Chapter 40

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Also, for some reason the second half of the chapter keeps going screwy, so you'll have to use contexts clues to read if it does mess up. For some reason there's a lot of Japanese Kanji that keep showing up and spaces and quotation marks that keep disappearing... O.o


"Hey Tora, make sure you cook lots of ramen." Reiko said as he came in after training with his team. I glared at my brother, "Why do you always invite Naruto over? He has his own family to eat with." I snapped, though I didn't really mean it. I wasn't angry at the blonde knucklehead anymore for those paid pranks. Now I was just irritated at all the gossip that had gotten out about it. Reiko smirked at me, "Awww, is poor Kitty tired of all the gossip?" He asked in a teasing voice. I tossed a handful of flour at my brother, "Only Shisui had rights to use that nickname, Reiko." I said, trying to keep a serious face, but was failing miserably. We both ended up laughing and having a flour war that turned the kitchen white. I was just glad that Tenshi was spending the night with the Uchihas, the last thing I needed was a four year old covered in flour.

My finely powdered brother sneezed, causing a cloud of flour to life off him. I shook my head and returned to making the noodles, "You really need to learn how to dodge." I commented. I was relatively unmarked, except for a few sprinkling here and there. Having been friends with Shisui and Ruri, both exceptional pranksters in their own name, on top of being a former acrobat, gave me good reflexes. Reiko pouted, "You have an unfair advantage." He whined, much like the little kid I had practically raised. I smirked at him over my shoulder, "Don't go pulling my tail unless you know you will win." Reiko blinked at me for a few minutes, then burst out laughing. I smiled as I turned back to my work, our sibling rivalry was becoming increasingly uncommon, so much that it seemed at times like I didn't even know my own brother.

"HEY WHAT'S COOKING?! IT SMELLS GREAT!" Naruto shouted from the kitchen doorway. I rolled my eyes, of course the blond idiot didn't even bother to knock like a normal person, but then Reiko's friends never knocked. I shot Naruto a nasty look, to which he yelped and leapt behind the flour covered Reiko. I guess I hadn't totally forgiven Naruto yet. Reiko sighed, "You know, Tora, I invited Naruto over so he could apologize to you." I raised an eyebrow, "Oh?" I asked casually. Naruto swallowed and peaked over my brother's shoulder at me, "Uh... sorry, Tora... for teasing you about Itachi-sama." I could have laughed at Naruto's obvious anxiety. Instead I shrugged, "Eh, I'm more angry at Shisui and Sasuke for putting you up to it." Naruto began to relax. I smirked, "Itachi took care of them though." I added and Naruto paled so that he was almost as white as Reiko. My brother sighed and shook his head, as if I were a hopeless cause. Maybe everyone was right and I was turning into an Uchiha.


I had learned long ago to make a giant pot of ramen, scoop out two bowls for me and Reiko, then give the rest to Naruto. It was easier and saved me the pain of having to keep serving the bottomless pit commonly known as Naruto. It always made me a little ill to see how much the teen could put away without flinching. Reiko and I watched as Naruto finished drinking down the last of the ramen, our small bowls stacked neatly with our used chopsticks resting on the top bowls brim. After spending most of our life scraping just enough food together to keep from starving, Reiko and I had developed small appetites. We never ate more than a single helping, if we even finished that.

Naruto slammed the now empty pot down with gusto, "Yeah, best ramen of the week!" He shouted, as was his way. I rolled my eyes, "You're just saying that because it's the beginning of the week." I muttered. Naruto laughed, "Nope! I mean it, nothing can beat your cooking, Tora-san, believe it!" He said, then gave me an enthusiastic thumbs up, though it wasn't as bad as Lee or Gai's thumb of youthful approval. Reiko snickered, "You won't ever make her believe it. Tora is convinced she's a horrible cook, even though a picky eater like Sasuke loves her food." I glared at my brother while Naruto burst out in a robust laugh. "Yeah, Tora-san, where did you learn to cook?" Naruto asked. I shrugged, "I just picked up on things." I replied. "Like my sister, Akarui!" Naruto proclaimed. I stiffened at the mention of Naruto's rude little sister, as did Reiko. I had met her only twice, and both times she gave me the impression of a haughty and condescending brat. The first time she had accused me of trying to hurt her, back when I was still called the Tiger Demon; I never forgot that.

Naruto leaned back, oblivious to the sudden tense room, "Yep, best food I ever had. Not even Mom can cook as good as you." He said proudly, patting his stomach. I stood and collected the dishes, "Don't let her hear that. Isn't your mother very bad tempered?" I asked. Naruto grimaced and nodded, "She's not called the Red Hot-Blooded Habanero for nothing." Reiko smirked at Naruto, obviously knowing something I didn't know, "So what did she say when you told her?" He asked. Naruto shot my brother a dirty look, "Be quiet." He mumbled. I mentally shrugged off the curiosity of their conversation as I collected the dishes, it wasn't my business. As I carried the dishes to the kitchen and began to wash them, I could hear my brother and Naruto's conversation, but most of it didn't interest me- just the talk of teenage boys. My ears pricked up when I heard Reiko ask, "Hey, why isn't Akarui a shinobi? Isn't she your twin or something?" I walked back in the main room as Naruto shrugged, "Eh, she's actually adopted, but we are the same age.

