Chapter 33

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"Tora!" Was the first thing I heard when I woke. I flinched and buried my face deeper into my pillows. All I wanted to do was to sleep, was that so hard? Apparently, since my brother threw open my door, "Tora! Get up, you're going to be late." He shouted at me. I twisted to look at him, groggily rubbing the back of my hand across my face, "Late for what?" I asked, my voice heavy with exhaustion. Reiko rolled his eyes and came in my room, ripping my sheets from the bed as he snapped, "For your mission, baka. Team Ame and Team Kakashi are due for a B-ranked mission!"

I shot straight up, blinking hard to clear the sleep. I had forgotten that Lady Tsunade was sending Team Ame on a trial mission to see if we could work as a normal team. Rolling out of bed I used my momentum to launch myself to my closet and yank on my usual outfit of the peacock split skirt and shoulderless top. Reiko got a laugh out of me jumping around my room, trying to put on my knee high sandals and fingerless gloves at the same time. I glared at him, "Make yourself useful and go away." I growled at my brother. Shaking his head at my frantic dressing Reiko left, his amused grin still in place. As I ran a brush through my long hair and tying my Hitai-ate around my waist I called out, "Reiko, when Team Asuma leaves for your mission, can you drop Tenshi off at the Uchiha Compound?" I didn't hear my brother's answer, since I was already out the door, scrabbling to reach the gate in time.

Even Kakashi was there waiting when I arrived. I skidded to a halt beside Arashi and bent over panting, my hands braced on my knees. Kakashi shot me a look, "Dare I need to say it?" He asked dully. I glared at him, "I'm here, lets go." Ame shook her head, "The person we're escorting isn't here." I groaned and flopped down on the ground, trying to catch my breath, "All that rushing for nothing?" I muttered to myself. Arashi was the only one who heard me and he just gave me a dirty look. He leaned down and hissed, "Get rid of those scars. Don't freak our client out." I scowled at him; though I normally did hid my scars with a transformation jutsu when we were escorting someone, I still didn't like the way he had said it. My arm reacted before I could even think what I was doing and Arashi got a face full of dirt. He sputtered and leapt away from me, blinking hard and shaking his head. Ame pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration while everyone else laughed.

"What did you do that for?!" Arashi shouted at me. I crossed my arms and said nothing. He gave me one final glare before looking away, grumbling under his breath, "You're just as bad as any Uchiha..." I blushed fiercely. Luckily he said it lowly enough that only I heard, I glared at him hotly. Once again my arm moved without me knowing and I landed a punch squarely in his calf. His leg moved sideways and down he went, right on me. I shoved him away, snarling. Arashi cocked his fist back, ready to extract revenge, when Ame snapped, "Tora! Arashi!" Both of us froze and looked at our team leader sheepishly. She was the only one not laughing, even Sasuke seemed to be enjoying the fight between us. Ame narrowed her yellow flecked blue eyes, "You know, it's bad when people younger than you are acting more mature. Get a grip or so help me, I'll knock you both into next year! We don't have Ruri here to keep you two apart, so at least try to act civil!" At the mention of Ruri, Arashi and I both sobered up. She was in the hospital hanging on to life by her fingernails, and we were standing around fighting.

Ame wasn't finished with us yet though, "Tora! Fix your face now before the client gets here. Arashi, stop bothering Tora, and both of you are not get within three feet for the duration of this mission, is that understood?!" I stood, dusting off my split skirt. Turning I bowed to Ame, "Forgive me, Ame-san." I said solemnly. Ame snorted and turned to Arashi who just made a noncommittal grunt. Rolling my eyes I turned away from the dark haired boy and made a few quick hand signs to hide my scars. Smoke puffed around my face, tickling my nose. When it cleared I looked like another ordinary girl with brown eyes and smooth cheeks. I sat back down, across the gate from Arashi, by Sakura. Now all we had to do was to wait.


Thirty minutes later the client, Yoku, finally showed, along with Karin. Everyone's face took on a look of disgust and Sasuke and I exchanged looks. We knew where this was going, Karin would fangirl over Sasuke and act like an idiot while the rest of us tried to keep Sakura from killing her. It wasn't five minutes before Kakashi was having to hold Sakura back. Maybe this trial mission wasn't such a good idea after all. Naruto was the only one amused by Sasuke's predicament. What surprised me was that the man we were escorting started flirting with me before we made even a mile from Konoha. I gave him a strange look until I remember that my scars weren't showing, he had no idea that I had once been called the Tiger Demon. His constant cheesy flirting got tiring after a while.

"So if I returned to Konoha, would you see me?" Yoku asked the thirtieth time that day. By then it was only the promise of being paid that kept me from killing the guy myself. What was so important that he needed two shinobi teams to protect him? And why did it have to be a weird flirt? I didn't answer Yoku's question, having had stopped after the second question, when he asked me if I was dating anyone. I couldn't tell him I was already seeing someone, since I really didn't know the answer myself, though I was sorely tempted to tell him I was seeing Itachi. Plus, Sasuke seemed to be paying close attention to the one-sided conversation. I didn't have to wonder why, if the smirk that was constantly on his lips was anything to go by. He was waiting for me to admit to the rumors still flying around.

