Chapter 2

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Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, getting caught up with each other and laughing at Naruto's face when he learned some major changes. "Wait... you're all chunnin!?" We all chuckled at the poor genin's face. Neji couldn't help but needle him more, "Well, not all of us..." Naruto relaxed too soon, "...Sasuke became ANBU last month. And then there's Tora." Naruto turned to me, "What about you?"

I smiled, "After you left I took on a more responsible role, so Lady Tsunade, Shisui and Itachi trained me as a shinobi, to protect myself, and so I could work on the field." Naruto paled, "Y-you're chunnin?" I smirked and shook my head, "No, I'm a jounin." (A.N. Bet you didn't see that coming!) Everyone laughed at Naruto. The topic got off of our new found ranks and onto safer subjects. But it wasn't long before Naruto brought up his friend Gaara. We all snickered and Sakura was given the task of informing him, "Gaara is Kazekage now." Surprisingly Naruto took the news better than he did our ranks. A smile formed on his face as he stared off into the distance, "That's good... I'm glad."

Reiko spoke, "Yeah, and his sister Temari is here to help with the Chuunin Exams. Isn't that right Shikamaru?" The usually bored guy actually blushed. Naruto looked confused, "I don't get it." Tenten spoke, "Shikamaru likes the Suna nin!" Naruto's mouth dropped open and we all teased Shikamaru mercilessly. Lee spoke up, "Our friend has finally found youthfulness!" I rolled my eyes and pointed a finger at the hyper kid, "You start speaking like that and I'm throwing you out." Lee actually did shut up. I had warned him once that he would ruin Tenshi's youthfulness because his enthusiasm scared her, and he has obeyed me ever since.

Naruto glanced from Rock Lee to me and back, "Okay, I missed something." Ino waved her hand, "Oh don't worry about it, Reiko says that Itachi-sama is just corrupting her. We're having her treated for it." I glared at Ino, about to tell her that wasn't true, but Sasuke confirmed it and I gave up, it was a conspiracy against me! Naruto had that surprised look on his face again, "Wait... Itachi-sama?!" Everyone looked at Sasuke and me. I looked at Sasuke, "It's your family." Sasuke sighed, as if I had just asked to reveal his darkest secret instead of something so simple, and said, "While you were away there was an attack on Konoha."

Naruto started to speak, "But what's that-" Everyone shushed him and Sasuke continued, "The attack was supposed to rid the village of all its leaders, but they failed. There weren't many casualties, mostly they were the invaders, but only one person died from Konoha," Naruto leaned forward, unable to take the suspense, "Uchiha Inabi betrayed Konoha and stabbed my father in the back during a fight, he died a few minutes later. Itachi is currently leading our clan." Kiba snorted, "And good riddance I say! Sorry, Sasuke, but your father was a total jerk!" Akamaru, curled around Kiba's chair barked in agreement. Sasuke shrugged, he seemed to agree with Kiba.

Naruto shook his head, "Okay let me get this straight, all of you, except Tora and Sasuke, are chunnin. Tora is a jounin, Sasuke is ANBU. Itachi-san- I mean, Itachi-sama- is the leader of the Uchiha clan, and Gaara is the Kazekage. Anything else I might need to know?" I pointed to my brother and his girlfriend, "Ino and Reiko are dating for three years." Naruto groaned and buried his head in his arms, making us laugh while the couple blushed.

I stood, bringing all attention to me, "Sorry, but I have to go to work. Shizune said she needed me for something. Yuki, come on, it's time for you to go home." Yuki pouted and Tenshi begged, "Please, Mama, can't she stay the night?" "Nope. She stayed last night." I said waiting for Yuki to pack her stuff. Tenshi perked up, "Then can I go stay with her?" I knew a stern look would be lost on my daughter, so I said firmly, "Tenshi, it's rude to invite yourself over to someone's house. Yuki stop dragging your feet, I'm going to be late."

Meanwhile the group of chunnin, and one genin, were trying to smother their laughter. When I glared at them, they broke loose and filled the house with the sounds of their mirth. "You... sound... just like... a... a mother!" Ino said between giggles. I rolled my eyes, "New flash, Yamanaka, I am a mother. Adopted, but a mother nonetheless." Tenshi asked, "Please Reiko-oji, can I stay at Yuki's house?" Reiko glanced at his niece then at me and said, "I'm not sure Tenshi. Tora already said no." Tenshi sulked and sat down on the floor, crossing her arms. I sighed, I didn't want to deal with this now.

