Chapter 4

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Three days passed before we reached our desitination. Gai held up a hand, stopping all of us in our tracks. He turned to Itachi, "Raven, I suggest we split up." Itachi nodded silently and the ANBU team disengaged themselves from the Chuunin. Shisui spoke, "One of the medics should go with us." Kazeko, wearing some type of canine mask, huffed, "What, I'm not good enough?" I rolled my eyes, the Hyuuga twins were full of themselves, but they followed Itachi's orders without question.

Gai answered her, "Tora and Ruri are specialists. It would be better to have a more skilled on your team if we're going against S-Ranked criminals." Kazeko retaliated, "I'm ANBU, I know plenty about healing!" Itachi put a end to the bickering by standing and saying, "Tora will come with us. We head east." No one dared question the head of the Uchiha clan and the captian of Team Four. I gave Ruri a brief smile before following the ANBU team. I just hoped I would see my friend again.


"Incoming!" Shisui shouted and I dodged out of the bombs way, cursing. We had met up with Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi as they tried to retrieve Gaara-sama's body from a homicidal Akatsuki bomber. The man laughed, "You should have let that hit you. It would improve your looks." "Maybe you should follow your own advice!" I snapped as I threw senbon needles at him. The blonde Akatsuki dodged the attack easily. Naruto charged forward, two clones flanking him. The Akatsuki effortlessly avoided the Resengan in Naruto's hand.

The three Uchihas followed Naruto's attack, with the Hyuuga twins as back up. The man laughed, "Do you really need to team up on me? I'm touched that you think I'm so dangerous." I attempted to dodge around him and snatch Gaara-sama's body away but the blonde prevented me by throwing bombs. I snarled at him as I jumped back.

Finally, Itachi managed to cut off the bomber's remaining arm. While Itachi, Shisui, and Sasuke surrounded the helpless Akatsuki, Naruto picked up Gaara's body, tears in his blue eyes. I knew he was angry, I knew how much he had related with the former Kazekage, and how much it hurt him that they still treated him like a weapon. He disappeared without telling anyone where he was going. No one tried to follow him.

Suddenly there was a shout and Kizoku went flying and fell limp against a tree trunk. Kazeko screamed and tried to rush to her brother, but a kunai struck her in the back and she went down. I lept out of the way as another kunai, one that would have pierced my throat, skimmed my neck. A sharp pain flared then died as my adrinaline rose. A woman laughed somewhere above us, "Why Deidara, you look like you're in trouble." The blonde said nothing. A pale figure stepped forward, also wearing an Akatuki cloak. His black hair hung limply over his yellow eyes and crazed smile. All of us stiffened, Orochimaru- the greatest enemy to Konoha. "Leader-sama sent us to fetch you, Deidara." He hissed.

We all tensed, prepared to do whatever it takes to take them both out. The woman laughed again, her voice falling all around us, untraceable. My eyes darted upwards, trying to find the woman, and all hell broke loose. Deidara managed to get away from Uchihas, but only because they three of them were focused on the more dangerous threat. The blonde Akatsuki ran straight for me, his tattered sleeves fluttering uselessly around him. Before I could attack him, someone struck me in the side, making me stumble. He slipped past me easily, Kakashi on his tail.

I turned to my attacker, only to find no one was there. Confused I glanced around, the only other enemy in the clearing were Orochimaru, and he was too busy trying to kill Itachi, Shisui and Sasuke. There was no way he could attack me. Suddenly I felt something around my ankle, I looked down long enough to see a vine wrapping around my leg before it yanked me off my feet. I managed to get a startled yelp out as it whisked me away.

I tumbled down a long rough slope, my instinct as an acrobat kept my from breaking my neck. Finally I landed in another clearing, this one disected by a fat slow river. Laughter filled the air, high and girlish, "Oh you should have seen you're face!" I got to my feet, dusting the leaves and dirt off my clothes, "You got me alone, so why don't you show yourself?" I asked flatly. The woman giggled, "You're sure are a bossy little brat." I rolled my eyes and turned as if to leave, vines surrounded the clearing, caging me in. I sighed and faced the river again. This was going to take forever.

"Come out. Now." A dark blur caught the corner of my eye and I turned to see a figure leap to another branch high in the trees. "Found you." The woman, her face still in the shadows, crossed her arms, "You're quick. That's no fun." I rolled my eyes, "I'm not here to have fun. Show yourself!" The woman laughed and jumped to the ground across the river from me. I couldn't help but gasp at her face. Her raven hair had streaks of grey in it, and it was duller than mine. But the thing that caught my attention was her eyes, there weren't many people with orange eyes in the world. Her eyes were darker than mine, almost to the point of being caramel brown, but I could tell they were orange. She flashed me a grin, "Hello, Tora..."


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