Karin chose at that moment to shriek. All of us whirled at the same time, weapons springing out of no where, ready to take down anything that dared threaten us. Karin was standing on a rock, her red eyes impossible wide as she stared down at the ground. There at the base of the rock was a small brown mouse sitting on it's hind feet, cleaning it's face. Karin turned pleading eyes on Sasuke, "Sasuke-kun! Help me." She squeaked, sounding much like a mouse herself. Toppi and Naruto burst out laughing. Sakura bit her bottom lip to keep from smiling but was failing. Arashi rolled his eyes and put away his kunai while Ame and Kakashi exchanged glances. Sasuke was glaring at the red head so hotly I wondered if her hair was going to burst into flames, "It's a mouse." He said disdainfully. I thought I saw Karin frown, but it was gone to fast to be sure. "P-please, Sasuke-kun. I-I-I ca-can't m-mo-mo-move..." She whimpered. Without hesitation, Sasuke turned and called over his shoulder, "We'll pick you up on the way back." Even I had trouble keeping my face straight after that. The rest of us turned away too, even though Kakashi and Ame were technically the leaders of this mission, Sasuke was ANBU and outranked both of them. He could override their decision if he saw it necessary, unless it dealt directly with the mission.

"H-Hey! Where are you going?" Karin called, "This isn't funny, I'm really scared of the mouse!" Sakura looked over her shoulder, disgusted, "Then why did you become a shinobi?" She asked. We had gotten maybe ten steps when a suppressed shriek reached me, followed by a stomping sound. I started to turn my head back to Karin, but she flashed by me and took her place on Sasuke's left. I almost felt sorry for the younger Uchiha, dealing with two girls vying for his attention must be tiring. "Are you afraid of mice? Because I'll protect you!" Yoku said at that moment. I glared at him, of course dealing with one flirt was hard enough.


I flopped down on the hotel bed and threw my arm over my eyes. Sakura chuckled, "Tired Tora? Could it be that you don't like men flirting with you? Unless he happens to be Itachi-sama of course." I raised my arm a little to glare at the pinkette. Karin heard her comment unfortunately, "Itachi-kun loves me! Not some scarred face little slut." She snapped. Sakura whirled on her, but I grabbed the back of girl's shirt before she could attack. I had heard enough insults from other fangirls, that it didn't bother me anymore. "Just drop it, Sakura. She wants you to react." I told her. Karin huffed as if she had no idea what I was talking about and walked away.

Sakura sighed and laid down beside me, "Why couldn't Ame-san share the room with us?" She asked the ceiling. I snorted"Like she would pass up cuddling with her husband to sleep with a bunch of teenagers." I said dryly. Sakura giggled beside me, "That's true. Given the opportunity I wouldn't mind snuggling up to Sasuke either." She turned her head and grinned at me evilly, "What about you, Tora?" "I'll pass on Yoku." I said flatly and Sakura slapped my shoulder, "I meant Itachi!" She exclaimed and I couldn't keep the smile off my face, I knew what she had meant. I stood up and smirked over my shoulder as I walked to the bathroom. Let Sakura think of her own answers, I wasn't going to tell her.

At dinner my eye wouldn't stop twitching. Yoku had gone from asking me millions of questions to making vaguely veiled suggestions. I was tempted to drop the transformation jutsu and let him see my true face just to make him leave me alone; but I wasn't allowed to. Ame already made that clear. So I had to endure the disgusting sexual references from Yoku and snickering from everyone else; my dilemma even distracted Karin from Sasuke. It didn't help that Yoku had sake with his dinner, his already loose mouth was even more slack than usual. I wanted to take the ceramic bottle, bash it over his head and end my misery.

Yoku leaned in so close I could smell the alcohol on his face. I flinched away, I hated that smell. It reminded me of my father. Yoku didn't notice though, "So... Tora. You never answered my question." He slurred. I glared at him, not that he noticed, "And which question is that?" I asked cuttingly. He leaned even closer so that he was practically in my lap, I stayed ridged, "Bout tonig-" I finally had enough, I interrupted him, "Just. Shut. UP!" I yelled. Yoku jerked back, surprise evident in his cloudy face. I glared at him, "First, I never gave any indication that I wanted your attentions. Second, I am a shinobi on duty, you are distracting me from my work. And third, yes I am seeing someone. So just leave me alone!" I was panting heavily by the time I finished shouting at the man. He was leaning back as far as he could from me, his eyes wide. "W-who-" He started but I cut him off again, knowing what he was going to ask, "Uchiha Itachi." I growled lowly. I think he actually whimpered.

Karin's shout of indignity reminded me of our audience... and that I just admitted that I was seeing Itachi in front of them. Both hands slammed over my mouth as I stared at them. Ame was grinning from ear to ear while Kakashi laughed. Toppi and Naruto stared at me with open mouths and impossible large eyes. Sakura had her head buried in her left arm while she was banging the table with her right fist, her shoulders shaking in silent laughter. Arashi seemed to be enjoying my reaction more than I had just admitted to my secret and Karin was sulking and glaring at me. My eyes landed on Sasuke, hoping he wouldn't care, but the smirk on his face told me that he did indeed care. I knew then that if Toppi or Naruto didn't tell everyone, Sasuke would. His family especially.


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