Chapter 10

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Tenshi was jabbering in my ear all about her day, the episode earlier completely forgotten, as I carried her down the main street of Konoha. I smiled on the outside and spoke with a light tone, but inside I was furious. How dare that teacher tell Tenshi she couldn't be a shinobi! It wasn't her place to tell my daughter anything. I seethed, knowing of a few choice words that I could say to that woman.

I knocked on the house where the head family lived and settled back. Tenshi paused in her triade to ask, "Are we at Itachi-nii-san?" I cuddled her close, "Yep." I said just as Mikoto opened the door. The Uchiha woman smiled, "Tora, it's good to see you. Shisui isn't in if you're looking for him." I shook my head, "No, Tenshi wanted to see Itachi-sama, but I need to do something real quick. Can you watch her while I do my errand?" Mikoto grinned and took Tenshi from me. My daughter squirmed, but smiled when she recognized Mikoto, "Obaasan!" She squealed and buried her face in Mikoto's neck. The older woman laughed while I tried not to feel embarrassed, to call Mikoto 'grandmother' indicated something that I didn't even want to think about. I stepped back quickly and looked to the ground, hoping that my scars hid my blush, "I'll be right back."

The further I got from the Uchiha compound, the more my anger returned. By the time I was back at the now deserted daycare I could feel my blood boiling. I stalked into the building, my fists clutching my skirt to keep from punching a wall or the teacher when I found her. She was quite easy to find too, the second to last door on the right contained the only soul in the building beside's myself: Tenshi's teacher.

I slammed open the door, startling the woman. She blinked her brown eyes rapidly before turning away, her face calm again, "If you are here to discuss something about your child then you'll have to make an appointme-" I cut her off, "How dare you tell my daughter that she's not fit to be a ninja!" The woman shot me a confused look, but it slowly it turned into understanding, "Oh... you're Tenshi's mother..." "Damn right I am, and if you ever tell her that she can't be something ever again I'll murder you!" The woman schooled her face into a black expression again, "I assure you, I am looking in the best interest of Tenshi. She's blind and-" Once again I interupted her, "I know she's blind! You're not looking after that girl's best interest, you're crushing the dreams of a four year old!"

"Now see here," The woman stood, her dull brown eyes finally sparking with anger, "I am trying to get her to see reality. It would be disasterous for both Tenshi and her teammates if she became a shinobi." I glared at her, "You have no right to judge whether or not something would be okay for Tenshi. I'm her mother, that's my job." "Miss, you need to the reality yourself, your daughter will never be as good as the other healty children. The sooner you accept this, the sooner Tenshi can live a life that is suited for her blindness." I stiffened, feeling a cold anger settle over my like a blanket. Something must have shown, because the woman recoiled slightly, "You dare tell me that Tenshi will never be as good as normal children? Do you think she's unhealthy just because she's blind?!" I asked, my voice so icy that for a moment I didn't recognize it.

"That's not what I meant." The woman tried to amend, "I'm simply stating the fact that-" She was cut off again, this time it wasn't by me, "So you're saying that anyone who isn't perfect isn't worth your time?" The woman eeped and I spun to see Itachi leaning against the open door, his normally dark eyes a glittering red. "I-I-I did... Itachi-sama!" The woman stuttered. I raised an eyebrow questioningly, but Itachi ignored me, "If I hear that you're are mistreating anymore children like you have Tenshi you'll hear from me personally." He growled, making the woman shudder and nod. Itachi finally glanced at me and jerked his head for me to follow him. I did, feeling as awkward as I did the night of the Sakura Festival after I had hugged him.

We walked down the street for a bit, silently, before I stopped and turned to Itachi, "So how did you find me there? I didn't tell Mikoto-san where I was going to be when I dropped Tenshi off." Itachi looked back at me, his eyes once again black and his expession blank, "I was walking past the daycare when I heard you." I stared at him, my mouth hanging open, "But... but I was nearly in the back of the building." Itachi smirked, "I know. I hadn't realized you had such a loud voice." I laughed nervously, "I guess I didn't either." I said sheepishly. Itachi began walking again, but it wasn't long before he spoke, "You said you dropped Tenshi off with my mother?" I shrugged, "She wanted to see you and threw a fit when I tried to tell her no. I- I thought you might have been too busy..." Itachi shook his head, "Not anymore." I smiled, "Do you mind if she spends some time with you? After the Sakura Festival, you are all she talks about." I mentally kicked myself, I hadn't meant to say that. Itachi chuckled, "For Tenshi, anything." He said lightly and I found myself amused that the usually stoic Uchiha would say such a thing.

Tenshi immediately recognized the treads of Itachi and I the minute we stepped through the door. She came squealing out of the kitchen, "Itachi-nii-san! Mama!" Itachi picked her up and settled her on his hip, an odd sight in my eyes. Mikoto followed more sedately, "It's a good thing you're back. I was running out of ideas to keep her distracted." I bit my lip and said, "Sorry, I hadn't realized Itachi-san wasn't at home when I dropped her off." Mikoto waved away my explinations, "It's alright, Tora. I got to spend some time with Tenshi before my son stole her attention away." We both turned to watch Itachi listen to Tenshi, his face more... open than usual. Mikoto and I talked a little while before Tenshi asked Itachi, "Can we go get icecream?"

I turned to my daughter and scolded, "Tenshi! Itachi-san might have things to-" Itachi stood, cutting me off, his hand holding hers, "It's alright, Tora. You're welcome to join us." Tenshi turned her blind gaze towards me and nodded figerously, "Yeah! Come on Mama!" Mikoto laughed, "I'm going to cook dinner, you go enjoy yourselves." She turned and disappeared back into the kitchen. Given no choice I agreed to go and Tenshi grabbed my hand with her free one, pulling me reluctently along with her and Itachi.


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