother. Yuki stood with her head tilted like a bird, her minty green hair brushing against her shoulder. I squated down to Tenshi's level and touched her cheek, "Yes sweetie?"

"Ummm... Who's Naruko?" The girls, excluding Hinata who was still an emotional wreck, giggled. Tenshi was just too cute sometimes, I pushed her dark hair, as black as mine, out of her sweet little face and said, "Naruto, sweetie, not Naruko. And he's another one of your uncles, but he left a long time ago when you were little." Everyone of Reiko's and my friends were either an aunt or uncle to Tenshi, except Itachi. For some reason she refused to call him 'uncle', maybe she was afraid of him, though she never seemed to be. I stood, picking up my daughter, and turned to the girls, "Okay, we need to get to work cooking. Sakura, it's your turn to spoil Tenshi" I handed Tenshi over to the obviously happy pink haired shinobi.


I was just turning off stove when the door burst open and Reiko called out, "Hey look who we found wondering around Konoha!" Hinata squeaked and disappeared in my room, Ino following her. I came out of the kitchen, wiping my hands on a dish towel and said, "Good, just in time." Every one of Reiko's friends stood crowded in the main room. I scanned the crowd of boys, all of their faces familiar after seeing them in my house for three years.

Only one face was out of place, however. A blonde haired boy with whiskers on his cheeks and bright blue eyes grinned at me, "Wow, you've changed." I raised an eyebrow and glanced down at myself. I had let my hair grow out over the years so that it nearly reached my ankles now. In exchange for my gloomy black and grey shirt and pants, I had traded it for a more brightly colored peacock blue outfit. Ino had said the color brought out my eyes and pratically forced me to buy it. I frowned at him, "And you haven't changed a bit? You're point?" I snapped and the boys chuckled.

Naruto blushed a little, "I meant that you looked more at home... or something." Kiba shoved his shoulder, "Gee, Naruto, cat got your tongue?" I made a face, "Har har very funny. Well foods done and-" Before I could get any farther, Tenshi screamed and came running out of the kitchen, "Ojii!" Naruto jumped at the sound of the little girl while the rest of the boys crowded around to try and win Tenshi's attention. Soon only Naruto and I were standing alone. I smiled when he sent me a confused look, "Tenshi is my adopted daughter, I don't know if you ever found out. Anyone who is a friend out this ragtag family is her aunt or uncle."

Sasuke managed to get Tenshi away from the crowd. Tenshi grabbed Sasuke's shirt collar and asked, "Sasuke-oji? Where's Naruko-oji?" I sighed while everyone chuckled, "Tenshi, I told you it's Naruto. With a 't'." She frowned towards the sound of my voice, "I said Naruko." I shook my head, finally giving up. Naruto stood rigid, probably waiting for Tenshi to notice him. I leaned forward, "Tenshi was born blind. You'll have to greet her." Naruto slowly slid up to his team mate and said, "Hey, Tenshi. I'm Naruto... your uncle."

Tenshi leaned forward, while Sasuke skillfuly held on to her so she would fall, and drew her little fingers down Naruto's face, commiting his features to memory through touch, then began the questions, "What color is your hair?" "Blonde." Naruto said, a little startled. Tenshi tilted her head, "Like Ino-oba?" Naruto sent a panicked look at us, but everyone was too amused to save him. He shook his head then belated answered, "N-no. More yellow. I have blue eyes, like sky blue." He was catching on. Tenshi leaned forward to touch his whiskered cheeks, "Are these scars, like Mama?" Naruto cast me a look, I just smiled, "No... I was born with these, they're a birthmark." (A.N. Well since the Kyuubi attack never happened...)

I clapped my hands, "Okay, enough talk. Lets eat. INO!" Everyone cringed at my voice, but after raising a blind daughter I knew how to raise my voice. The blonde poked her head around the hallway that lead to the bedrooms, "What?" I crossed my arms, "Stop indulging Hinata and get her out here." Naruto immediately perked up, "Hinata came?" We all shared amused smiles, this dinner was going to be good.


So finished with the first chapter of Trapeze. What'cha think of it? Sorry if it's a little slow, but some things have to be explained first and this chapter would be too long if I did it all now.

Sorry to Fernlight and Kyoichi Amaya since neither of your characters haven't appeared yet, this chapter was half way done with I posted the OC offer.

Flame Friendly!

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