Chapter 3

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I patted little Tadashi on the shoulder and leaned down to tuck the sheets around his small body. He watched me with a wide green eye, the other was swollen shut from a bee sting, apparently he was highly allergic. I smiled, "You'll be alright. Now get some sleep." The little boy nodded, closed his eye and turned towards the wall. I watched as his breathing slowed as he fell into the dream world.

Mitsuko watched me, in the five hours that I had known her, I had realized that her shyness was just one side of her. She was really just a milder version of Naruto, once people got to know her. She watched me, "You really know what you're doing." She commented as we walked back in the hall. I shrugged and placed a hand on her back as I lead her down the hall, "I like working at the hospital, it's the best thing in the world, besides family." Mitsuko seemed to agree with me, but her young face was screwed up in confusion, "If you like it so much, then why are you a Jounin?" I laughed a little, that was one of the questions I got asked more than anything now, "So I can go on missions as a medic. We don't have many on-field medics and that's where most of the casualties are."

We exited the hospital and I stopped, "It's our lunch break, you can either go home and eat, or go somewhere else. But be back here at two. Got it?" Mitsuko shifted on her feet, I could tell she wanted to ask a question, "Yes?" I probed. Mitsuko bit he lip and hesitated before asking, "What do you do?" I opened my mouth to answer but someone cut me off, shouting, "KITTY! Stop making us wait!" (A.N. Ahhhh, the return of Shisui and Itachi...) I laughed, of course Shisui had spotted me, "Get over it, you'll live!" I shouted back then I turned to the surprised girl, "I eat with Uchihas Shisui and Itachi. You're welcome to join us." Mitsuko seemed to think it over, but she turned down my offer, "My mom probably wants me home, I'll just go eat there." I chuckled, "Maybe some other time, then." She nodded and darted away.

I shook my head as I watched my student disappear, her dark hair flying behind her. She was something else. Suddenly an arm was over my shoulder, and Shisui asked, "Who was that?" I gave him a raised eyebrow look, something I had picked up from Itachi, "My student. Shizune's idea." Shisui gave me a surprised look, but didn't say anything. It was Itachi who asked, "Why?" I grinned at him, over the three years we had drawn closer together to where it wasn't as awkward when Shisui wasn't around. Unfortunately the strange fluttery feeling I had developed for the Uchiha had grown as well, making it even more awkward at times.

"Because I was the only person she could think of, Itachi-sama." I mocked bowed to him, earning a glare from the head of the Uchiha clan, Shisui laughed. When the two of us had discovered Itachi didn't like the suffix, we automatically used it whenever we could. He turned and said deadpanned, "Come on." Before walking away. Shisui and I exchanged amused looks then followed him as if nothing had happened.

"So Shisui... how's Hana?" A year ago the goofy Uchiha finally managed to ask Hana out, with some help from me. I basically told Hana flat out that Shisui liked her, but was too shy to ask her himself. Shisui turned red and mumbled something that I couldn't hear, making me giggle. Itachi took the chance to get revenge on his older cousin, "He's won't stop talking about her." My giggle turned out in a full blown laugh while Shisui glared at Itachi, who just looked back at him with a blank expression.

Before anything else could happen I said, "Naruto is back." That got their attention. Itachi rolled his dark eyes, he really didn't like Naruto. Shisui sighed, "Finally, now I won't be considered the goofiest guy in Konoha." I smiled and patted his arm, "Don't worry Shisui, Lee and Gai have both of you beaten." Now both Uchiha's grimaced. They really didn't like either of the 'youthful' shinobi. I snickered and looped my arm through Shisui's, "So what's for lunch?" Itachi shrugged, "Oka-san told us to bring you home." I couldn't help but say, "Why Itachi-sama... I didn't know the head of the Uchiha clan still listens to his mother!" I got a red eyed glare that made me hide behind Shisui, only partly playful. (A.N. Oh how I missed those two!)


