Chapter 38

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It was my day off from both the hospital and missions, something that hadn't happened since the Akatsuki started becoming a problem, and I decided to do the laundry that had been piling up over the past months. Tenshi sat at my feet, playing with the clothespins I used to hang the wet laundry up. I found it strange how well Tenshi could manipulate the pins into looking like people, considering she was blind. As I dragged a pair of Reiko's shirts out of the basket and dunked it in the wash bin to be scoured, Tenshi asked, "Mama, what's marry?" I shot my daughter a strange look, even though she couldn't see it, and asked, "Why are you asking?"

Tenshi shrugged, "My friends say that Itachi-chichi can't be my daddy unless he marries you. Will you marry him so I can call him as my daddy?" I brought a wet hand up to my face and groaned, of all the questions Tenshi could have asked, it had to be that one. "Tenshi..." I started, feeling the hot flare of a blush filling my cheeks. I really didn't want to discuss this, but I had to. "Sweetie, Itachi is whoever you claim him to be. He may not be your... legal father like I am your mother, but in your heart he is your daddy. Do you understand?" I looked down at the four year old to see her blind gaze staring in the general direction of my face, her brow puckered in confusion. "Huh?" She said tilting her head. I reached down to brush her hair out of her face, getting it wet in the process, and said, "To everyone else, Itachi isn't seen as your father because he's not married to me, since I'm your legal guardian. But because you say he's your daddy, he is. Just like you say Sasuke is your uncle, even though I don't claim him as my brother." Tenshi's cloudy eyes filled with understanding, "Oh... so Itachi-chichi is my daddy because I say he is?" I sighed, that was as much as I was going to get a four year old to understand, I tapped her nose playfully, "Precisely, now hand me one of those clothespins." I clarified. Tenshi giggled and held up one of the older ones, still determined to play with the ones in her hands.

My daughter was quiet for a few more minutes before she asked, "Mama? You still didn't say what marry is." I groaned and hung my head, giving up on the hope that Tenshi would forget the topic. "Marriage is..." I had no clue how to put it in terms so a four year old could understand. "A union between a man and woman who love each other enough to spend the rest of their lives together." Itachi said behind me. I gasped and spun towards him, the fabric in my hands slipping from my fingers. Tenshi laughed and ran for Itachi, "Chichi!" She cried gleefully, her arms out reached to hug her father. Just before she reached him, however, Tenshi tripped, only to be scooped up in Itachi's arms before she could hit the ground. I had to suppress the girlish squeal rising in my throat at the picture that Itachi and Tenshi made.

Tenshi showed Itachi her clothespin people, which Itachi admired then turned his attention to me, "Need help?" He asked. I shot him an amused look, "Doesn't the high and mighty Uchiha clan leader have an important meeting to attend?" I teased as I folded one of Tenshi's kimonos over the line. Itachi put Tenshi down and joined me at the wash bin, "I just got out of one. I thought the three of us could do something today." Tenshi gasped in happiness, but I shook my head, "Not until I get the laundry done. I'm not putting it off again." Itachi rolled up his sleeves and dipped his arms into the washing bin and drew out one of my sleeping shirts, but I snatched it away from him, "It will get done faster if I help, you know." Itachi commented. I gave him a look, "I'm not dating you just so you can do my chores." I said. Itachi smirked and took out another article of clothing from the water, this time it was Reiko's pants, "I know that, Tora, but I want to help." I glared at him, but didn't stop him this time. It would be useless and stupid to keep persisting that Itachi should let me do the chores alone. I rolled my eyes and flung my sleeping shirt over the line, "Fine..." I finally agreed, Itachi laughed at my reluctance.

Hours later I finally unclasped the last shirt from the drying line and gave it to Itachi to fold, he then passed it to Tenshi who placed the folded item carefully in the overly full basket of clothes, all folded neatly and ready to be put away. Itachi carried the basket into the house and placed it with the other two on the kitchen counter. Tenshi and I followed him inside, "Are you going to put them up too?" Itachi asked, resting his arm against one of the baskets. I smiled and shook my head, "No, Reiko can do that. I'm sure Tenshi is ready to spend the day with you." Tenshi grabbed my skirt, "You're coming too, Mama, right?" She asked, anxiety starting to lace her voice. I laughed and scooped her up, "Of course, sweetie. But I get to see you everyday, you don't get to see your chichi very much." As if to prove my point, Tenshi leaned away from me, towards where she had last heard Itachi's voice, "Daddy, carry me!" I rolled my eyes and handed Tenshi over to Itachi, who shot me a smug look. I gave him a dirty look, wondering if a kiss would wipe that smile off his face.


I scooted a little closer to Itachi, feeling uncomfortable with all the stares I was getting. Without looking, Itachi wrapped his free arm around my waist and pulled me even closer. I could feel the scorching glares of the fangirls trying to burn a hole in the back of my head, "Don't pay any attention to them, Tora." Itachi whispered quietly. I laid my head on his shoulder as we walked, my own arm slipping around his waist, "It's hard to ignore all the stares though." I whispered back. Instead of answering Itachi shot a general glare over my head, and suddenly everyone had something more interesting to look at then my boyfriend and I. I giggled, "I wish I could command attention like that." I said. Itachi tightened his arm around me in a sideways hug, "Maybe one day you will, anata." Of course I blushed.

