Chapter 41

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I turned a tight corner, nearly falling down in my haste. The palms of my hands scraping against the ground as I scrambled back into a run. Villagers all jumped out of my way, shouts of surprise going up as I pushed through the thick crowd. I had to hurry, time was crucial. At a particular thick press of people I abandoned trying to run through the streets like a normal person and scaled a wall to run on top of the roofs. I was on a mission and there was nothing that could slow me down, not when time was ticking against me. Still, I kept an eye on the crowd below me, watching for the person I was looking for, just in case he had left where he was last seen.

The minute I saw my target I leapt off the roof and tackled my teammate to the ground, not that I really cared. Arashi groaned beneath me, "Tora what is your problem? Do you hate me so much that you're trying to maim me off duty too?" He growled as he struggled to push me off him. I jumped off the teen and yanked him to his feet, "No time to talk. Ruri is awake, and we don't know how long she'll-" I didn't finish. Arashi was already gone in the crowd, heading straight for the hospital. I sighed and leaned against a wall. My mission was a success, I had gotten to Arashi and told him the news, now I could rest.


Arashi was still at Ruri's bedside when I walked in her room half an hour later. Arashi had one of Ruri's hands clasped between both of his, tears of happiness collecting in his eyes and he continuously kissed his girlfriend. Ruri, though very weak from her prolonged coma and injuries, seemed to have found some reserve strength as she hugged her boyfriend, giggling breathlessly. I was surprised that she hadn't gone back under yet, her desire to see Arashi must have kept her awake for as long. I cleared my throat, breaking their happy reunion. Both of my younger teammates sheepishly looked at me, their cheeks going rosy with embarrassment. I couldn't help the smile crawling up my face, "Welcome back Ruri. We all miss you." Ruri gave me a wane smile back, "I'm glad to be back..." She whispered, her voice raspy and thin. "Wha-?" She started to ask, but I held up a hand, my tone turning clipped and formal, "You know hospital rules. No patient is to know what happened until they are discharged."

Ruri didn't respond, whether from the futility of arguing or fatigue. I let my smile return, "On a happier note: Ame is carrying twins." It was a risk to overexcite someone so soon out of a coma, but I couldn't stand that look of weariness and disappoint on my friend's face. She perked up, " That's... great." She wheezed out between breaths. Arashi smiled tenderly at Ruri, pushing back her bangs and kissed her again, "I'm glad you're okay. These last few months have been hell without you." He said softly. I didn't know if I should leave the room or record the conversation. As I watched the two young lovebirds, I suddenly got an aspect of why everyone was so interested in my relationship with Itachi. I turned my back on them, giving them some privacy since it was hospital regulation that a medic be present when a patient had visitors. I had already let Arashi and Ruri have thirty minutes of privacy.

They spoke for ten more minutes in hushed tones, most of it kissing anyway, before Mitsuko burst in with Ruri's family in tow. I shot a nasty look at the exceeding limit of visitors, but decided to let it pass. Ruri was still in danger, there was still the possibility that if she went back to sleep she wouldn't wake again. This could be the only time anyone got to speak with her and I wasn't going to deprive anyone of that opportunity. I stayed at the window, my back to the room, my ears pricked for any sounds of unrest coming from Ruri. She only sobbed greetings to her family, holding tightly to each member of her family so they wouldn't let go. As I stared out the window down at the hospital entrance below, I couldn't help but wonder how it would be if I had family to wake up to. A real family, not my dysfunctional and broken one. Then I mentally kicked myself, I did have a family. Reiko, Tenshi, Itachi, Shisui, my team, Mitsuko, even Lady Tsunade; they were my real family.


