Chapter 23

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The next day, after I had trained for thrity minutes with Itachi, I arrived at the hospital right on time for my shift. Mitsuko; however, wasn't where she normally waited for me. I automatically knew where she was though and went to find her. True to my suspicions my student was slumbed over in a chair in her brother's room, her head pillowed in her arms on the bed. Hayato was awake and was playing with his sisters hair absently. I grinned when I came in and touched Mitsuko's shoulder. She jerked sleepily and mumbled, "Five more minutesss..." I shook her shoulder, "Mitsuko, come on you have work to do." The dark haired twelve year old opened one violet eye then jerked upright when she saw me, "Tora-san I-I..." She stuttered, blushing. I rolled my eyes, "How many times do I have to tell you, call me Tora."

Mitsuko's blush deepened and looked at her brother, who was laughing. She frowned, "Oh be quiet Hayato." The fifteen year old only smirked at his younger sister and I was reminded oddly of Reiko and I. I nudged Mitsuko towards the door, "Come on, you have work." She pouted but said good-bye to her brother and followed me out. I gave her her list of duties on the way back to the waiting room. Mitsuko scanned them and nodded briefly, most of the things I had given her delt with her brother anyway. I knew what it was like to have a sibling in the hospital and how hard it was not to spend all day with them, so I tried to have most of her work done near her brother's room. We both seperated to go one our rounds, me to Block number 26 and Mitsuko to visit the more elderly patients.

Block number 26 was full of kids that had been majorly injured. I had taken the block over as my personal route because I felt more connected to small children than I did to adults. Ruri once made the assumption that it was probably because most of these children were too young to remember me as the Tiger Demon, whereas the adults knew and remembered, even if they didn't think that I was anymore. Ruri was proabably right. I entered the play room first, where most of the kids who were still recovering but were out of danger spent their day. The younger ones squealed and ran to me while the olders followed more sedately. I laughed and crouched down to accept their hugs. The supervisor sighed, glad to have a break from screaming kids, and ducked out before any of the kids could see him go.

Taro tilted his head, a bandage over his right eye, and asked, "Where's Mitsu?" All the kids called Mitsuko 'Mitsu' to annoy her. I smiled, "She has her own rounds today." I said ruffling Taro's orange hair, he indignently pushed my hand away. Ryuusaki and Ryuu, twins whose house had burned down with them inside, started argueing. I seperated them before they came to blows, to prevent one of they many third degree burns from being hit. They were just lucky that Team Kakashi had been close by or they would not have survived.

"Tora-chan." A little girl named Miku squeaked behind one of her older friends. She had been in the hospital for only a few days, her right leg had been broken in three places when she fell down the stairs in her home. I turned to her and raised an eyebrow. She blushed, "Tell us a story?" She asked hesintatly. I smiled, "What would you like to hear?" Immediately thirty different voices lifted, each with their own request. I clapped my hands and they fell quiet, "Whose birthday is today?" I asked. No one raised their hand. "Whose birthday is in two days?" Three children raised their hands, Kyoko, Hayaku, and Umi. They were discussing what story I should tell when Kuu spoke up, "Tell us something about Itachi-sama!" All the boys cheered and a few of the older girls sighed. I menatlly groaned, hoping that they hadn't heard the rumor about Itachi and I. The three story chosers decided that we would be listening to a story about Itachi. So much for them saving me.

I ran though all my memories, starting from the time when I had walked into Shisui four years ago, to our training session just an hour ago, I thought back on all the embarrassing stories Shisui told me about Itachi and pushed them away. I didn't want to ruin the children's hero worship. Finally I started, "Two years ago, ANBU team four was sent on a mission to investigate a village that had been burned to the ground..." The kids leaned closer, anticipating what would happen. I told them that Itachi and his team ran into little trouble and found the village nothing but ash. I didn't mention that all four members of the team came back in critical condition, and I didn't tell them that no one from the village had survived.


"Come on Mitsuko, we're going to lunch." I said later that day, leaning against the doorframe of Hayato's room. Both black haired kids looked at me, I smirked, "Come on, give your brother a rest." Hayato snickered and turned to his younger sister, "Yeah... you've been a pain ever since you got here." Mitsuko glared at both of us, "Why can I stay here?" She asked, her arms crossed and on the verge of pouting. I rolled my eyes, "Because you begged me yesterday to take you to lunch today." Hayato grinned at Mitsuko, "Going back on your word, little sister? Worse, to you sensei?" Mitsuko's almost pout turned into a real one, "Stop ganging up on me, you jerks."

Hayato pretended to gasp, "Yume Mitsuko! Insulting your sensei and favorite brother!? How are you and what did you do to my sister?" Yume Sasuke slipped past me in time to hear his twin's words and raised an eyebrow, "Favorite brother? You sure about that?" I sighed and tugged Mitsuko out while her brothers were distracted. The dark haried girl was trying to hold back her laughter and let it go when we were out of the room. I glanced at her, "Do they always fight like that?" I asked. She nodded, still giggling, "Ichita and I get a kick out of it at least!"

When we reached the waiting room I was surprised to see Ame and her husband, Kakashi, at the desk. Kakashi and Ruri, the medic currently behind the desk, were discussing something while Ame looked like she was sulking. Mitsuko and I exchanged a glance before confronting the three, "Ame-san? Is something wrong?" I asked. My team leader glared at me then at Kakashi-san, "Yeah, my husband is too paranoid for his own good!" She snapped. The white haired Hatake seemed to be smiling, but it was hard to tell with his face mask. I glanced at Ruri and she explained, "Ame-san has been sick lately, and Kakashi-san finally dragged her up here." Her cerulean blue eyes shot me a knowing look. I nodded, "Come with me." I told the couple before dragging Mitsuko with me to an examining room. Ruri followed.


