Chapter 16

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"Thanks you for walking me home." I said as I limped between Itachi and Mitsuko, both of them didn't say anything; I really didn't expect Itachi to, even after spending almost two months with him in a hospital room as my only company. Lady Tsunade had finally said I could go home to rest, since I was just driving everyone save very few people crazy. Mitsuko bit her lip and glanced at me and Itachi, before turning away. Her expression looked almost mischievious, but I pushed aside the thought as paranoia.

We reached the street that led to my house and Mitsuko stopped, "I... uh... I go straight." She told me, looking down at her feet, "I guess I'll see you around, Tora." She finished before fleeing down the path. I watched her jealously, it hadn't been too long ago that I had been able to run when I wanted to. I could barely walk now. Shaking my head I turned down my own street, Itachi following. After a moment of silence, he said, "At least you can walk." I hadn't realized that I had been speaking aloud. Blushing I turned away and grumbled, "After two months of laying in bed doing nothing. And not without limping." Itachi raised a dark eyebrow, "Did you expect to walk perfectly after a wound like that?" I actually glared at him, "What do you know about it?" I snapped. Itachi kept my gaze for a minute before shrugging and looking away, "Hn."

I had never wanted to slap him so much before. I picked up my pace as best as I could to escape him, but he grabbed my shoulder, stopping me. I spun around to face him, "What?" I seethed. Itachi stared at me silently, his eyes even darker than usual. "I've been insenstive and for that I apologize." I raised my eyebrows and gave Itachi a flat look. I had never heard him so formal before, and I didn't know why. Finally I shrugged, "It's alright. I think I'm just tired." Itachi moved aside and fell back in step with me. We didn't speak again.

By the time we reached my house we were enjoying each other's company again instead of the awkward silence that had graced the air over us. I paused at the door, suddenly shy as I realized that this was the first time we had spent in public alone. Itachi turned to face me, somehow wedging himself between the door and me. I avoided his gaze, unsure of what to say. Should I just say 'thank you' and flee inside? Talk to him a litte? I had no clue what to do. I opened my mouth to do something just as Itachi glanced behind me, his dark eyes widening a fraction of an inch.

After that, total chaos.


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