Chapter 17

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Something hard hit me square in the back, causing me to stumble forward. I shifted my left foot forward and threw out my arm to balance myself just as Itachi stepped back. Somehow my foot had gotten behind his right leg and he tripped over it. His back hit the front door and it swung open on it's own. Itachi reached out to grab the doorway but accidently grabbed my shoulder instead and we both crashed to the ground, me on top of him. For a brief moment I stared wide-eyed into his own equally shocked dark eyes before I realized something.

I was kissing Uchiha Itachi.

Gasping I jerked back and scrabbled off of him, a hand over my mouth for whatever reason. Itachi stared at me, looking as shocked as I felt. That was when I noticed my brother sitting on the couch, his mouth hanging open. Reiko had seen the whole thing. A muffled noice came from the doorway and all three of us looked outside to see Mitsuko standing there, her eyes impossibly wide and filled to the brim with amusement. Itachi's eyes spun red and he shot to his feet, glaring at the devilish girl. I had never seen him so angry before. Not even when he had snapped at Tenshi's former daycare teacher. I wondered if I imagined the slight pink color dusting his cheeks, maybe it was from the anger, but I doubted it.

Mitsuko, sensing her death, had the smart notion to turn and run. Itachi didn't even hesintate in taking off after her. I was staring out the door long after both were gone from my view then cast a hesintate look at Reiko. He was over his state of shock and was smirking at me, "I suppose that means your walk home went well?" He asked smugly. I didn't answer, but fled to my room, slamming the door shut and pressing my back against it. Only in the comfort of my solitary room did I close my eyes and reveal in the ghostly trace of Itachi's lips on mine. I pressed my fingertips to my swollen lips and sighed. Dimly I wondered why I was once so embarrassed over hugging Itachi. Then I had never wanted to see him again in fear that I would have to face the fact that I had nearly shown my feelings. Now I wondered if I would ever get another chance to kiss him again. Considering that the first one wasn't near enough.


It didn't take long for the rumor to spread. It was only seven in the morning when Naruto burst into our house yelling, "DID YOU REALLY KISS ITACHI-SAMA?!" I shot him a look that could peel paint, my face dark red. Turning away, I scrubbed at the stain on the counter that I had been trying to clean up for almost an hour. Reiko came in behind his friend, smirking, "Yes... I saw the whole thing. Seemed they got pretty rough too, consider they knocked the door down." I scoured at the counter, determined not to listen to them. Naruto cackled and asked, "Really? When was-" The door banged open again and this time the whole gang came rushing in, the same question on their lips. I scrubbed at the stain, ignoring them all.

Ruri leaned up against the counter, a smirk on her face. I gave her a look out of the corner of my eye, "What do you want?" I growled. She shrugged, "Just glad that you and Itachi finally admit to both of your feelings. Why are you acting like that's a bad thing?" I twisted to face her fully, "Because that little demon brat, Mitsuko, pushed me into him!" Ruri pursed her lips and picked at her nails as she said, "So? She's just returning the favor. After all, you did set her up with Toppi." My eye twitched, I hated it when Ruri cornered my like that. "It was still an accident, and most likely won't be repeated." I grumbled. Ruri opened her mouth but I turned cutting her off, "My leg hurts. I'm going to lie down now." I said to anyone within hearing and limbed away, back to my room away from nosy busybodies.


Later that day, after our house had cleared of Reiko's friends, Shisui came to call. I was sitting on the couch, letting Reiko torture me by massaging my sore leg. He kept glaring at me, berating me for walking too soon. "Hey! I heard you kissed my cousin!" Shisui yelled from the door. I sighed, I didn't need this right now. Reiko grinned, "Yep, she sure did. But she keeps blaming it on Mitsuko for some odd reason." My best friend snickered as he came into my view, "Imagine my surprise when I hear it from Sasuke! I'm both your and Itachi's best friend and I hear this from neither of you!" I crossed my arms and looked away mullishly, "Don't want to talk about it." I growled.

Shisui and Rekio laughed. My brother turned to Shisui and asked, "So how did Sasuke find out about it? He wasn't here earlier." Shisui shot a grin at my direction before saying, "He heard it from Naruto, who heard it from Sakura, who heard it from Ino, who heard it from Shikamaru, who heard it from Chouji, who heard it from his little cousin Toppi, who heard it from Mitsuko, who claimed to be the one who started it all." "She did start it all!" I snapped and both guys cracked up. I slouched in my seat, grumbling how I was never ever going to leave my room anymore. Shisui patted my shoulder, "Oh lighten up, Kitty. Ever since you've become a 'normal' shinobi, things hasn't been as fun around here. People have been looking for something to gossip for a while; you and Itachi were at the top of the list."

I scowled at him, "And I'm sure your soon engagement with Hana will be right after that." I got the reaction I wanted. Shisui turned a bright shade of red and gulped. I smirked while Reiko laughed again. "H-how do you know that?!" Shisui asked, pointing an accusing finger at me. I climbed to my feet slowly, careful not to bend my right leg too much, "Because lately when I'm around you all you talk about is the responsibilties of a married man, genius. If you'll excuse me, I've got to go take my pain medicine now." I didn't really have to, but I just wanted some time alone to gather my thoughts before the next batch of nosy people came asking about me and Itachi. "Don't get high!" Shisui called after me as a final jab.


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