Chapter 39

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A very trying week later Team Ame and Team Kakashi was sent on another dual mission, luckily there was no freaky flirt this time, we were sent out to guard a sacred temple that had been threatened recently. Fortunately Sasuke had gone on an ANBU mission with his brother's team, saving all of us the headache of Karin's fangirling this time, but that meant that Sai had joined us to replace Sasuke. It was five minutes before I learned why exactly Sasuke and Sakura had wanted to murder the teen, he didn't have a mind filter. Whatever Sai thought came out of that cursed mouth of his, no matter how perverse it was.

"Ugh! I'm so bored! Why do we have to guard this sticking temple? What's so special about a bunch of ruins in the middle of nowhere?" Naruto groaned. I glanced at the blonde before tossing my kunai I was playing with at the ground between my feet. I couldn't help but agree with him, still he didn't have to make a big deal about it. Toppi, snuggled up beside me, lifted his head, "Tora-san? How long do we have to stay here?" He asked me, his voice heavy with sleep. I threw an arm over his skinny shoulders and pulled my young teammate closer, "Until morning. Go to sleep, Naruto and I can handle the watch." I told him. Toppi was already nodding off again, a large yawn preventing him from answering me. There were three entrances to the temple, so the we had split into three-man teams to watch the entrances. Naruto, Toppi and I took the eastern side while Ame, Arashi, and Sakura took the north and Kakashi, Sai, and Karin took the south entrance. So far nothing had happened.

Thunk. My kunai landed in the ground, standing erect in the center of the circle I had drawn. Naruto groaned and flopped down beside me, "Why can't this night end?" He asked the air. I rolled my eyes at him, "Naruto... stop behaving foolishly." I scolded. The teen shot me a look, "Geez, you're even starting to talk like an Uchiha... won't be too long before you have a little mini Itachi-sama on your hip." I stiffened and glared at the blonde, who was holding his hands up in surrender, "If you want to kill someone, kill Sasuke. He's the one who paid me to say that." The genin confessed hurriedly before I could end his life. I pursed my lips, making a mental note to murder a certain meddling Uchiha the next time I saw him. Naruto snickered behind me, "You should have seen your face, Tora-san!" I glared at the boy, "Would you stop calling me that? It's weird."

Naruto tilted his head, "Why? Everyone else I know does, besides Reiko and the Uchiha." He pointed out. I shifted uncomfortably, "I don't like it, it makes me feel... uncomfortable." Naruto sat up, his expression serious, "Because you were the Tiger Demon before?" He probed. I had no clue why I was actually opening up to him, but I nodded. Naruto shrugged, "So? No one calls you that anymore, why let it bother you?" I eyed the kid, "And since when did you become so serious?" I asked snippishly. Naruto gave his signature goofy grin, "Exactly three seconds ago!" He laughed and I couldn't help but laugh with him. Naruto nudged me with his foot, "Now, answer my question." He said, turning serious again. I shrugged, "I honestly don't know." Naruto blinked his bright blue eyes, "That's not an answer." He commented. I glared at him, "It's more complicated then you think." I growled. Naruto scoffed, "All Uchiha's are the same, think they have to keep secrets." He muttered as he turned away from me.

I scowled, "I'm not an Uchiha!" I snapped. Naruto laughed, "Oh yes you are! Or you will be, given time." I blushed scarlet and looked away, "Just... pay attention to guarding and stop bothering me." I grumbled. Naruto snickered, "I plan to earn the money Shisui gave me to embarrass you." He said. I shot him a suspicious look, "I thought Sasuke gave you the money..." Naruto was grinning from ear to ear, "Him too. I don't think you understand how much your future relatives enjoy torturing you. I mean even your husband-to-be likes making you blush all the time and-" "SHUT UP, UZUMAKI NARUTO!" I roared at the top of my lungs, causing Toppi to jerk awake, his hands scrabbling for his weapons. Naruto fell over laughing, cradling his stomach as his mirth overtook him, while Toppi just stared at the both of us like we were crazy. My fists curled as the blonde continued to laugh.

When morning came I dragged Toppi and Naruto back to the rendezvous point. Ame raised an eyebrow at Naruto's injured state then at my stoney expression, "What happened?" My team leader asked concerned. Toppi piped up, "Naruto was just figuring out that Tora-san actually has a temper." I glared at the twelve year old. Arashi and Ame snorted, knowing how I reacted when I lost my temper. Naruto pouted as he fingered one of his bruises, "Beating on teammates should be illegal." He grumbled to himself. I shot him a look, "You're not my teammate, and you deserved it anyway." Sakura snickered, "He always does." She reassured me and Naruto cast a betrayed look at the pink haired girl to which I grinned.


