Chapter 27 (SPECIAL!)

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vvv Tenshi's POV vvv

"Come on Tenshi. Stop dragging your feet." Mama said tiredly. I pouted, it wasn't fair. Mama was going back on the missions again. I was just getting used to her being home, and she had to go back again. It wasn't fair! Just to show how mad I was, I pulled my feet along even slower. Mama gave my arm a tug, "Tenshi I don't have time for this. Let's go." I stuck my lip out further and kicked up dust. I heard my mama sigh and the slight scrape of her feet in the sand as she turned to me. Mama's clothes rustled and I heard her voice closer to my level, "Tenshi..." Before she could say anything else I leapt towards the voice and managed to wrap my arms around her neck, "I don't want you to go, Mommy! You promised we would go to Itachi-chichi's today!"

Mama sighed and picked me up, "I am taking you to Itachi's home... you'll be staying with them while Reiko-oji and I are out on our missions, okay?" I squealed in happiness, my mood suddenly bright, and felt my mama flinch under me. I guess I had squealed in her ear again. I hugged Mama tightly around the neck, reaching up to finger her knotted scars. I inhaled her scent deeply, Mama smelt of fresh air and lavender, I had always like it. Her scent was the first thing I remember about her, followed by the scars. "Love you Mommy..." I whispered lowly and felt her arms tighten around me as she returned the hug.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I heard was Mama knocking on wood. Instinctively my blind eyes opened, though I don't know why. All I could see was darkness, what good were my eyelids, besides keeping dust out of my useless eyes? There was a pause then Mama knocked again. I could hear footsteps coming towards the door from inside. I knew it was Sasuke-oji from the sound of his tread. Sasuke's stride were lighter than both Shisui-oji and Itachi-chichi, being that he was shorter, and he had a slight hitch when he brought his right foot up, something that none of the other Uchihas had. There was a scrape of the door sliding back and Sasuke-oji's voice asking, "What is it Tora?"

Mama bent down and placed me on the ground, holding my shoulders to make sure I had my footing before letting go. "Itachi said that he would watch Tenshi while Reiko and I were gone." I heard Sasuke sigh and angled myself towards where I figured he would be and tackled him, managing to latch onto his right leg, "Sasuke-oji! We're going to have lots of fun, right?" I felt Sasuke-oji's hand cover my head and gentle ruffled my hair, something I only allowed Naruto-oji, Sasuke-oji, and Reiko-oji to do. Mama spoke again, "Here. These clothes should last her while I'm gone, but if not ask Sakura for the key to my house. And please remind her to not let Ino talk her into using the house as a gossip headquarters like she did last time." Sasuke-oji chuckled, "That's unlikely, or did you forget that Ino is on the mission with Reiko?" I pouted while they both laughed, I didn't want to sit around listening to Mama and my uncle talk.

I tugged on Sasuke-oji's pants leg, "Sasuke-oji I wanna play." He ruffled my hair again, "In a minute, sweetie." He said distractedly before returning to the conversation with Mama. I slumped, it wasn't fair. Why did grown ups always have to talk? Letting go of Sasuke-oji's leg I wondered into the semi-familiar house, my fingers brushing against the wall just to be sure I knew where I was going. I heard a clatter of something metal ahead of me and to the right, where I thought the kitchen was. I smiled, maybe Mikoto-obaa was there! I sidestepped across the hallway until my fingers were pushed against the right wall instead of the left. I followed the sound of clanging metal until I came to an opening in the wall, "Mikoto-obaa?" I said into the opening, blindly looking around, as if trying to see something. I don't know why I still did that.

My grandmother's voice came through the opening, "Is that Tenshi's voice I here? How are you sweetheart?" I turned my head towards her voice, narrowing my search down to a small window, "Mikoto-obaa! I'm staying with you for a few days!" I said happily, scurrying into the room, my arms out to warn me if I bumped into anything. Mikoto-obaa's hands wrapped around my waist and she settled me on her hip, "So I heard. Your mother is going to come home to a spoiled rotten child." Mama's voice came from the front door, "I heard that!" She shouted. Two sets of footsteps came towards the kitchen, the light tread of Sasuke and Mama's lopsided one. Mama spoke, her voice clearer now that she was in the same room, "I never thought you hated me so much Mikoto-san." I could tell by the lilting in Mama's voice that she was kidding. Everyone else seemed to understand that too, since they all laughed. I cast a look in the general direction of Mama's face, "Don't you have to meet with your team, Mama?" I asked.

