Chapter 37

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vvv RECAP vvv

The old man scoffed, "What criminal dares to use a jutsu that belongs to the Hottarakashi ni Sareta clan?" Lady Tsunade rolled her eyes, her disgust for arrogant old fools apparent, and said, "A known Akatsuki member has been connected to the use of your clan jutsu." The man opened his mouth, but Tsunade held up a hand, answering his next question, "She is known as Hikaru."

The old man shot to his feet, "What do you mean my sister is part of the Akatsuki?!"


Apparently this was news to everyone, including Lady Tsunade, "What do you mean 'sister'?!" She shouted, her golden eyes wide. Itachi and I exchanged looks, this was an interesting fold of events. The old man, recovering from his surprise remarkably well, said with a dark look, "Hottarakashi ni Sareta Hikaru was my younger sister. She was- is- the prodigy of the clan, brilliant and skilled enough to have been teamed with the rookie of her year: Uchiha Fugaku." There was no missing the pride lacing the man's voice, or denying that the woman he was talking about was definitely my mother. Lady Tsunade seemed to catch onto his arrogant tone as well, "That's a lot of pride coming from you, especially since Hikaru is a known criminal." She said scornfully.

One of the twins, the girl, jumped up, "Father, why didn't you tell us that we had an aunt?" She asked, her ember colored eyes accusing. Her twin brother seemed feel the same way as his sister. The man glared at the girl for speaking, "Because I didn't want you to come in contact with her child." My back stiffened at the mention of me, Itachi glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and took a step closer to me. The girl tilted her head, confused. Lady Tsunade scowled, "I'll have you know that Hikaru's daughter is one of the most loyal shinobi Konoha has to offer." The Hokage snapped. I thought it was strange and oddly amusing that Tsunade hadn't revealed me yet; or that no one figured out that I was Hikaru's daughter, we did look alike after all. The man snorted, "She's a disgrace is what she is. Dragging down my clan's name and causing her mother all sorts of grief. I say she got what she deser-"

I punched him.

Everyone was silent as the old man rocked back in his seat, his hand going to cradle his bruising jaw as his muddy orange eyes glared into my own. "What the hell was that for?!" He roared at me. My fist was cocked back, ready to land another punch, while I glared at him. I probably would have punch him again too, if Itachi hadn't yanked me away from him; his Sharingan activated and glowing brightly in the dim house. The old man glared at Lady Tsunade, "If you invite a shinobi into my house I expect to be respected as clan leader and not be assaulted by upstart brats who can't seem to keep their noses out of my family business." He snapped at the Hokage. Tsunade had a hard time repressing a smile, "Apparently you don't recognize these... 'upstart brats,' do you?" Before the man could answer Tsunade waved a hand towards Itachi and I, "I'm sure you recognize Uchiha Itachi, the leader of the Uchiha clan." The twins still sitting on the floor shot looks of admiration towards Itachi, Mitsuko giggled at their expressions and leaned down to whisper something in the girl's ear. Her orange eyes widened and darted to meet mine, a look of glee flickering across her face. Apparently Mitsuko was spreading gossip again. The old man opened his mouth again, much to my dismay, drawing our attention back to him, "And what does that have to do with the girl hitting me?"

Lady Tsunade was enjoying his confusion too much, she grinned evilly, "Well, it could be that she was offended. Or maybe she didn't agree with you..." "THAT'S NO REASON TO HIT A PERSON! It wasn't any of her business!" The man shouted. "I say it was." I snapped, speaking for the first time since I entered the house. "Explain yourself." The man growled back at me. I scowled darkly at him, "If you plan to gossip like an old woman, please refrain from talking about a person when they are present in a room. I don't appreciate being discussed like I'm not here." I said in a manner that was sure to make Itachi proud. Glancing at my boyfriend, I discovered the purpose of the high collared shirts the Uchiha wore, it hid Itachi's smirk perfectly from everyone else.

The old man's mouth moved up and down like a fish our of water, before he finally sputtered, "Y-You can't be Hikaru's daughter, that girl disappeared into the streets years ago!" My whole body shook with anger, it was all I could do not to hit him again, "Obviously she didn't." I growled, but the man, my uncle, wasn't listening to me anymore, "Hikaru should have never giving birth to you, you're the reason why my sister turned rogue. It's your fault my family is dying out, your fault that my children are-" I had enough of everyone blaming me for everything, it had been that way since my birth, from my father to the village, and now my own uncle. I was tired of it all.

So I punched him again.

This time Itachi dragged me out of the house without a good-bye, not that anyone was paying attention to us, they were all amused at my uncle's helpless state. Itachi didn't let go of my arm until we were far away from my uncle's house. I knew he was angry, but I refused to feel ashamed for what I did, I honestly believed that my so called 'uncle' deserved what he got, if not more. Itachi glanced at me out of the corner of his eye and opened his mouth, probably to scold me. I spoke before he could, "I'm not going to apologize." I said flatly and I meant it. I didn't care if Itachi threw me in a room with my uncle and refused to let me out until I said I was sorry, I would die before that happened. Itachi raised an eyebrow, "I wasn't going to tell you to apologize." He said. I gave him a look, "You're angry at something, I assumed it was at my rude behavior." I pointed out. Itachi actually chuckled and leaned down so that his lips brushed my ear, and murmured softly, "No... I'm mad because you hit him before I could."


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