Chapter 34

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Three days later we finally returned to Konoha, exhausted. Even though the mission was a technical success I still felt like it failed. Yoku had been captured during the night when I foolishly said I was dating Itachi, and it had pure luck that we managed to find Yoku after he was captured, nothing to do with ninja skills. If we hadn't stumbled across one of the missing nins napping we probably would have never found our client again. Not that I would be terrible torn up about it. It didn't help that Karin seemed to have it in for me and Sakura and was constantly trying to get us killed during the mission. She was subtle enough that we could never pin it on her, but it didn't take much thinking to conclude it was her. There were way too many accidents that happened to Sakura and I when no one else was ever harmed. At the Konoha gate I turned away, "I'm going to get my daughter." I said with a wave. And to explain what had happened during the mission to Itachi, so he wouldn't think wrong of me. "Say hi to Itachi for me." Sasuke called. I glared at him and the rest of the teams laughed. Sasuke gave me a small smile full of smugness, he knew what I was doing.

Shisui answered my knock, his dark eyes narrow, "What do you want?" He snapped. I blinked at him, had the word already gotten around and now all the Uchihas were mad at me for assuming? "Uh... I'm here to see Itachi." Shisui's lip twitched in disgust, "Just leave us alone. We want nothing of your kind, whore." I stared at him, "Shisui... what are you-" "Just go." He snapped and started to close the door. I wedged my foot in the opening, "Can I at least have Tenshi then?" I asked. Before Shisui could answer Itachi called from inside the house, "Shisui, who's at the door?" The man in front of me called over his shoulder, "Some fangirl trying to get Tenshi." My mouth dropped open, why was Shisui calling me a fangirl? Then I remembered.

I was still using my transformation jutsu.

I started to laugh, bending over and bracing my arms on my knees. Both Uchihas gave me strange looks, I didn't blame them; I was acting like a lunatic. I slapped my hands over my mouth, but the giggles still managed to sink through my fingers. Shisui looked genuinely worried, probably thinking I had lost my mind. Taking deep breaths, I shakily formed a few hand signs and released the jutsu, letting my true face show. I shook my head, finally managing to get a hold of my laughter, "I-I'm sorry. I forgot." I said. I glanced up, wiping the tears from my eyes, Shisui looked upset to be fooled, but Itachi didn't seem fazed. I gave a sheepish smile, "Sorry..." I said again. Shisui huffed and walked back inside. I blinked and turned to Itachi, who was smiling a little now, "My cousin is a sore loser." He said in way of an explanation. I nodded, then shifted awkwardly, now was the perfect time to tell Itachi about what had happened. I opened my mouth to speak, but before I did I could hear the patter of my daughter running to the door and her calling, "Mama! Mama!"


Tiredly I laid my head against Itachi's shoulder, not caring who saw. Tenshi had managed to coerce both Itachi and I to take her to the park. I had played with my daughter in the beginning, but I was still tired from my mission so I stopped after a while. Not that Tenshi noticed the difference, she had found some children who didn't mind her blindness to play with. I was just about to doze off when Itachi spoke suddenly, "You wanted to tell me something earlier." It wasn't a question. I opened a heavy eyelid, trying to remember what I was going to tell him. Then I remember, and I shot upright, suddenly awake. "I..." I started to say then stopped, how did I tell him? I glanced at him, but he just stared back at me, his face blank like it always was in public. I sighed, "I'm sorry, but I might have accidentally assumed something while on my mission." I said, looking down at my hands. "You assumed what?" He asked calmly, not worried at all. I blushed, still refusing to look at him, "I..." My thought broke off, I didn't know how to word it.

After a minute of waiting for me to speak, Itachi reached over and gently held my chin, turning my face to his. "Tora, just tell me." He said. I gulped and shakily told him, stuttering over a lot of it, but finally managed to tell him all of it, from Yoku's extensive flirting to when I told him off and accidentally said I was seeing Itachi. After I finished I stared down at my hands clenching my skirt and waited for him to speak. I didn't want to look at him and see his hatred for me. When he didn't answer after a few minutes, I knew he hated me. I started to stand, blinking back tears, "I...I-I'm sorry, It-Itachi-sama, I wish I-I had w-wa-watc-" Itachi grabbed me before I could finish and yanked me back down beside him. Startled I finally met his gaze, glimpsing his depthless onyx eyes briefly, before his lips captured mine.

