Chapter 19

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Tenshi surprised both Reiko and I a week later by asking, "Mama? Where's my Daddy?" I had been rubbing a chakra infused cream into my scar to keep the tissue limber, and dropped the container when she spoke. Reiko nearly tore the scroll he was reading in half. We both stared at my daughter then at each other, wondering where she had gotten the idea in her head. I cleared my throat, feeling very awkward, "What do you mean, sweetie?" Tenshi, who had been playing with Hoshi in the middle of the living room floor, tilted her head, "I want to know where my Daddy is." I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.

Reiko shot a look at me then turned back to Tenshi, "Uhh... why the sudden interest?" He asked. Tenshi shrugged and turned her blind eyes back toward her doll, "My friends are always talking about their Daddys. I want to know where mine is, so I can talk about him too." She looked in my general direction again, "I told them that I didn't have a daddy, and they called you a mean word, I think it started with a 'w', but I can't remember." Reiko stiffened, his grey-green eyes sparkling with anger. I tried not to take the insult personally, since I wasn't really Tenshi's mother. I sighed and said, "Tenshi... you're not-" I stopped, I wasn't about to tell her that she wasn't really my daughter, that would make her think that I didn't want her. I changed tactics, "I'm not really your Mama. Your real mama gave you to me when you were a baby." There was no way that I was going to tell a four year old that her real parents abandoned her.

Tenshi turned so she sat facing me, her little face twisted in confusion, "You're not my real Mommy?" She asked in a small voice that broke my heart. I slid off the couch and pulled her into my lap, "We don't share the same blood, but I think of you as my real daughter." "Why did my real mommy give me to you?" Tenshi went on to ask. I thought fast, "She... uh..." I couldn't think of an excuse. Reiko answered for me, "Because she had to go somewhere that she couldn't take you with her." I glared at him, way to make her seem dead. Reiko shugged. "Is my Daddy with her?" Tenshi asked innocently. I kissed her forhead, "Last I heard, yes. Do you want to meet-" Before I could finish Tenshi latched onto my neck and screamed in my ear, "NOOO!" I flinched away, rubbing my ear.

My daughter pulled away, glaring in my direction, "You're my mommy and Reiko-oji is my uncle! No take-backsies!" I bit my lip and hugged Tenshi tighter. Before I could say something, Tenshi grinned, "And Itachi-san can be my daddy!" Reiko fell off the couch laughing while I blushed fiercely. (A.N. I could NOT help it!)


"She didn't!" Hana exclaimed when I told her over tea that afternoon, she was one of the only people who didn't seem effected by the gossip so I spent most of my time around her until the others cooled down. I nodded and sipped my tea, "Unfortunately she did." Hana tilted her head like a curious dog, "Unfortunately? Why do you say that?" She asked. I gave her a look then shrugged, "Because that would suggest things that I don't even want to think about right now." Hana pursed her lips and thought for a moment before asking, "Would you want to eventually?" I eyed her, "Are you asking for yourself or for your boyfriend?" Hana shot me a look then rolled her eyes, "Like I'd tell Shisui anything. He'd blab to the whole village. You can tell me. No other soul will ever know."

I looked away and took another sip of tea, watching the people walk past the tea shop out in the street. I didn't answer for a long time, so long that Hana nudged me, "Tora...?" I continued to watch the street as a ten year old boy ran down the street after his seven year old sister, and whispered, "I never had a childhood." Hana pulled back in surprise at the change of subject. I finally turned to her, "My father took care of that. I grew up early, and I've had to keep growing up to take care of both Reiko and Tenshi. But the thing that people forget is I'm only eighteen. I shouldn't even think about..." I trailed off and looked away again. Hana frowned for a minute, "That still doesn't explain why you said 'unfortunately'." I laughed suddenly, "I'm sorry, I don't know what I was saying. But you try explaining to a four year old why someone can't be their father." Hana laughed too, but it sounded forced.

vvv Itachi's POV vvv

I blinked. I hadn't meant to listen to Hana and Tora's conversation, but when I had realized what the topic was I couldn't help to stop. I knew Tora was young, but it had never occured to me what that meant. She was still a child. Mentally I cursed and shoved off the wall I was leaning against. This delima was getting even more complicated. It had been complicated before Mitsuko pushed Tora into me, now it was near impossible. For once I had no plan.


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