Chapter 18

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vvv Itachi's POV vvv

"So Tora confirmed the rumor..." Shisui said as way of greeting. I kept my face expressionless even though I did want to glare at him, "Hn." I responded and continued sharpening the kunai in my hand. (A.N. Can anyone guess why? :D) Shisui wilted slightly before perking up again, "Why didn't you tell me you liked her, Itachi?" Menatally I grimanced. There was no way to answer without either hurting Tora's feelings or embarrassing myself. I actually glared at him, "Why didn't you tell me you're planning on asking Hana to marry you?" For once the question didn't faze my older cousin, he shot me a look, "Stop avoiding the question." Shisui said flatly.

Finally I turned to face him fully, "Think. How would Tora have reacted?" Shisui paused, then sighed, "Alright, you're right. Tora would have freaked and refused to talk to you if she knew. She'll probably do it anyway since she... kissed you." He finished, snickering. I landed an elbow in his side, that wasn't what I wanted to hear. Shisui grinned, "Well now that the whole village knows, the elders should start planning your wedding and-" "Shut up." I cut him off, I didn't want to hear that either. Shisui only laughed again before turning serious, "Itachi... all I can say to you is take it slow. Tora's life isn't exactly flowers and sunshine, especially now with her mom and that leg." I didn't respond, I knew that. I couldn't have been friends with Tora for over three years and not figure that out.

Suddenly Shisui laughed again, "Finally my little cousin likes someone! Oh I can't wait to tell Mikoto!" I barely managed to keep from facepalming. I was never going to be able to live this down, not that I minded, but I wished that people would mind their own business.


Shisui didn't even get a chance to tell Mikoto-oka. She greeted us at the door with, "What's this I'm hearing from Sasuke?" I shot a glare at my younger brother smirking behind Mikoto, "It was a mistake." I said dully. For once, I had said the wrong thing. Mikoto turned from surprised to angry, "So you're just playing with Tora's feelings? Don't you think she has enough drama in her life?!" Shisui clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. I walked past my mother, sending her a small annoyed glace, "I didn't mean that." I said flatly.

Mokoto followed, "Then what did you mean? Itachi, stop dancing around the question and give me a straight answer!" Both Sasuke and Shisui were having a hard time not laughing out loud now. It was rare that I was ever in trouble, I didn't think that Sasuke was even born when I was last time. I glared at the both of them, "Leave." I ordered, glad for a change that I was the head of the Uchiha Clan and they had to obey me. My brother and cousin left the room, amusment still playing on their face. When I couldn't feel their chakra any more, I turned to Mikoto, "Tora's student pushed her into me. We ended up on the floor, accidently kissing." Mikoto placed her fists on her hips and I braced myself for a lecture.

She opened her mouth and pointed an accusing finger at me, her dark eyes stern. Before a sound could escape; however, she suddenly smiled and said, "I'm just happy for you, dear!" She hugged me and I blinked once, allowing myself to be briefly surprised, but schooled my expression to be blank when she pulled away, "Promise to be slow?" I refrained from rolling my eyes, instead I just blinked slowly at her, "I promise, Okasan." She smiled and patted my cheek, "That's my son." She said sweetly, then perked back up, "But not too slow! You don't want to make her think you don't actually care for her, do you?" I allowed the corners of my mouth to tip up at my mother's enthusiasm.

Though... she was right.


I couldn't help it! XD I just had to throw Mikoto's reaction in there! Sorry it's so short again... I'll make it up... maybe.

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