Chapter 25

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I bent over panting, my hands braced on my knees with sweat pouring down my face. It had been three weeks since my birthday, and Itachi and I had slowly returned to our original hour of exercise each morning. It was tedious, but in the three weeks I had regained the ability to walk and run with almost no hitch and I could do some basic acrobats. I couldn't twist my body like I used to, and probably never would again, but I didn't care. I was able to do things normally again.

Itachi nodded his satisfaction, for once I had managed to go through a routine without messing up. I flopped down on the ground, still gulping for air. Itachi sat more calmly beside me and silently held out a water bottle which I drank from greedily. I may be able to move normally but it still cost me too much energy. "You're getting better." Itachi commented. I smiled, coming from Itachi, that was a great compliment. "I could still use some work though." I said. Itachi was silent, I looked at him. He was staring straight ahead, it didn't appear that he had heard me. Slowly I reached out to touch Itachi's arm but he turned his attention to me before I could, "I think you're ready now." He stated. I stared at him, "What?!" I squeaked. A small amused smile formed on Itachi's lips. He leaned closer so that our faces were inches apart, I was really getting annoyed with the move, "I said you were ready. All you need to do is regain your strength then inform Lady Tsunade."

When he started to pull away I snaked my arm around his neck, growling, "No," and brought him down so that our lips crashed together. Just as quickly as I had reacted I jerked back, my entire face on fire. I clapped both hands over my treacherous mouth and stared at Itachi. He stared back, dark eyes wide with shock. Then he started laughing. It wasn't a quiet chuckle or a snicker, but a full out laugh. It was then that I realized I had never heard Itachi truly laugh before. Itachi's laugh became my new favorite sound. My blush died down and I took my hands away from my mouth, "S-sorry, I don't know what came-" I started to apologized when Itachi captured my lips, shutting me up effectively. I blinked a few times before letting myself melt into the kiss. If there was one thing that could be said about Itachi, it was he knew how to kiss.

He pulled away, leaving me breathless, "I don't want apologizes, Tora." He whispered against my lips. I wordlessly nodded and Itachi stood then helped me to my feet as well. The minute I had my balance he wrapped his arms around me, pulling me flush against his body, and pressed a kiss to my forehead, "I have to go. See you tomorrow." He said before disappearing. I exhaled my pent up breath, I hadn't even noticed that I was holding it in the first place. My relationship, if it could be called that, with Itachi was frightening and exhilarating at the same time. It was different than anything I was used to and I didn't know what to make of it.

After a while I finally called out, "You can come out." There was silence, but I knew the person was desperately trying to stay hidden. I turned and stared straight at the spy hiding in the trees. There was a sigh and Yuki came out of the foliage, sulking, "I was hoping for more action than that..." She grumbled to herself when she reached me. I glared at her and she threw up her hands, "What? Itachi-nii-san is my clan leader and like an older brother to me, of course I want him to be happy. And since you're my friend, I want you to be happy too." I ignored what she was talking about in favor to ask, "And just how long have you known about this?" Yuki smiled sheepishly, "Uh... how long have you been doing this again?"

I stared at her. Two months was a long time to have been watching Itachi and I without either of us knowing; but then Yuki was ANBU she could probably pull it off. Still it was strange that she didn't manage to evade my knowledge this time. Yuki, guessing my thoughts, said, "I just got back from a mission. I was too tired to hid my presence. That you managed to catch me and not Itachi is a feat in itself." I crossed my arms, "It's still rude." I said flatly. Yuki grinned, "So? I could say that the elders set me up to spy on my clan leader and you, since that little kiss Mitsuko caused caught the old geezers' attention." I narrowed my eyes at my friend and she laughed, "I'm just kidding... well at least about the elders assigning me the task of spying on you and Itachi-sama."

Yuki changed the subject before I could question her farther, "So, Itachi thinks you're ready to rejoin the team, huh? About time, I came this close to murdering that red head who's your temporary replacement. She is convinced that both Itachi and Sasuke are totally in love with her. If I didn't know better, I would say she's related to that Itachi's slutty ex-girlfriend Yakkaina." I opened my mouth to say something, but Yuki wasn't finished, "I'll tell you, Tora, Itachi has made a better choice this time. You're just so perfect for him! And-" I cut in before she could start another triad, "So, how's Gaara-sama?"

My plan was successful, Yuki completely forgot what she was saying in favor for a blush, "Um... I'd r-rather not talk a-about this..." She stuttered. I grinned, so I had hit a nerve, "Oh come on Yuki, if you get to talk about Itachi and I, then I get to ask about Gaara." Yuki glared at me, "So you'll admit there's something between Itachi and you?" She asked. I shrugged, determined that the question wouldn't get to me, "If you've been spying on us as long as you say you have, then you know there's something going on, Yuki." I stated flatly. The red headed Uchiha grimaced then sighed, "Point taken. Alright, so Lady Tsunade has been sending me to Suna a lot lately, so I've been seeing a lot of Gaara-san and..." She trailed off and looked away, a light red dusting her cheeks. I nudged her with my elbow, "And...?" I probed.

Yuki bit her bottom lip in an attempt to hide a smile and said, "And every time I see him I just realize how much more I like him." She whispered to her hands. I was beginning to understand why Ruri and Mitsuko were so interested in my love life. I barely repressed the girlish squeal building at the back of my throat. Instead I nodded calmly, "That's good..." I wouldn't tell her that when I had accidentally informed Itachi of her crush he took it upon himself to tell Lady Tsunade, leading to the fact that the Hokage was subtly playing matchmaker with Gaara and Yuki. Her reasoning was that a marriage to the Kazekage would cement our alliance. I secretly took pride that I had started the whole thing.

"Tora?" Yuki asked, poking me in the arm. I giggled sheepishly, I had been lost in my thoughts. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" I asked. Yuki sent me a suspicious look but repeated what she was saying, "I asked when are you going to tell Lady Tsunade that you're ready to resume normal work. The whole team is suffering because of that bi-Karen." I grinned, "Were you going to say something else, Yuki?" I teased and my friend shot me a withering look, "It's not my fault that Mikoto-san is a stickler when it comes to cussing." She grumbled.

I laughed and pretended to think, "Really? I've heard some choice words coming from the three boys... Sasuke the most often." Yuki mumbled something about girls were supposed to act lady-like according to Mikoto, then she brightened, "You know, when you marry Itachi, Mikoto-san is going to get on to you for your bad habits." I glared at her, "What bad habits?" I snapped back at her, Yuki started counting off her fingers, "Your language, drinking, hygiene, and temper." I countered her by saying, "I only cuss when I'm very angry, the sake is to help with the pain of my scars, and for the last two: I grew up on the streets, what did you expect?" Yuki casually picked at her fingernails, "So... you're not denying that one day you and Itachi will be married?" She asked. I tried to set the red headed Uchiha on fire with my glare.


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