Chapter 36

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"Tenshi! Come on, I have to go now!" I called, tying my Hitai-ate around my waist. Reiko sat in the living room, rubbing his eyes tiredly, yawning. His team had gone to dinner to celebrate Reiko making jounin, and didn't leave the restaurant until four in the morning. My daughter slowly shuffled towards the door, as tired as her uncle. Her black wispy hair floating around her small face and her clothes were wrinkled and mussed, only one shoe was on properly. I groaned, I didn't have enough time to make her more presentable, I was already running late. Reiko shot my a bloodshot look over his shoulder, "When you... getting home?" He asked through a large yawn. I smoothed down Tenshi's hair as she stumbled into my leg, wrapping her skinny arms around me. "I don't know. Six maybe." I said and dragged my daughter out the door without another word.

After Tenshi stumbled over her feet the sixth time I glared at her, "You're going to bed early from now on, do you hear me? No more of this dragging your feet in the morning." Tenshi pouted at me, "But I was waiting for Reiko-oji." She whined. I sighed heavily, "And because of that, you're going to make me late." I snapped, glaring straight ahead. Tenshi slowed down making me drag her again. When I turned to glare at her, I saw the tears filling up her sightless eyes. Mentally I groaned, I didn't have time for this. Bending down I picked Tenshi up and settled her on my hip, "Sorry, sweetheart, none of this is your fault." Tenshi sniffed and rubbed the back of her hand across her eyes, she didn't answer me. "Come on, let's go see your Otou-san." I said quietly, knowing it was a lost cause to try and get Tenshi to talk to me now. Tenshi only nodded and didn't say anything the rest of the way. If there was one thing my daughter could do, it was make anyone feel guilty.

Sasuke was the one who answered the door, his ANBU chest armor was only strapped on to one shoulder, the other strap hanging open. I raised an eyebrow, "Mission?" I asked. Sasuke rolled his ebony colored eyes, "Hn." He said, I took that as 'duh'. Shrugging I shoved a still silent Tenshi at her uncle, "She might be moody, I was too short with her this morning and now she's giving me the silent treatment. Hope she behaves better with you." I said then ran away before Sasuke could say anything. I was too late to worry about being polite.


"You're late." Iruka snapped when I skidded into the classroom a few minutes later. I glared at him silently, my cheeks, already red with exertion, turned an even darker shade. A soft wave of smothered laughter washed through the kids sitting before us. "You try getting a five year old up in the morning." I growled at him. Iruka rolled his eyes, "I deal with over confident twelve year olds every day. I have you beat." "No you don't. I deal with over confident Uchihas... so there!" I retorted, then stuck out my tongue for good measure. The children were full out laughing now, even Iruka was having trouble keeping his stern look in place. Iruka shook his head, then turned to the class and explained that I would be teaching those with medical ability basic healing jutsus for the week. When he called for the students who he had already identified as having medical abilities to follow me, sixteen students came forward, most of them girls. Then Iruka turned to the remaining class and began explaining different basic jutsus while I lead my small group out of the room.

"Tora-sensei?" One girl ventured as I ushered them through the streets towards the hospital. Mentally I grimaced at the title but kept my face blank as I turned to her, "Yes?" I asked patiently. The girl pushed her fingers together like Hinata did when she was younger, "What did you mean dealing with over confident Uchiha? Do you know them?" She whispered. Most of the girls perked up at her question while the boys groaned, knowing that the girls were about to burst into fangirling. I scratched the back of my neck, trying to figure out the best way to answer her question without inducing a fangirl session, "Uh... yes. I'm friends with Uchiha Shisui and Itachi-sama." One of the more outspoken girls finally put two and two together, she gasped, "You're the woman who Itachi-sama kisses!" Many of the boys gagged while all the girls squealed and gathered around me, trying to ask me questions at the same time.

I stomped my foot into the ground, infusing chakra so a slight tremor shook the ground, making the students fall silent. I glared at all sixteen kids, my hands on my hips, "You didn't come with me to ask me about the Uchiha Clan. I'm here to teach you medical jutsus and to show you what a medic does. That. Is. All." I snapped sternly. All the kids stared at me, their eyes wide with a small amount of fright. Maybe I had taken it a little too far, but I was tired of people asking about my relationship with Itachi.

Snickering sounded behind me and I looked over my shoulder to see Mitsuko covering her mouth with her hand, trying to smother her giggling. I glared at my former student, "Aren't you supposed to be on duty now?" I asked flatly. Mitsuko grinned at me, "Like I'm going to pass up on seeing you scold kids." She said then turned to my class, "Don't mind Tora, she's just a grumpy bear if you question her about Itachi-sama too much. If you want any dirt on those two, just ask me. I'll be glad to tell you anything you want to know about-" "MITSUKO!" I roared at the girl, cutting her off. She took her cue and ran off, laughing all the way into the hospital. That cursed girl was going to be the death of me.


I let the little monsters go back to the academy for lunch, glad that they would be returning to their normal studies for the rest of the day. Dealing with those kids made me realize how well behaved Tenshi really was, and that made me very grateful. Groaning I dug my fingers into my temples as I headed for the hospital entrance, feeling the pounding headache that was sure to come withing a few hours. It didn't help knowing the fact that I was supposed to teach those kids for the rest of the week. For once in my life as a shinobi and medic, I did not look forward to tomorrow.