I walked back into the hospital at two alone; Mitsuko sat on a waiting chair near the reception desk, talking with another one of my friends, Nabiki Ruri. The girl smiled at me when she saw me; the girl was a year younger than Reiko and his friends, but she was still my best friend, other than Shisui. She pushed her black hair behind her ears and out of her cerulean blue eyes as I joined the two at the desk. Mitsuko jumped up and down in her seat, "Ruri says that she also is a field medic!"

I couldn't help but smile at Mitsuko's enthusiasm, "Yes, and she's actually better than me." Ruri grinned and added, "The only reason why Tora is in charge of the recovery unit and I'm not is because she has high connections." I stuck my tongue out at her, it was an old joke between us now, but my connections used to make Ruri jealous. Mitsuko looked at Ruri, her violet eyes wide with admiration, "Really?" We both laughed, making Mitsuko blush a little. She quickly got over it in favor for a funny story her eldest brother did at lunch.

Ino interrupted Mitsuko just as she was explaining to us how her brother tripped over the dog. She skidded to a stop in front of me, panting she said, "Lady... Tsunade wants you... Tora and... Ruri." I frowned, "Sure... can you take Mitsuko until I get back? I was going to teach her basic medical care." The blonde nodded her head and turned to fine Mitsuko acting shy again. As I left the hospital with Ruri I heard Ino say, "Nuh-uh. I don't stand for shyness. Either you get over it, or I'll send Akamaru after you." Ruri and I exchanged amused glances; I couldn't wait to hear what happened while I would be gone.

Lady Tsunade didn't waste time with pleasantries when we reached her office, "The Kazekage has been captured." Both of us stared at her in shock, still frozen in the doorway. Shizune ushered us in and closed the door, giving the blonde woman a harsh look. Lady Tsunade didn't seem to notice, "Kakashi and his team have been sent out to retrieve him, Sakura is with them as the medic of this mission; but I still want both of you to go along." Ruri found her voice first, "W-why?" The Hokage frowned, "Because... both of you specialize in something no one else does. We might need those skills. How soon can you leave?"

We glanced at each other, I raised an eyebrow and Ruri nodded. Turning back to the woman, I said, "Now." Tsunade nodded sagely. "Then you'll be traveling with Team Gai and ANBU Team Four." I blinked; the situation must be bad if they were sending a Chunnin team and an ANBU team as back up. Especially Team Four. Ruri didn't seem to understand the significance though. "They are waiting for you at the gate." was all that Tsunade said before we both bowed and left.

Ruri was silent until the Konoha gate was in sight, "It's obvious I'm missing something. What is it?" I spared her a brief glance, "Team Four is the best ANBU team Konoha has. They never fail a mission." Ruri didn't get the hint. I sighed and leaned close to hiss in her year, "Uchiha Itachi-sama is the captain." Her unbelievable blue eyes widened, as if the reality of the mission just dawned on her. I patted the younger girl's shoulder, I had been on missions with Team Four before, as a medic. Eight times out of ten I had come back with some fatal wound. It was a wonder I was still alive.

Team Gai was waiting when we arrived, along with two members of Team Four, Itachi and Shisui. The Uchihas had donned their masks, the Raven mask was Itachi and the Rabbit was Shisui, and I mentally told myself to refer to them as their ANBU names when speaking. Gai grinned when he saw us, "Beautiful youthful ladies! It is so nice to see you again." I rolled my orange eyes, even in a serious mission, it never failed that he looked so happy. Tenten smothered a grin when she saw my expression. Ruri looked a tad overwhelmed. After all, she wasn't used to dealing with Gai or Lee like I was.

It was two minutes before Team Four's last members, Kizoku and Kazeko, the Hyuuga twins. Lady Tsunade accompanied them, "This is an S-Ranked mission. We have reports that a criminal organization called the Akatsuki were behind this, their reasons are still unknown to us. Assume nothing." Then she strode away without another word. No one paused to think about what she said, we all just headed out of the gates, towards Suna.


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