Chapter 30

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I felt awkward sitting there with Ruri's family and Arashi, waiting for Lady Tsunade to tell us her condition, but at least I had managed to get Arashi and Ruri home. Maybe. From my quick assessment I had made, Ruri's chances of survive were slim, it would be a miracle if she lived. Ruri's mother was crying, clutching her husband as her sobs shook her frail body. Ruri's father looked dazed, as if he couldn't believe that his oldest child was really in the hospital, fighting for her life. Arashi held Kenshinteki, Ruri's younger brother, refusing to answer any of the kid's frantic questions of where Ruri was.

After the entertainers had crossed the Fire Country borders Arashi and I took Ruri and headed for Konoha. Luck was once again on our side as we ran across another team who took Ruri to the hospital quickly, leaving Arashi and I to catch up slowly. I just hoped our luck lasted and Ruri lived. I couldn't stand it if one of my friends died.

Lady Tsunade came out and everyone snapped their eyed to the Hokage, waiting for the news, good or bad. The blonde woman silently closed the door behind her before turning to us. I sighed when I saw the smile on her face, Ruri would be okay. Lady Tsunade explained that while Ruri was facing permanent skin damage and possibly soreness in the years to come, she would indeed live. I couldn't tell who was the most relieved, Ruri's mother or Arashi.

As Ruri's family disappeared into her room, Lady Tsunade turned to me, "That was quick thinking on your part Tora." She said. I looked away, not in the mood for praise. My friend was hurt because of my stupid actions. I should have realized sooner what Deidara had been doing; I knew his attack patterns, that he was intentionally missing us should have been a big clue. I hadn't realized I had spoken out loud until Lady Tsunade shook her head, "You are way too modest for your own good, Tora. Just take the complement and stop doubting yourself!" The Hokage snapped. I blushed and nodded meekly. Before either of us could say anything else a medic rushed forward, "Lady Tsunade, you're needed in Emergency Room 4, now!" He panted. The blonde didn't waste time, she took off at a run, following the medic back to the emergency wing.

I sighed, now that I wasn't having to worry about my teammate I could concentrate on resting. My chakra levels were still dangerously low. Groaning softly I cupped the back of my neck, pressing into a crick that I had just discovered, all I wanted to do was to go home and lay down. I could only hope that Reiko would watch Tenshi while I napped. Then I groaned when I remembered that Tenshi was still at the Uchiha house, and Reiko was still on his mission. I would have to go get my daughter.

A few minutes later I was knocking on the Main Uchiha house halfheartedly. I hadn't realized how tired I was until I had to walk from the hospital to the Uchiha Compound. It was alarming how exhausted I felt, I hadn't felt this tired since the attack on Konoha all those years ago, when I had foolishly worked myself until I passed out. I groaned quietly, pressing my fingers to my forehead, already I could feel a headache coming on. I needed to hurry up and lay down before I passed out. Briefly I wondered if Itachi would let me sleep in the Uchiha house, but I quickly dismissed the thought, the last thing I needed was more gossip. It was already bad enough with the rumor that I was secretly seeing Itachi, and the fact that Tenshi called him her father wasn't helping.

I could feel my eyelids growing heavy, and I knocked again, desperately trying to stay awake long enough to at least have someone answer the door. When no one came to the door I knocked once more, this time louder. There was muffled conversation and footsteps heading towards the door. I sighed, finally, maybe I could just pass out in their arms and let them take care of me. With a frustrated groan I rubbed my eyes with the heel of my hand, trying to wake up. The door slid open and I lifted my head slowly to meet Itachi's dark eyes, my own barely keeping open.

Before I could speak, Itachi grabbed me and pulled me into his arms, "I thought I lost you..." He whispered roughly in my ear. I stood there, my tiredness gone, blinking at Itachi's odd behavior. In the years that I had known him, never once was he so open about his feelings. "Why did you think that?" I asked quietly, pulling away slightly to see his face. Itachi's expression was as stoic as ever, but something in his eyes warmed me. He closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to mine, "I heard about Ruri, I thought it was you." Hesitantly I brought my own arms around him so that my fingers brushed against the back of his neck. I never knew he cared so much, and that was endearing.


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