Itachi's mouth molded mine, his hot breath brushing against my face. I was highly aware of everywhere he touched me; the way his hand gently cradled the back of my neck, his fingers digging into my hair, and how strong his arm felt wrapped around my waist, pulling me ever closer. Fluttering, my eyes closed as the passion rolled in my chest, expanding until my whole body felt the tingling feeling. All too soon Itachi withdrew and the bubble around us popped. There was complete silence. I didn't have to look to see everyone staring at us. Blushing scarlet I buried my face in Itachi's neck, so I didn't have to see everyone's expression. Itachi chuckled softly as he ran his fingers through my hair in a soothing gesture. Gently his kissed the top of my head, "I already told you before I don't want apologies, Tora." He murmured. I only blushed harder.


The next day I didn't even tell Mitsuko 'hi' before she cornered me with "You kissed Itachi-sama?!" The blush made a reappearance as I glared at my former student, "Shouldn't you be thanking me for recommending your promotion?" I asked instead. Mitsuko gave me a look, "Thanks. Well did you?" My attempt to change the subject didn't work. I gave the girl a look, "People just don't make up rumors like that, you know." I said in way of my answer. Mitsuko squealed, "I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! You two are perfect for each other!" She yelled. Multiple people shushed her and the twelve year old blushed. I glared at her, "Shouldn't you be studying for your Medical Chunnin exams?" I asked, once again trying to change the subject. Mitsuko shook her dark head, "Nope! Akio is helping me study with that later tonight."

I frowned down at her, "Who?" Mitsuko shrugged, "Akio. I met her while you were off on that big recon mission. She and her twin brother, Akiko, help me a lot while you were gone. They're my age." I smiled, glad that Mitsuko had finally found some people her own age to be with. I threw an arm around her shoulder, "I'm glad. But what's Toppi going to say, he might think you're flirting with this Akiko." I teased. As predicted Mitsuko blushed, "H-How is T-T-Top-Toppi?" She stuttered and I laughed, "Turning more into Naruto everyday. I really should separate the two." I said then laughed again, Mitsuko joined me and we both got stern looks from passing medics, their fingers pressed to their lips in a hushing gesture. We ignored them.

After we caught our breath I asked Mitsuko, "So... who did you here it from?" I didn't have to tell her what I was talking about, it was obvious enough. Mitsuko giggled, "No one and everyone. Itachi-sama kissed you in the middle of the park in front of everyone who was there. It's not like it was ever a secret." She said as we entered the first floor break room. Sakura looked up from her locker, "I'm guessing you're talking about Itachi-sama?" She observed. My blush answered for her. Mitsuko nodded happily, "She did kiss him! She hasn't even tried to deny it." My eye twitched. Sakura squealed, "I knew it! Sasuke and I had a bet on what Itachi would do when you told him, and I won!" I glared at the younger girl, silently telling her to be quiet, but the damage was already done.

"What did Tora tell Itachi-sama?" Mitsuko asked curiously. I left before Sakura could tell the little gossip hub all about my admission to dating Itachi. I didn't want to see Mitsuko's reaction when she heard the news, most likely she would come and find me anyway. I looked down, not meeting anyone's gaze. I could feel the jealous looks from the female population and the calculating ones from the men, I practically heard the wheels in their minds turning, trying to figure out why Itachi would kiss me. It felt like I was the Tiger Demon all over again.

The thought pulled me to a stop, and I shook my head fiercely, causing my black hair to fly around me. I wasn't the Tiger Demon anymore, not that quiet fifteen year old girl who distrusted people before she knew them. My life had moved on from that past, like it had moved on from my abusive father. Those problems were gone, but now I had to deal with new ones, harder ones. Sighing I stuffed my hands in my pockets; tomorrow, I would deal with those problems tomorrow. Now I had work to do.


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