Chapter 42

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Ugh, I hate this... It's not even May and already I'm getting dehydrated... BTW forgive me if the first part sucks a little. It's actually an excerpt from a very old and very crappy story that I never published, back when I was not a good writer.


I pressed my headpiece and whispered, "No sign of anyone here, going to scout southeast." My teammates confirmed my message and I stood silently from where I was crouching and turned in the direction I had said. ANBU Team Four, Hana and I had been sent on a rescue mission to some remote village in the Fire Country, where a dangerous S-ranked criminal had attacked and captured several young girls from the village. Help had been sent for immediately, and even after four days of searching, none of us had yet to find him, even with Hana and the Haimaru brothers. The man was good enough to evade all of us long enough to cross the border into River Country. It was then that Itachi contacted Suna, requesting help. It took us all by surprise that the Kazekage and his siblings took the request themselves.

A sudden rustle to my right startled me. I stiffened and crouched in the shadows of the tree I was currently in. A crow erupted from the branched and flew off, cawing. I narrowed my eyes, after being around Itachi and Shisui long enough I knew crows didn't take flight unless something scared them. Or someone. Slipping multiple kunais out of my weapons pouch I tied ninja wire around the handles and distributed them into the trees, effectively creating a trap for anyone who dared come close to me. Hand poised over the hilt of my right katana, I waited.

I didn't have to wait long. All too soon a man stumbled into the trap, the silver wire twanged loudly as he pulled the kunais away from their mooring. The thin wires wrapping around him like the sticky entanglements of a spiderweb. He yelped in surprise and struggled, only making the wire tighten. I narrowed my eyes at my prisoner then cursed, this man was the wrong one. I had to let him go otherwise he would start shouting an alert everyone, enemy and ally, where I was. Jumping down I put a finger to my lips, asking for his silence, and pointed to my Hitai-ate belt, the Konoha insignia stamped clearly in the metal. He didn't speak, but just glared at me. Quickly I unwound the wire and jumped back into a tree, in case he decided to attack anyway. I pointed a somewhat shinobi-free path out to him before disappearing.

Itachi's voice came over my headphone, "What happened?" His voice was devoid of all emotions, like it always was during a mission. "Wrong person. Just a lost civilian." I said. Gaara spoke then, "Where is he going?" "Suna. I sent him towards Temari, if she wants to question him more properly." I responded then cut the conversation off and turned back to the woods. How this criminal managed to get to River Country without getting caught I would never know. As I came across yet another river I sighed, nothing. I would never find this person. Suddenly Hana's frantic voice came over the headpiece, "We found him! Near Tani. Hurry, he's threatening to kill a little girl!" I didn't bother responding as I scrambled into a run.


"Ouch" I grumbled when Hana poked my wound a little too hard. Everyone was giving me stern looks, Itachi most of all, he was almost at the point of glaring. "You knew that was stupid, running in like that." Gaara snapped. If I had been killed it would have been on his head, plus Itachi probably would have killed him in return. I shrugged and twinged again when my wound flared. Hana shook her head, "Stay still Tora!" I sighed and looked back at the Kazekage, "Sorry, having a daughter makes me want to protect kids more." Hana bumped my injury especially hard and I growled, "Are you trying to make me pass out?!"

Itachi spoke then, "Stop blaming Hana, it's your own fault." I was tempted to cross my arms, but that would only stretch my wound farther. I glared at him, my pain making me more irritable, "She still doesn't have to be so rough." I grumbled, half to myself. Hana gave me a dirty look but didn't say anything as she finished bandaging the wound. "There, that should hold until we get back to Konoha." The little girl that I had saved and gotten injured for clung to Temari's leg, watching with wide eyes as Itachi and Shisui helped me stand. They slowly let go and I swayed on my feet for a second before my knees buckled and I started falling, luckily Itachi caught me quickly enough.

Kankuro rolled his eyes, "Why is it that every time we meet, you're always getting hurt?" The purple painted shinobi asked. The Suna nin went white when two pairs of glaring Sharingan turned on him; Gaara's eye twitched when his elder brother hid behind him. Hana and Temari in the meantime looked extremely amused. Suddenly my legs were swept out from under me and I found myself cradled in Itachi's arms. I stayed there, frozen for a moment, before glaring at my boyfriend, "What are you doing?" I hissed. Itachi ignored me in favor for our audience, most of whom were beyond delighted. I could already tell what they were going to be talking about when they returned home, "Tora and I will go ahead." Itachi said flatly. I glared and opened my mouth to argue, but he turned and jumped into the trees, leaving my breath behind us. I settled for a scorching glare.