"Tora." My eyes snapped to the left, where Itachi stood leaning against the wall. At the sound of his voice, everyone within hearing range froze, their eyes trained on us, waiting for more gossip. I rolled my eyes and shook my head while Itachi smirked. Deciding to ignore the nosy people around us, I tilted my head to the side, "What are you doing here?" I asked. Itachi ducked down and pressed a kiss to my right cheek, just over a scar. I stiffened in surprise, my orange eyes growing wide. Hushed giggled and whispers filled the waiting room, the nosy people having found something to gossip about. I would bet two years' salary that by the time the gossip reached Mitsuko's ears Itachi's kiss would have spread from one small peck on the cheek to a full make out.

Still smirking, Itachi slipped my hand in his and lead me out of the hospital. I shot him a disapproving look, "Now I'm never going to get any work done. I hope you're happy." I said flatly. Itachi's smirk had turned into a soft smile, "They'll get used to it eventually." He reassured me, but I really didn't believe him. I changed the subject, "So why are you here?" I asked Itachi. The leader of the Uchiha squeezed my hand, "Taking you to lunch." He said. I blinked at him, surprised, "Then where's Shisui?" I always had lunch with both my Uchiha friends. Itachi was smirking again and he leaned in closer to whisper, "Why would I want my cousin on a date?" It was a sure bet that my face flooded with color at that. I shot Itachi a nasty look for making me blush, but he didn't seem bothered at all, in fact he looked very amused.


I pushed the remains of my meal around my plate, feeling awkward and exposed with everyone staring at me. Itachi didn't seem bothered by the fact that he and I were the center of attention, so I didn't say anything. Suddenly Itachi stood, laying some money down on the table to pay for our lunch, and lead me out of the restaurant. I shot him a questioning look, "You left awfully fast, Itachi..." I prompted. Itachi glanced at me, his eyes masked over as they always were in public, "You were uncomfortable." He stated. I couldn't help but smile, it was nice to know how much Itachi cared for my well-being. "Thank you." I said quietly. Itachi stopped and turned to me. I lifted my chin to look up at my boyfriend, I could tell by the look in his eyes that Itachi was going to kiss me in the middle of Konoha's busiest street. My tongue darted out to wet my lips nervously as Itachi began leaning down to kiss me.

Our lips were inches apart when someone called out, "Itachi-sama! Tora-san!" Itachi turned with a murderous look on his face, his eyes spinning red, and I couldn't stop the giggle raising in my throat when the boy went white with fear of the infuriated Uchiha. "Do you need something?" I asked the boy. He turned to me, eyes still on Itachi, his mouth opening and closing like a fish, trying to form words and failing. "Spit it out." Itachi growled, apparently he didn't like being interrupted. I made a mental note to tease him later. The boy finally managed to stutter out, "H-H-Hok-Hokag...w-w-w-want-ss b-b-oth of y-you n-n-now. F-fol-fol-low m-m-m-me, pu-pu-puh-please." Itachi and I exchanged a glance, since when did the Hokage send out a messenger to find us?

The boy, still traumatized over Itachi's rare explosion of anger, darted as soon as he showed us to a traditional house near the Hyuuga Compound. Itachi, his emotions locked back deep within him, seemed mildly amused, "Am I that frightening?" He mused to the air. I answered anyway, "Yes." Itachi shot me a look while I smiled prettily at him. "You are very intimidating, Itachi-sama." I continued, earning a glare from my boyfriend. Luckily for me, I had built an immunity to his glares over the years I had known him; still I was glad when Lady Tsunade opened the door, preventing Itachi from doing anything to me. "Follow me." She said flatly. Itachi and I turned serious, knowing whatever was going on wasn't a laughing matter.

The room Tsunade lead us to was dimly lit and ill kept. I shivered, reminded briefly of my father's house. Four people were lounging around room, a man in his late forties, two white haired twelve year olds, obviously twins, and Mitsuko. I frowned questioningly at my former student, wondering what she was doing here. The man snarled, "I don't know what all this is about. My kids were only practicing-" Lady Tsunade finished for him, her voice hard, "A jutsu that has been recently tied to a wanted criminal." I glanced at the twins. At a closer inspection I noticed that they really weren't identical. The boy's white hair had a more greyish tint to it, and his eyes were darker than his twin sister. Both sat close together, their orangish eyes wide as they stared at the adults, both their hands clasp tightly between them. Mitsuko spoke then, drawing my attention back to the matter at hand, "But they're my friends, and-" Once again Lady Tsunade shot down the protests.

Itachi interceded before anyone else could speak, "Perhaps it would be best to inform Tora and I what exactly happened?" He asked dully. The Hokage motioned to the two kids still sitting on the floor, "These two were caught practicing with nin-owls. Both of you know the significance of owls." Tsunade's eyes cut to mine as she said it, leaving no doubt that somehow this connected with my mother. The man scoffed, "They might, but I don't! What criminal dares to use a jutsu that belongs to the Hottarakashi ni Sareta clan?" Lady Tsunade rolled her eyes, her disgust for arrogant old fools apparent, and said, "A known Akatsuki member has been connected to the use of your clan jutsu." The man opened his mouth, but Tsunade held up a hand, answering his next question, "She is known as Hikaru."

The old man shot to his feet, "What do you mean my sister is part of the Akatsuki?!"


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