Tenshi tugged on my split skirt, "Mama, can I get a doggy?" She asked sweetly. I looked down at my daughter then up at the Inuzuka clan member a few feet away, the puppies she was selling yapping their heads off. I ruffled my daughter's hair, but she swatted my hand away, only her favorite uncles were allowed to do that, "I said we'd get you one for your birthday, didn't I?" I answered. Tenshi pouted and toddled over until she wrapped her thin arms around Itachi's leg, "Daddy, can you buy me one?" She asked. I frowned at my daughter, I knew she liked to get a 'second opinion' on a matter, but never did she do it so blatantly. Itachi looked from my stern face to Tenshi's hopeful one. "Sorry, koibito, your mother already said no." Tenshi pouted, "You never do anything for me." She grumbled, her arms crossing. Itachi's eyebrows drew together, "Tenshi..." He warned, she didn't hear him. Instead false tears began pooling in her sightless eyes, "You don't love me! My real mommy and daddy would buy me a puppy! They-" I didn't hear anymore because Itachi grabbed Tenshi and dragged her down an alley. I could tell by the look on his face that Itachi wasn't in the mood for games. I didn't know if I should feel sorry for Tenshi, or cheer Itachi on.

I stood in the middle of the street, watching Itachi tower over Tenshi, scolding her. Tenshi was crying hard, but Itachi wasn't moved by her tears. If anything, they seemed to make him even more irritated. Finally he straightened and Tenshi shot away from him, coming right towards me, "Mommy, Daddy's being mean!" She wailed as she collided with my legs. I bent down and picked her up, settling my little girl on my hip as Itachi rejoined us, "Tenshi, you were being rude and mean first. Do you know how much it hurts me when you say your real mama? It makes me feel like you don't want me to be your mother." I said seriously. Tenshi sniffed and rubbed the back of her fist over her eyes, but didn't say anything. Itachi spoke, his tone stern, "Tenshi, what did I tell you?" My daughter jumped a little and looked in the direction of her father, then in a small voice she said, "I sorry, Mama." I hugged her close, tucking her head under my chin, "I forgive you, baby." I whispered back, stroking her raven hair in a calming gesture as she silently sobbed into my shoulder.

When Tenshi stopped crying I pulled back, "Now, how about some ice cream instead of a puppy?" I asked in a cheerful voice. Tenshi hesitated then nodded almost timidly. As Itachi and I started walking again, I slid my free hand into his and smiled at him. It was painful to watch Tenshi being scolded, but I knew she needed it and I was glad Itachi was the one who finally did it. Itachi smiled back, but it didn't quiet reach his depthless onyx eyes.


After Itachi bought Tenshi ice cream, he turned to me, "Want to share dango with me?" He asked. I raised my eyebrows at him in mock surprise, "Uchiha Itachi... offering to share dango? What's next, Naruto saying he can't finish his second bowl of ramen?" I teased. Itachi didn't look amused, he shrugged, "Fine more for me..." He said and started to turn away again. I caught his arm, "Wait a minute! I didn't say anything about not wanting dango!" Dango was something that Itachi had gotten me addicted to over the years, though I never went as far as boiled cabbage. Itachi chuckled, "I know. Here, take Tenshi and go find a seat." My boyfriend handed me the blind little girl, her small pink tongue busily lapping at her ice cream. She was too occupied to even know she had exchanged parents.

When I sat her down on a bench, she finally noticed that Itachi wasn't with us, "Where's daddy?" She asked, tugging at my sleeve. I wrapped an arm around her shoulders and pulled her in close, "He's getting dango for me and him." I said. Tenshi swung her legs in the air, silent for a moment before saying "Oh... can I have some?" I laughed, "Sweetie, you wouldn't like it. You've had it before remember?" My daughters face scrunched up in confusion, trying to think of a time when she turned her nose up at food which was rare. Tenshi hardly ever turned down food, something both Reiko and I pounded into her at an early age. Since both of us had survived malnutrition and true hunger we didn't like turning away from any food and as a result Tenshi didn't either. I rolled my eyes, "You remember, those little sugared dumplings Itachi gave you last year at the Fire Festival." Tenshi's face twisted in a look of disgust as she remembered the dango she had tried. I laughed again.

Itachi came back then, carrying a plate of steaming dangos with him. He frowned at Tenshi's screwed up expression, "What's wrong with her?" He asked me as he sat down on the other side of Tenshi. I chuckled and patted Tenshi's back, "She's just remembering that time when she tried dango, that's all." I said as I snagged the first stick off the plate and popped the red dango into my mouth. Tenshi stuck her tongue out in disgust, "Don't make me eat dango! I promise I'll never be bad again!" She begged. Itachi and I both laughed knowing she would never keep that promise, intentionally or accidental. Reaching over Tenshi's head, Itachi slowly dragged the dango stick out of my mouth, making the red dango fall off into my mouth, and popped the remaining two dumplings in his own mouth. I glared at him, "Thief." I grumbled, but couldn't stop the blush creeping up my neck. Itachi smirked.


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