Chapter 11

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I laughed as Tenshi licked frantically at the dripping ice cream running down her fingers. She glared at my direction, "It's not funny!" She snapped and stamped her foot. I knelt beside her and wiped the runny liquid off her stubby little fingers, "I'm not laughing at you, sweetie. Here wrap this around your hand so it won't drip on you anymore." I gently pressed the napkin in Tenshi's hand, but she pushed back, "No!" Sighing I stood and glanced over at Itachi, who looked secretly amused, "Your turn." I said dully, holding the crumbled napkin out between my index and thumb. Itachi smirked and took the napkin before asking Tenshi, "Will you hold this so the ice cream won't drip?" I had never seen Tenshi move so fast before. She lunged for the napkin, somehow aiming perfectly as if she really could see the napkin, and swiftly wrapped the paper around the ice cream cone before Itachi had even finished speaking.

When he straightened and looked at me, I pursed my lips, "Fine you win. I'll just let Tenshi live with you for now on." Tenshi squealed, thinking I was serious, and I grimanced while Itachi smirked. I turned away and started walking when Tenshi called out, "Mama! Wait for me!" I turned to see her running up to me, somehow managing not to drop her ice cream at all. I laid my hand on her dark head when she reached me, "I wanna go with you, Mama! Where are you going?" I smiled and leaned down to hug her, "Just walking, sweetie. Now you were talking about Ryuu?" Tenshi blushed and stood on her tippy-toes to stage whisper in my ear, "He's really cute..." I laughed and hugged her close, swinging her into the air effortlessly with no regard to her ice cream. Luckily Itachi rescued the ice cream before it could go flying. "I bet he's cute, but not as cute as you!" I said playfully. Tenshi laughed with me then, putting her sticky hands on my cheeks, she pressed her lips to my nose and snuggled closer in my arms, "I love you mommy..." She sighed. I blinked, I would never get tired of hearing my daughter say that.

One of the older women walking past us cooed, "Well isn't that sweet?" I smiled at her, glad she thought so. The old woman moved closer and pinched Tenshi's cheek, making my daughter squirm, "I bet your grandmother thinks the same thing." I froze, having the chilling relization that Tenshi did have a grandmother, my mother. That was an unhappy thought. The woman turned to Itachi and said, "You must be proud." My cheeks burned, but the woman ws gone before Itachi could correct her. Itachi watched her disappear into the crowd then turned back to me, he actually chuckled when he saw my face. I looked down to hid my blush and Tenshi leaned out of my hold, her arms raised towards Itachi, "Carry me, Itachi-nii-san!" She squealed and Itachi obeyed her without a word. He gave me a small smile, "Don't worry about it, Tora." He said before Tenshi dragged his attention away.


Hours later we were still wondering through the streets, content to be in each other's company, Tenshi being the one who talked the most. I had learned that my daughter's skill was talking anyone into anything, even Itachi; and Itachi's skill was talking me into things that normally I would say no to. Tenshi came out ahead with an impressive array of new toys because of it. We stopped by my house to drop the load off and pick up Hoshi, Tenshi's doll that Itachi gave her, before heading to the lake. The lake was another idea of Tenshi's, one that I didn't mind agreeing to.

Itachi and I sat in the grass near a family that had come for a picnic. Tenshi had tried to join the family's kids in their play at the lake shore, and was turned away harshly. One glare from Itachi and the brats seemed eager to play with Tenshi, but she had already moved to play by herself and Hoshi dejectedly. I leaned back on my hands as I watched my daughter dance Hoshi around in the water, the muddy bottom clinging to the doll's tiny china feet and silk kimono. "She's usually not so... sad." I said out loud. Itachi glanced at me, "She is realizing that she's not like other children." I frowned in confusion, "But I never tried to deny her blindess, she seemed to live fine with it until a few weeks ago." The Uchiha shrugged, "Hn." I knew Itachi enough to know that that 'hn' meant he agreed with me.

Suddenly there was a childish scream and both of our gazes rivited to the lake shore where Tenshi was. Hana stood laughing on the shore line, her hands on her knees while Tenshi clawed up Shisui's shirt like a wet cat. Shisui hugged my daughter closer and pushed her sodden hair out of her terrified face, "It's okay, Tenshi, it's only Shisui-oji." He assured the girl while laughing. I rolled my eyes and stood, "Shisui, if you're done terrorizing my daughter... mind telling me what you are doing here?" My best friend grinned and handed Tenshi over to Itachi, who had joined me at the lake shore, before climbing out himself, "Hana and I were on a date when we saw you. By the way, did you know you three look just like a little family? I wasn't sure it was even you until I saw you scars, Kitty." I glared at him while my face flamed. Shisui grinned delighted to see my blushing.

Tenshi, shiviering in Itachi's arms, suddenly stiffened and twisted around, "Hoshi?" She asked, her cloudy eyes flicking to random places, as if she could see. Shisui and Hana exchanged confused looks. I groaned and waded into the water, my peacock blue split skirt spreading out over the surface of the water, refusing to sink. I seached the muddy lake bottom, looking for the cursed doll. The longer I searched the more irritated I became, the only reason I hadn't given up yet was because I knew Tenshi would throw the screaming fit of the century if I couldn't find her doll.

I was about to go back and drag Shisui out there to help me look when a girl about ten or eleven waded up to me, her grey eyes wide, "Excuse me... are you looking for this?" She asked and held out a very waterlogged doll. The silk kimono had become transparent against the pure white skin, but the doll was Hoshi. I smiled at the girl, "Yes. Where did you find this?" The girl pointed back to her family, the one that wouldn't let Tenshi play with them in the first place, "I think my little sister stole it when your daughter was tackled by that man. She had it when I found her." I smiled at the girl, glad for her honesty. The girl returned my smile and walked back to her family. I turned to see that Itachi had put Tenshi on the ground, where Shisui was currently apologizing to the poor crying girl. I made my way back to the shore, the doll held in my hand, her kimono dragging lightly against the water.


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