Sakura piped up, "Tenshi, do you want to stay with me tonight?" I could tell that she wanted to from the way she stiffened, but she shook her head. I added, "Sakura-oba lives close to Yuki's house, you can see your friend while you're staying with her." That did the trick; Tenshi was back to her normal happy self. She jumped up and toddled towards the sound of Sakura's voice, hand out to warn her when something got in her way. I smiled and grabbed Yuki's hand, who had also lost her pout, before waving good-bye to everyone. As I walked outside I retrieved my Hitai-ate from the table by the door and tied it around my waist as a belt.


After I dropped Yuki off at her house, I made my way to the hospital. The villagers around me no longer cringed when they saw me coming, some even smiled and greeted me. My days as the Tiger Demon were over and I was glad. To most of the people in Konoha, shiobi and citizens alike, I was just another girl who had a few scars on her face.

Entering the hospital I couldn't help but smile, sometimes I felt more at home at the hospital than I did anywhere else. This was where my life changed, the day I woke up in a hospital bed so long ago. Muryou, a fellow nurse and a friend, greeted me from behind the reception desk. I nodded at her then made my way back to the medic's break room. There I opened my locker and pulled my clipboard from the slot it went in. I scanned over the list of people that need my attention, but no one's name jumped out at me. Shrugging I closed my locker and made for the door. Just as I touched the handle, Shizune opened it, causing me to jump back startled.

The head medic smiled when she saw me, "Good, you're here. I've been looking all over for you." I blushed and said, "Sorry, I was late getting here." Shizune waved away my excuses, "It doesn't matter." She paused then said, "Tora, I know you have a lot of responsibilities already, but could you do a favor for me?" I gave her a weary look, "What is it?" Shizune looked over her shoulder and called, "You can come in now."

A girl, maybe twelve or thirteen, walked in shyly. Shizune smiled encouragingly and patted her shoulder when the girl stopped beside her, "This is Yume Mitsuko. Mitsuko this is Tora, she's in charge of the recovery unit in the hospital." Mitsuko glanced up at me, giving me a brief glimpse of violet eyes under black bangs, before gluing her eyes back to the floor. Shizune continued, "Mitsuko's mother is a friend of mine and when she told me that Mitsuko wanted to be a medical nin, I thought you could train her." I looked the girl over. She was tall for her age, and wore a white sleeveless shirt over a powder blue knee length skirt. Her black hair was pulled back into a high ponytail by a blue ribbon. Shizune raised expectant eyebrows and I nodded. She smiled, "Good, I'll leave you two to get acquainted." With that the dark haired woman left.

I crossed my arms and waited for Mitsuko to speak. She didn't, she continued staring at the floor, a blush creeping up her neck. I rolled my eyes and reached over to jerk her chin up, "You're going to have to get over that shyness, girl. Otherwise patients and nurses alike will walk all over you." She opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Clearing her throat she asked, "W-were you shy to begin with?" I shook my head and said dryly, "No, I was shunned. Now why exactly do you want to be a medic?" Mitsuko shrugged, "My whole family is shinobi, but I like caring for people."

That was good enough for me. I walked towards the door, "To start, just follow me around, okay?" Mitsuko nodded eagerly. I lead her down the halls to the recovery wing. Most of the medics passing us chuckled and called out, "Hey Tora, you have a shadow." Which made Mitsuko blush even more. I growled good naturedly back at them. Seisuikina, another friend and coworker, ran down the hall, papers held to her chest flapping wildly. She skidded to a halt when she caught sight of me and squealed, "Can you believe it?! Taro asked me out! Isn't that great!?" Before I could reply the hyper girl was zooming down the halls, looking for someone else to share the news with.

Shaking my head at her excitement, I started walking again when I felt a tug on my sleeve, I turned to see Mitsuko's wide innocent eyes staring up at me, "Who was that, and who's Taro?" I smiled, it was nice to see my student already coming out of her shell. "That is Seisuikina, one of the most hyper nurses in Konoha, she's a friend. Taro is the boy she's had a crush on forever. He's Uchiha." Mitsuko tilted her head, "Do you have a boyfriend?" I chuckled and shook my head, I was too busy trying to catch up on the years of my youth to even think about dating.


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