I stepped back from examining my team leader and asked, "Okay... so what exactly has been happening, and for how long?" Since Ame was giving us all the silent treatment, I had to rely on Kakashi for answers, "Three weeks ago she started vomiting every morning, sometimes all the way into the afternoon." I raised an eyebrow, "And you're just now getting her here?" I asked out of curiosity. Kakashi shrugged, "Ame is stubborn." Ruri and I exchanged amused looks, we knew just how stubborn our team leader could be.

"Okay... when was your last period?" I asked Ame. She glared at me, "What's that got to do with anything?!" I rolled my eyes, "Medical purposes. Answer the question." I responded flatly. Ame crossed her arms, muttering something about nosy medics, and growled, "I was supposed to start last week." I nodded and glanced at Ruri, she grinned and turned towards the counter to search for something. The next question was even more personal, "Are your breasts feeling tender?" Kakashi shot me an irritated look while his wife glowered, "Yessss..." She ground out. I turned to Mitsuko, "What is the diagnosis?" I quized her. The twelve year old looked startled but listed, "Nausea, missed periods, and tender... uh... flesh are all symptoms of pregnancy."

Kakashi and Ame stared at Mitsuko then at me, and finally at Ruri, who was smirking and waving around two pregnancy tests, "Just as a precaution, take both. Bathroom is through that door." My friend said pointing towards the closed door in the back of the room. Ame silently accepted the two small plastic rods and retreated to the bathroom to take them. A few minutes later the twenty-two year old came out, both tests showing little green plus signs. I smiled, "Congratulations. Now, it seems that you are only in your first trimester. There will be two other trimesters, three months for each trimester, nine months in all. I'll schedule a monthly appoinment for the second Tuesday of every month. You'll be able to go on regular missions until the second trimester. Then I would only suggest D and C ranked missions. When you start your third trimester it is better for you and the child to just stay home."

Ame opened her mouth to argue but I glared her into silence, she may be my team leader, but I was a medic and this was my expertise. I turned to her husband and began informing him of the precautions and nutritions that Ame would have to take while pregnant. While I was telling the couple about the risks Ame would be taking the door burst open and Team Kakashi stalked in, none of them in a good mood. "Kakashi-sensei! We've been waiting on that bridge for hours and- what's going on?" Naruto started out shouted but stopped when he saw Ame on the examining table. Sakura and Sasuke exchanged glanced before looking back at their team leader, obviously wondering the same thing, but were polite enough not to speak.

Ruri grinned, "You can congratulate your sensei... he's going to be a father!" Kakashi's team stared, eyes wide and mouths hanging open, even Sasuke. Mistuko, Ruri and I snickered while Ame and Kakashi shifted uncomfortable under the teens' shocked faces. Sakura was the first to recover, followed by Sasuke and Naruto. I excused myself before anything could happen. Mitsuko and Ruri snuck out with me.


"Do you ever want kids?" Mitsuko asked randomly as we finished our meal. Ruri, who had joined us belatedly, leaned back in her chair, "I don't know... maybe." I raised an eyebrow, "I already have a kid." I stated flatly. Mitsuko shook her head, "No I mean... you know getting pregnant and having a child... not adopting." I shot a suspicious look at Mitsuko, "This isn't another ploy to practice your matchmaking skills, is it?" The way my student blushed confirmed that it was. I rolled my eyes, "Mitsuko..." I groaned while Ruri laughed.

Ruri whiped the tears from her eyes, "Why Tora, is that a blush I see?" She teased and I sulked, glaring at my friends, "And I take it your more concrete relationship is going well?" I snapped at both of them. Ruri lost her mirth and straightened in her seat while Mitsuko blushed and stuttered like Hinata. Ruri glared at me, "I don't know what your talking about..." She growled under her breath. I smirked at her, "I'm crippled, not blind, Ruri. It was kind of obvious when Arashi took you to lunch yesterday." Mitsuko tilted her head, "Wait... I thought you hated him." Ruri pursed her lips and refused to answer. Instead she changed the subject, "Well have you heard about Yuki and Gaara-sama?" Mitsuko hadn't and leaned forward to listen to the gossip. Since I had Yuki confess to me herself, I knew all about it.

Red hair flashed out of the corner of my eye and I turned to see the girl who was my replacement until my leg healed walking down the street, calling after a very irritated Uchiha. I nudged Ruri and pointed her out, "Isn't that...?" My friend groaned, "Yeah, Karin, your 'replacement'. She's Uchiha crazy; during all the missions is all 'Uchiha this, Uchiha that'. Yuki would have hit her during the last mission, but Ame seperated them." Ruri glared at the red head for a minute longer before turning to me, "I don't care how you do it, but you've got to hurry up and get back on your feet. The whole team is tired of her."

I eyed the dark haired fifteen year old, "What makes you think I'm trying to heal?" Mitsuko barked a laugh and answered for Ruri, "Do you really think anyone believes that? Come on, Tora, you're not exactly the person to just give up. You're more stubborn than Naruto in that way." I crossed my arms and pouted, as cautious as Itachi and I were, it was pointless. Still, I didn't want anyone finding out about it, they would jump to conclusions and the stupid rumors that had finally started to die down would raise again, wilder than before.


Soooo, Ame's pregnant! Kakashi's going to be a daddy! :D Awwwwwwww

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