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vvv RECAP vvv

I was kissing Uchiha Itachi.

Gasping I jerked back and scrabbled off of him, a hand over my mouth for whatever reason. Itachi stared at me, looking as shocked as I felt. That was when I noticed my brother sitting on the couch, his mouth hanging open. Reiko had seen the whole thing. A muffled noice came from the doorway and all three of us looked outside to see Mitsuko standing there, her eyes impossibly wide and filled to the brim with amusement. Itachi's eyes spun red and he shot to his feet, glaring at the devilish girl. I had never seen him so angry before. Not even when he had snapped at Tenshi's former daycare teacher. I wondered if I imagined the slight pink color dusting his cheeks, maybe it was from the anger, but I doubted it.

Mitsuko, sensing her death, had the smart notion to turn and run. Itachi didn't even hesintate in taking off after her.

vvv 3rd Person POV vvv

Mitsuko was lucky that she was fast, due to chasing after the three older brothers growing up, otherwise Itachi would have already caught her. She ran through the village square, the people still out staring at the girl they all thought as shy as she was being chased by a man they thought was reserved. Mitsuko glanced over her shoulder, her dark hair flying in her face, laughing at Itachi's livid expression. She knew it had been a good idea at the time, just imagining the look in Tora's face when she kissed Itachi was reward enough, but Itachi's reaction was an added bonus. If Mitsuko lived long enough to enjoy it.

She burst into her home, surprising her family and took refuge behind Ichita, her oldest brother. "Hide me!" She squeaked. Hayato and Sasuke, the twins, exchanged looks, "Now what did you do?" Hayato asked, raising both eyebrows. Contrary to popular belief, The Yume family knew that the youngest member was a very mischievious girl and was always getting into trouble. Mitsuko popped her head up over Ichita's shoulder, "Oh you know... pushed my teacher into Uchiha Itachi-sama and made them kiss. Now Itachi-sama is out for my blood, for some odd reason." She said sarcastically, tapping her chin as if trying to fathom why the head of the Uchiha clan was trying to kill her. Sasuke, ever protective of his younger sister, stood, "Where is he? We'll show him that no one threatens our baby sister!" He said, shaking his fist in the air. Mitsuko snapped back, "I'm not a baby!" Her brothers only laughed.


Itachi finally gave up trying to kill Mitsuko when she got away from him for the third time. By then he was calm again, though his reputation as calm and collected was probably thrown into the wind. It didn't escape his attention that Mitsuko purposfully lead him into the village square more than once, he knew she did it to embarrass him, but he refused to let it get to him. He opened the door to his home, noticing that the lights were off and everyone was already in bed. Good. He wouldn't have to explain why he was home late and why he was exhausted from running after Mitsuko.

He didn't see the ninja wire stretching across the walkway, nor did he see the bucket of water that it released when he tripped over it. Like a wave of cold, the water crashed down on him from above, soaking him thoroughly. Itachi barely repressed the growl building in the back of his throat, and stalked forward, keeping a careful eye on the floor for more ninja wire. Before he had made it three steps his arm brushed against something that clicked. Itachi turned to just in time to get a faceful of feathers that came bursting out of yet another trap. This time he couldn't stop hissing a curse through his teeth. If this was Mitsuko's doing she was worse than dead.

Three more traps later, Itachi finally made it to his room, not even caring that anyone of his family would see the sprung traps in the morning. He angrily pulled yet another feather from his drenched hair and tossed it aside as he slammed the door shut. If he ever saw that brat again she was going to disappear without a trace. His eye twitched in annoyance, not even Sasuke's friend Naruto was this bad. Itachi turned and gave a small groan when he saw the web of ninja wire tangled thoughout his room, glitting in the thin moonlight. Tonight just wasn't his night.


Okay it's short, sue me. But I need to get back to the main story line before someone kills me.

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