A thought occurred to me, "Wouldn't you be the one who was adopted?" I asked as I sat back down. Naruto shot me a confused look as Reiko perked up, "Hey yeah, you were in the orphanage with me when we were young! So why aren't you the adopted one?" I rolled my eyes to my brother, way to state the obvious. Reiko, seeing my silent annoyance, smirked at me. Naruto chuckled and rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah... there was a slight confusion when Akarui and I were born. Both of us were born at the same time, and there was only one nurse on staff that night. You see, what happened was my mom had me and while the nurse was taking me to the nursery, she was called away to assist with Akarui's mother. Somehow along the way she got confused and Akarui was introduced to my parents as their daughter and I was given to the orphanage since Akarui's real mother died in childbirth and her father was unknown."

Reiko and I shared a look, and I asked, "So... how did they find you?" Naruto grinned, "When I started in the academy my registration papers went to my dad- the Hokage. When he saw my picture, he must of known I was his son. We look a like you know." Reiko laughed, "Yeah, it's on the assumption that since you're the Hokage mini-me that I'm certain Gai-san is Lee's father! They look alike too." My brother said. Naruto's blue eyes hazed over in confusion for a minute before he got it and laughed even louder than my brother. I sighed and shook my head, I would never understand boys and their ability to change a conversation so quickly. I stood, knowing from experience that it was best to let the conversation go. Besides, I needed to go get Tenshi before Itachi spoiled her beyond belief.


I smiled at Ame as she laid back on the examination table, looking more sullen now that her pregnant belly was starting to poke out from her otherwise lithe body. Kakashi stood off to the side, stiff and formal. Though it was their third visit for Ame's monthly check up, I could not get either of the soon-to-be parents to ever relax, "Alright, today is the day we find out the gender. Are you ready?" I asked. Ame just glared at me, her yellow speckled blue eyes trying to drill holes into my head, "I hope you have some perky overexcited medic be your doctor when you're pregnant, Tora." My team leader growled at me. My smile fell off my face at the implication, "Ha ha. You're a comedian, Ame-san." I said flatly. Meanwhile Mitsuko stood at the counter, trying her best to stifle her giggles, and was failing miserably. I glanced over my shoulder, "Mitsuko, if you're going to laugh, kindly put the needles down before you gouge yourself." I snapped at my former student. The black haired gossip machine gently laid the needles down then burst out laughing, bending over and holding her stomach as her laughter shook her body.

When I turned back around Ame was glaring at me, "You did that on purpose." She growled. I smiled at her, "Did what?" I asked innocently, knowing full well about my team leader's aversion to needles. Ame crossed her arms over her swelling chest, "You're the worst pediatrician there is." She grumbled. I shrugged, "No arguments. I specialize in recovery and child care, not early development." Ame, being the surly pregnant woman she was, scowled at me, "So why did I get you and not an expert?" She snapped. I lost my playful mood, "Because our expert pediatrician is still recovering from battle." I said. It didn't take a genius to know that I was talking about Ruri. Ame calmed down and the mood turned darker. Mitsuko, her mirth suddenly gone, silently handed me a syringe with a three inch needle, I tapped the syringe to make sure there was no bubbles, and then slapped Ame's elbow with two fingers repeatedly to make her vein pop up, "You'll feel a slight prick then a numbing sensation. This is normal when your blood is taken. Hold on to Kakashi-san if you start feeling dizzy." I said, falling into my medic mode comfortably. Ame nodded and turned her head away so she wouldn't have to see the needle breach her skin or the deep red liquid fill the vile.

Giving the vile to Mitsuko, I accepted the bandage from her and wrapped Ame's elbow. Then I rolled up my long sleeves and tied back my hair as I explained to Ame and Kakashi what I would be doing step by step. Mitsuko walked around to the other side of the table ready to assist in any way. I pushed up the bottom of Ame's shirt so that her pregnant stomach laid exposed. My team leader shivered at the sudden brush of cool air, "How long will this take?" She asked me. I flashed her a smile, "A few minute only. It's quite painless as well, but you have to hold still." Ame gave me a look, she knew I was being extra perky just to bother her. I refrained from giggling and gently pressed my hand to her stomach, letting the green chakra flow into Ame as I inspected the fetus growing inside her. I frowned slightly, feeling an anomaly. I glanced up at Mitsuko, a whole conversation passing between us silently. Without hesitation she placed her hand next to mine and felt what I did. She pulled away, carefully keeping her expression guarded.

Ame and Kakashi of course, tensed when I frowned. "What is it?" Ame asked, panic starting to lace her voice. Without answering her question I stood and went to retrieve her medical record from the slot on the back of the door. Mitsuko came over as well, leaning over my arm to read the papers of her medical history. Finally I looked up at the alarmed expecting parents, "Does either of your families exhibit birth patterns?" I asked. Ame was breathing heavily, "Tora, you had better tell me what the hell is going on, or I'll show you how bitchy I can be." She growled. I ignored her for Kakashi, but he just looked confused. I rolled my eyes, "Birthing patterns are hereditary, for instance one family could have a birth pattern of singular children one generation, then triplets or twins the next. Some generations will give birth to only boys while the next is to only girls. So I'll ask again, does any of your families have birth patterns that you know of?"

Kakashi seemed to be the only one actually listening to me, "I don't know... I never heard of twins in my family." He mumbled to himself. Ame looked like she wanted to murder me, I decided to stay away from her a little bit longer. Mitsuko giggled while I slid the clipboard back into it's slot, "Well, congratulations anyway. Your children are healthy and developing well." That put a stop to Ame's murderous glares, "...Children...?" She asked hesitantly. I smiled, "You're carrying twins." I don't know whose reaction was more amusing; Ame's face going completely white or Kakashi having to grab hold of the examination table or risk falling to the floor. I bowed politely to them both and herded a laughing Mitsuko out of the room.


SURPRISE! lol, Ame's carrying twins who would of thought. Sorry, no Itachi. I figured I'd let them fluffies cool down a bit before I added more. ;3

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