Five days later, I sat in my hospital bed, arms crossed over my chest, glowering into the distance. Ruri, having stopped by my room during her recovery walk, chuckled lightly, "You know what they say: medics are the worst patients." She mused. Sasuke smirked at me, "I thought that shinobi were the worst patients." He said to Ruri. My recovering friend paused to think then shrugged with a laugh, "So that's why Tora is the worst patient in history!" I glared at the two, "Buzz off." I growled. Ruri smiled, "I've been in a coma for a month, I've missed out on a lot of things. So don't think for one minute I'm going to miss another moment, Tory." I gave her a strange look at the nickname, "Tory?" I asked. Ruri giggled at my face and Sasuke commented, "It is better than Kitty..." I glared at the younger Uchiha, "And why are you here, anyway?"

Sasuke shot me a smug smile, "Itachi said that while he's on a mission, I have to make sure you don't do anything stupid." I slouched farther down in bed, scowling at the Uchiha, but he didn't seem fazed by it. "You're brother is just a paranoid baka." I grumbled, "I do not need to be hospitalized." Sasuke just smiled at me, "Get used to it Uchiha Tora..." He said. It was several minutes before one of the medics on duty kicked Sasuke out, but in that time I had managed to hit him with a book, glass of water, and the vase of flowers by my bedside. Everything else missed. Ruri was made to go lay back down, the excitement wearing her out. Finally I was left alone to sulk in peace.

It wasn't even two hours before Mikoto dropped by. I looked up from the book I had been reading, surprised to see Itachi and Sasuke's mother at the door, smiling at me, "Good afternoon, Tora. I heard you made quite a ruckus earlier." She said politely. I shut my book with a small thud and put it away as she sat down in the bedside chair. Folding my hands in my lap I bowed a little to the Uchiha woman, "You could say that, Mikoto-san." Mikoto laughed, "Stop with the formality, Tora, please. Our families are too closely intertwined for honorifics." I shot the older woman a suspicious look, "...You're not going to start with that too, are you?" I asked cautiously. Mikoto laughed again, "No, of course not. You're relationship with Itachi is between the two of you." I rolled my eyes with a snort, "Now if the rest of the village would get that through their skulls, I'd be set." I muttered. Mikoto smiled, "You must forgive them, it is well known that Itachi does not waste time on women. For him to enter any relationship is sure to stir the gossip." I gave her a glum look, "I don't remember everyone gossiping about Yakkaina..." I complained. Mikoto's dark eyes flashed a moment at the mention of Itachi's ex-girlfriend before she smiled again, "That's because Fugaku and I forced him into that relationship, something I now regret. It was well known that Itachi really didn't like her."

I slumped farther down in my bed, "I'm just sick of all the Uchiha comments and threats from fangirls." I said looking away from Mikoto. "So end your relationship." She said calmly. My head snapped around as I stared at the completely serious Uchiha woman. Had I heard her right? She rose her eyebrow, "If you don't like the attention, break up with my son." She said calmly. I narrowed my eyes at her, "How can you even suggest such a thing?" I snarled at her. Mikoto shrugged, still looking calm and collected, "You said you didn't want to be teased or threatened. The only way to stop it all is to terminate your relationship with Itachi." "I'd rather walk into the Akatsuki base unarmed and blindfolded." I snapped back.

Mikoto's expression broke into a bright smile and I blinked at her confused. Wasn't she telling me to stop seeing Itachi? "You really do love him, don't you?" She asked. I turned bright red and was suddenly unable to hold the Uchiha woman's gaze. She continued, "That's why you're always upset when anyone, especially Shisui or Sasuke, tease you about Itachi; because they're making a joke about something so serious to you." I didn't answer, there was no needing to confirm what she just said, she was right. And even if it wasn't true, Mikoto wouldn't believe me. The Uchiha woman stood and patted my hand, "I'll let you rest now. Itachi will be upset if he gets back and you're in a worse condition than when he admitted you here." I managed to snort, "Upset would be an understatement." I muttered. Mikoto chuckled and gave a small wave as she left. I sighed when the door shut behind her, praying there would be no one else deciding to stop by and make a point of my relationship with the Uchiha clan leader.


Okay, so honestly I have no idea what happened. This really wasn't even supposed to happen AT ALL, but it did because my fingers have a mind of their own. OH WELL!

You know why I like flames? Because I can roast marshmallows over them! ;3

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