"Isn't this exciting?! Ruri is finally awake. I feel like there is hope!" Mitsuko practically shrieked over lunch. I laughed and tossed a piece of hibachi steak at her, which she caught easily in her mouth. Chewing quickly and swallowing, Mitsuko said, "Yum, best hibachi around." She said, exaggeratedly rubbing her stomach. I rolled my eyes and took another bite of my meal before glancing at my cousins. They both sat there shyly, holding hands, neither of their gazes ever reaching to meet mine. It had taken a lot of convincing on Mitsuko's part to get me to agree to let them come, and so far they hadn't made a peep. It made me wonder if they believed their father that I was a disgrace to their clan and should be eliminated. Mitsuko followed my gaze and shoved Akiko's shoulder, which in turn bumped him into his sister, "Yo, you two cheer up. Tora isn't going to kill you, you know... well as long as you don't ask her about Itachi-sama." I scowled at the hyperactive twelve year old, but she no longer was affected.

Akiko and Akio looked at their friend before shyly looking at me, both in perfect timing of each other. It was a little creepy to see how well in tune the twins were with each other. Akio ducked her head shyly, her ember colored eyes darting from me to Mitsuko, then her brother, and finally back down to the table. Akiko however stared at me boldly, as if daring me to comment. I stared back with what Reiko liked to call my Uchiha Stare. After a moment of holding the staring contest, I raised my eyebrow and my cousin broke eye contact abruptly. Mitsuko rolled her eyes, "Oh geez. The three of you are all idiots. Here I am sticking my neck out to make you friends and you just make everything difficult. Do I have to do everything myself?" Her little tirade was met with three orange-eyed glares.

Someone's hand came down on my head suddenly and I tensed until I heard Shisui say above me, "Of course not, Mitsuko. I'm here to pull Kitty's tail and make sure she behaves. Itachi's orders." My best friend joked. I immediately jerked my elbow back into his gut, causing him to groan and double over, "Yeah right, Uchiha. If Itachi gave you any order it was to go drown yourself." I snapped at him. Shisui smirked and took the remaining empty seat at our table, "I'm wounded, Kitty. Do you care so little for me?" He asked in a mocking hurt voice. I shot him a flat look. A timid giggle burst from Akio, before she blushed and clasped her hands over her mouth. Shisui peered curiously at my cousins, "You know I heard a rumor that some idiot got his lights punched out by Tora for badmouthing her, that true?" He asked them. Silently Akio nodded. Shisui turned to me, "It was also rumored that he was your uncle." It wasn't a question, but I nodded then motioned to the twins, "These two are my... cousins, Akiko and Akio."

Shisui, being Shisui, pointed at Akiko, "If you don't speak I'll tag you with a nickname and never let it go. Isn't that right, Kitty?" I glared at my friend. When we first met I hadn't said a word to the Uchiha and in return got stuck with a stupid nickname. Akiko frowned but didn't answer, apparently he didn't think Shisui would go through with his threat. The Uchiha waved his hand, "Fine, you're Thing One. What about you, sweetheart? Ready to be Thing Two?" The goofiest Uchiha in history asked Akio. My female cousin shook her head quickly. Shisui cupped a hand around his head exaggeratedly, "I don't hear any melodious words coming from your lips... Thing Two." I pinched the bridge of my nose in embarrassment and irritation, while Mitsuko just laughed. I was just about to murder Shisui when Akio whispered, "N-no, Uchiha-san." Shisui grinned and leaned back, "Alright! I got two words out of her. And respect, I like it." I glared at Shisui, "The only respect you're going to get is respect of the dead..." I threatened.

Shisui flinched, "Still angry about that bribery business?" He asked sheepishly. My glare intensified, "I heard Itachi gave you a black eye..." I said. Shisui grimaced and tenderly probed at his still puffy eye, though the coloring had disappeared, "Yeah. Itachi is very protective over you. I remember a time when he didn't care if I teased his girlfriends or not." I cocked my fist back, "I think he went easy on you." Shisui yelped and held up his hands, "Sorry sorry! Forgive me, Kitty, but you're so fun to tease and- OW!" I punched him in the arm. He rubbed where I had hit him, though I hadn't hit him hard, pouting, "Geez. I think that medicine for your leg is still in your system. You're more violent than normal." I stuck my tongue out at him. "And you're more annoying than normal, so we're even." I retorted. Mitsuko, in the meantime, had fallen out of her chair laughing and the twins were grinning. At least Shisui and I provided entertainment if nothing else.


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