The minute I heard that ANBU Team Four had already returned from their mission, I left for the Uchiha Compound, not even bothering to tell Ame or Kakashi where I was going, since they knew anyway. I could hear my team laughing behind me, probably thinking I was just eager to see Itachi again. I was, but that wasn't the top priority at the moment. Right now I needed to have a little talk with two certain Uchihas, one that probably ended with someone being killed. I didn't even bother knocked as I slammed open the door, "SHISUI! SASUKE!" I thundered the minute I was inside the main house. Mikoto poked her head out the kitchen door, surprise evident in her dark eyes, "Tora, if you're looking for them, they're in the training grounds..." She hesitated then asked, "...Is something the matter?" I managed to give the Uchiha woman the politest smile I could, "So far I only have a question for them. It depends on their answer if there is a problem or not." I said cryptically then turned around and left. I heard Mikoto call out, "Please don't hurt them too much!" No promises.

I heard them long before I reached the Uchiha Clan's private training grounds. Their sharp yells of battle floated in the air along with the sound of metal clashing upon metal and the solid thunk of kunais hitting trees. As I reached the lip of the training ground I couldn't help but stop and admire my boyfriend shirtless as he, his cousin, and his younger brother fought each other. I crossed my arms and waited for the fight to come to a close, knowing it would be stupid and dangerous to go down into the grounds while the three top shinobi of Konoha battled. Even if it was just practice, these three men took all their battles seriously. It seemed that their spar had just started, so I slid to the ground to watch the on goings, I could pick a bone with Shisui and Sasuke afterwards.

Sasuke ran for his brother, his katana back, ready to strike with a solid horizontal cut that would have decapitated the older Uchiha if he hadn't dodged the attack. Shisui, momentarily siding with Sasuke, leapt over Sasuke and foolishly threw kunais at his cousin. Itachi threw his own kunais to counter the attack, each knife colliding with each other and falling uselessly to the ground. Itachi drew six kunais then, three in each hand, and threw all six at Shisui and making the eldest Uchiha retreat, then turning to Sasuke and striking out at his brother with three more kunai. Both Uchihas managed to dodge the attack quickly, but barely succeeded in escaping the second wave Itachi had thrown at them. I saw one kunai nick Shisui in the arm as he ducked under Sasuke's katana. With a roundhouse kick, Shisui managed to throw the youngest Uchiha off him before charging for Itachi again. My boyfriend leapt back away from Shisui's senbon needles and managed a perfect butterfly kick in his cousin's stomach. I smiled, that had been one of the few things I had been able to teach Itachi from my acrobat days. Shisui was thrown into Sasuke and they both tumbled to the ground, but Itachi didn't press his advantage. Instead he held off, wanting to continue the fight a little longer.

Sasuke kicked his cousin off him and stabbed at Shisui, Shisui quickly drew is own sword to block Sasuke's attack and they exchanged a few private blows before Sasuke disarmed Shisui and sent the blade straight for Itachi. The Uchiha clan leader knocked the blade away with his own, a rare show since Itachi hardly drew his katana, and made the hand signs for one of his fireballs. Shisui and Sasuke, using their Sharingan, copied him and soon three large fireballs were colliding with each other, trying to overpower the other two. I sighed, this could last forever. Maybe I should have stayed and talked with Mikoto a little, but I was set on murdering Shisui and Sasuke.

The fight lasted for two more hours. By the time Itachi finally knocked Shisui unconscious and held Sasuke at sword point, I had dodged a few wayward kunais and senbon needles that had accidentally flown at me when they were blocked. On top of that, the training ground was scorched with all the fire jutsus the three Uchihas had used. Rolling my eyes I stood and made my way down the hill that kept the area secluded. Itachi and Sasuke both snapped their attention to me when I moved then immediately relaxed when they saw who it was. Itachi smiled when I drew near and Sasuke rolled his eyes. My boyfriend began remove his katana from Sasuke's neck but I held up a finger, "I have a question for Sasuke before you let him up." I said. Itachi shot his younger brother a questioning look, who was more pale than he usually was almost to the point that he was completely white. Well, at least I didn't have to beat the answer out of him.

I nudged the teen with my foot, "Did you, or did you not, pay Naruto to humiliate me with very personal questions?" I asked. Itachi's eyes flashed red as he glared at Sasuke. The younger Uchiha tried to play aloof, but under his brother's hard gaze he was failing horribly. "What?" Itachi growled. Sasuke actually gulped, "Shisui started it." He mumbled. My boyfriend's gaze snapped to the still unconscious Shisui sprawling on the ground next to us. I had a feeling that the Uchiha was going to regret ever waking up. Itachi looked at his younger brother out of the corner of his eye, "You will give Tora the same amount you used to pay Naruto off. And I had better not hear of another incident like this ever again. Is that understood?" Sasuke looked away glumly, but he didn't try to argue with his older brother and clan leader. Itachi never lost an argument, it would be stupid to try and win. Sasuke glared at me, I just gave him an innocent look back.

It wasn't my fault my boyfriend was protective over me.


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