Mama laughed, "Just a second ago you didn't want me to leave... Could it be that you like the Uchihas more than me?" She teased. I shook my head so hard that my neck hurt. I could never love anyone more than my mommy! The only person who came close was Itachi-chichi. I loved him almost as much as Mama, but Mama had always been my mommy, Itachi had only become my daddy recently, so it really didn't count. I reached out towards Mama's voice and I felt her arms go around me. I snuggled my face in her shoulder and whispered, "Bye-bye Mommy. I'll miss you." Mama kissed my forehead, "Love you, sweetie. And you better behave, got that?" I nodded and Mama put me down. With one last pat on the head, Mama left for her mission.

I sniffed, already missing her.


Hours later I clung to Itachi-chichi's neck, "Itachi-chichi? Where are we going?" I asked after a while. When I had heard Itachi-chichi heading for the door I hadn't even thought to ask where he was going. It couldn't be any place bad, otherwise he wouldn't let me go with him. My daddy hugged my tighter to his body, "Errands for Okaasan." He said. I laid my cheek on his shoulder, content to just stay in his arms. Suddenly a voice I didn't recognize shouted above the normal din of the crowd, "Itachi-kun! There you are!" I could tell the way Daddy tensed that he didn't want to talk to this person. The person, I could tell she was a girl now by the squeak of her voice, collided with Itachi, but he remained immovable. "Itachi-kun... will you believe that a bi-" Itachi laid a hand over my right ear and pressed my head into his shoulder so I didn't have to listen anymore.

I felt Itachi talking, but I couldn't hear him, which was strange. Since I couldn't see, my hearing was sharp. I should be able to hear, I could when Mama covered my ears, so why not Daddy? After a few moment Itachi-chichi removed his hand and sounds came flooding back in. That was when I figured it out, he must have used chakra to cancel out sounds, so I couldn't hear what was being said. "Daddy... Who was she?" I asked in a small voice, afraid for a reason I couldn't name. Itachi-chichi, sensing my emotions, pressed a kiss into my forehead, "No one, koibito." I stuck out my bottom lip, "But she seemed to like you. I thought you liked Mama." I felt more than heard Itachi-chichi's chuckle, "I do like Tora. That other girl is no one to me, Tenshi." I smiled, my worries gone as if they never existed.


It was my third night with the Uchiha family. The first two night I had slept well, but the third night I was scared. The shadows seemed to pull in all around me, smothering me. I could almost feel them crawling over my skin. Being blind, I wasn't scared of the dark, not when my whole life was nothing but darkness. The shadows wasn't what scared me, it was the fear that it brought. I heard an owl hooting outside my window and leapt from my bed, falling to the floor tangled in my sheets. Mama told me not to trust owls, when I asked her why she said they were evil and couldn't be trusted. The owl hooted again and this time I thought it was close to my ear, almost defining. I screamed.

And screamed.

All too soon I felt warm comforting hands on my tear streaked face. I scrambled for the person, not able to identify them in my panic. "Shhhhh... It's alright Tenshi, you're safe now." Mikoto-obaa soothed, her hand petting my hair as I sobbed into her sleeping yutaka. More gentle hands laid against my back, and Itachi-chichi's smooth voice cut through the fears clinging to me, "Don't worry, Tenshi... it was just a dream." I cried and reached out blindly for my daddy, he took me from Mikoto-obaa and held me close. "Mean... owl!" I hiccuped into his shoulder and felt him stiffen.

A minute later Shisui spoke, his voice drifting from the window, "Something was defiantly here. Look here's a feather and claw marks." My body shook violently and I clung tighter to Itachi-chichi. So there was an owl in my room. I began sobbing again, but Daddy shushed me, "It's okay, koibito... you can sleep with me if you want. I won't make you sleep here again." He murmured into my hair. I whimpered one last time and nodded, burying my face in his neck. I knew my daddy will protect me from the mean owls. Just like Mama did when she was home. That's why he was my daddy and she was my mama.


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