Chapter 31

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Lady Tsunade slammed her fist down on the desk in a moment of frustration, hanging her head as if defeated, "Well..." She trailed off. Ame, Toppi, Arashi and myself, the remnants of Team Ame, stood stiffly at attention, awaiting further orders. Lady Tsunade huffed and shook her head, "They knew. They knew exactly what you were doing, and where you were going. Shit!" Toppi trembled at the Hokage's temper. My motherly instinct kicked in and I stood a step closer to my young teammate, placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Ame and Toppi had been extremely lucky, the Akatsuki who was to attack them slipped up and revealed his position too soon, giving them the chance to get away. Yuki and Nobuko were hit the worst. Yuki barely made it out alive, she stayed conscious long enough to get within a mile of the village before passing out. Nobuko however... It still pained me to think that the Hyuuga had died. Though we hadn't been close, he was my teammate and he wasn't going to come back.

Lady Tsunade pounded on her desk once more, "It obvious that we have a spy. Until we find out who it is... I don't know what we're going to do." She said, mostly to herself. Ame stepped forward, "And what of my team until then?" She asked, almost timidly. Lady Tsunade looked up, as if seeing us for the first time. The blonde woman sighed and gripped the edge of her desk, trying to keep a lid on her temper, "Until Ruri and Yuki recover there isn't much you can do. Karin will take Nabuko's place, permanently." None of us bothered to hide our looks of disgust, but Lady Tsunade ignored us, "I wish we could replace Yuki and Ruri until they heal, but we need experienced and skilled shinobi for the team, and unfortunately we're a little short on those." She said.

Arashi stepped forward, "But neither of the girls are expected to leave the hospital for months." I could hear the hitch in his voice as he spoke, and felt sorry for him. Lady Tsunade nodded reluctantly, "You're right, and we can't have you four sitting around doing nothing until then..." She sat down, folding her hands under her chin as she thought, her gold eyes growing distant. I shifted uncomfortably, I just wanted to leave, I was still tired. Finally the blonde Hokage looked back up at us, "You have two choices, either work as a normal team until Ruri and Yuki recover, or dissolve and join other teams." Ame, Toppi, Arashi and I exchanged looks, silently considering our options. Ame turned back to Tsunade, "It would be best if we stayed as a team, we all know how each other work... it would just be a headache to dissolve, even for just a short time." Lady Tsunade shrugged and wrote something down, "Alright... you're dismissed." We all bowed and my teammates filed out, but I stayed behind.

Tsunade glanced up at me, "Yes Tora?" She asked, her voice pressed. I worried at my bottom lip before blurting, "I don't think someone betrayed us." The Hokage blinked a few times before asking, "And why do you think that?" I looked down at my feet, "It's just a suspicion, but to me the Akatsuki aren't people to waste time. If there is a spy, the Akatsuki would have to worry about whether or not the spy was caught, pay him or her, and schedule meetings so the spy could spill his or her secrets regularly to stay ahead of Konoha. That seems like too much trouble..." I began pacing, speculating to myself rather than to Lady Tsunade. I could feel her eyes on me, silently listening to my ranting.

Finally she asked, "So how did they get their information, then?" I turned to my Hokage, "My mother. It has to be her." Lady Tsunade held up a hand, "Hold it, what's this got to do with Hikaru?" I sighed and explained, "My mother has some kind of tie to owls, one that I don't understand. Owls, unlike human spies, can go anywhere without raising suspicion, they're completely loyal, and can return at anytime..." Lady Tsunade's eyes widened as she realized what I was saying. My mother had been spying on this village for a while, and no one never even thought twice about it. After she let it sink in she asked, "So what do we do? Hunt down every owl we can find?" I shook my head, still pacing, "No... the owls I saw that I knew were connected directly to my mother acted strange. The first one didn't seem to be out hunting, but rather going somewhere. The second was perched over my team's camp when we escorted the Kazekage to Konoha, just watching us. And Itachi says that there was one on the window sill in Tenshi's room..."

Lady Tsunade nodded, "Your reasoning makes perfect sense, Tora. I'll put an alert out to watch owls for strange habits. Still, it is probably best to consider that there might be a human spy too." I bowed and left without another word.


"Mama! Mama! Guess what Itachi-chichi taught me!" Tenshi said the minute I stepped through the door. I bent to pick her up, suppressing a groan as I stood back up, Tenshi in my arms, "What?" I asked. Itachi looked at me, his dark eyes giving me a once over, He could tell I was bone tired. Tenshi jumped up and down in my sore arms, "Daddy taught me how to throw a shuriken!" My gaze snapped from my daughter to Itachi, silently demanding an explanation. He held up a hand, spinning practice shuriken on his fingers and I sighed in relief. For a brief moment of panic I thought he had used real shuriken. I knew that was how Fugaku-sama taught Itachi and Sasuke, and I had been worried that Itachi had done the same with my blind daughter. Amusement ghosted over the Uchiha's face, "Did you think I would do such a thing?" He asked, reading my mind clearly. I smiled and decided not to comment.


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