Chapter 43

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I stood there, watching the machines beep quietly in the background, their sound annoying but reassuring. That constant annoying beeping was music to a medic's ears, it meant that life was still there, that the fight wasn't over yet. I inhaled deeply then cringed when my side wound stretched; it had been a week since I had been hospitalized but the wound was still sensitive. Folding my hand gingerly over my ribs, I searched blindly behind me for a chair to sit down. I kept my eyes on Yuki as I sat down slowly. She was fighting for her life, her battle injuries far more fatal than my little wound. I got one little minor wound and then forcibly admitted into the hospital against my will by my boyfriend. I was irritable and the worst patient, but everyone I knew managed to visit me at least once. Yet here Yuki was, still struggling for her right to keep living, and no one was fretting over her. She had been in the hospital a little over a month and her visitors had trickled down to maybe one person a week.

Sighing I hung my head, Yuki had nearly gotten killed on her mission, and no one bothered to even visit her any more. At least Ruri had Arashi and her family. Yuki had no one, her immediately family was dead, her team was too busy trying to put an end to the Akatsuki, and the boy she had a crush on was the Kage of another village. She had no one. "Should you be out of bed?" Gaara himself asked. Startled I snapped my gaze to the door where the Kazekage stood there, his arms crossed over his chest. "What are you doing here?" I asked him, ignoring his question. Gaara shrugged and looked away, "I am as concerned for Yuki's health as you are." He said. I smirked and opened my mouth to tease him, but Gaara beat me to it, "If Uchiha-sama catches you out of bed, he'll murder you." He said flatly I rolled my eyes, my playful mood leaving as quickly as if came, "Itachi is out on a mission. Besides I'm not that hurt."

Gaara gave me a look, "I was there, remember? You were wounded badly." I glanced at the Kazekage out of the corner of my eye, "We're not here to discuss my health. We're both here out of worry for Yuki." Gaara gave me a small smirk and I was reminded greatly of a stereotypical Uchiha. "Impressive excuse, but I speak for Yuki when I say she would not want you walking around so soon after an injury." I matched my smirk for his, "So you know my friend well enough that you can speak for her? Tell me, what exactly does Uchiha Yuki mean to you?" I asked slyly. Never in my life would I ever though I would get the opportunity to see Gaara no Subaku blush, but he did. It was almost invisible, but I could tell it was there. I grinned brightly, feeling better than I had in days.

I turned away again, "I won't bother you about it. If there's anything I learned dating Itachi, it's to respect another's privacy." Gaara grunted, "At least someone understands pressure." He grumbled, half to himself. I smiled as I looked at Yuki. Gaara came to stand next to me, his jade eyes on Yuki. When I looked up at him, I was somewhat surprised to see the concern shining in his eyes. Gaara, I knew, was as stoic as any Uchiha, if not more. To see emotion meant that his feelings for Yuki ran deeper than he let on. I looked back at my friend, wondering just what her relationship with the Kazekage was."Yuki is one of the only people who doesn't tiptoe around me." Gaara said suddenly in the silence that had descended on the room. I jumped a little then twisted to stare at him. Gaara kept staring at Yuki.

"Even my own siblings still treat me like I am a threat sometimes. But... Yuki, she is clumsy but earnest. She never even thought of my... past." Gaara continued. I chuckled, "That's Yuki for you. She'll find the silver lining in any thunderstorm." Gaara smiled down at the unconscious red haired Uchiha, leaning down he brushed a lock away from her pale face, "Yes... it is." He murmured. I suddenly felt very awkward. "Uh... not that it's any of my business, but what do you plan with Yuki? She's my friend and I'm very protective over her." I ventured to ask. Gaara pulled away from Yuki, his expression still soft, "I plan for fate to takes it's course." He said. I rolled my eyes at him, resting my cheek on my fist, "Ugh, you sound like Neji..." I grumbled under my breath. Gaara laughed surprisingly, "You and I have seen the evils of the world, Tora. But we both managed to come out of the darkness as better people, with the help of those closest to us." He said. I glared at him, "I take that back, you sound like Naruto." I snapped. Gaara just smiled and dipped his head in a small bow, "I'll take that as a compliment." I smirked at him, "And if I said you were acting like Lee?" I asked sweetly. Finally I got a glare out of the Kazekage, and I immediately regretted it. Not even Itachi could look so deadly.

Was I wrong about that.


Something pressed into my forehead and I groaned tiredly, my face twitching as I rolled my head away from the pressure. A chuckle filled the room and I cracked a sleep crusted eye to see Itachi leaning over me, still in his ANBU armor. He smiled, though I noticed it didn't reach his eyes, when he saw me awake and leaned down to kiss me properly on the mouth, "Good morning, Tora." He said softly when he pulled away. I was wide awake now, blinking up at the Uchiha clan leader, "When did you get back?" I asked, my voice still thick from sleep. Itachi sat back in the chair placed at my bedside, much to my disappointment, "A few hours ago. I wanted to see you before I give my report to the Hokage"

I yawned, "Okay, you saw me. Now let your poor girlfriend sleep and go about your duties." I said, it was too early to be nice. Itachi raised an eyebrow, "You must be tired after wandering the halls all day yesterday..." My eyes snapped to his disapproving dark ones. How did he- the medics of course, "Those little snitches. I'm never covering for them again." I muttered, crossing my arms. Itachi rolled his eyes, "You just can't recover at a slow pace, can you?" He asked. I glared at him, "Hey, that last time was your fault. You offered to help me recover faster, I was taking you up on it." I pointed out. Itachi was not amused, to say the least. "You're injured, Tora. Forgive me if I am concerned for you." He said in a sarcastic voice. "I've survived long enough on my own, I don't need your help!" I snapped back. Itachi's expression began closing off, turning into the stoic Uchiha I had once known, "Hn." I snarled, "Hn? HN?! Is that all you can say?" Itachi's face was completely closed off now, "You're overreacting over something small." He stated calmly, but I knew he was angry. I could see it in his eyes. After knowing him for four years I knew every tell sign of his.

"So what if I am? Some people do tend to overreact, I happen to be one of them, Itachi!" I growled. Itachi stood, "I can tell this is going no where. I'll come back when you've calmed down." He said and started to leave. "Like hell you will! If you leave right now, then don't bother coming back." I exclaimed. Itachi stopped dead in his tracks, his back tense with anger. I wondered briefly if I had gone to far, then decided that I didn't care. I was tired of Itachi walking away when I was angry. Slowly my boyfriend turned back to me, anger plain on his face now. I crossed my arms stubbornly, glowering at him, "You always do that. You always leave with problems unsolved, and I'm sick and tired of it, Uchiha." I growled. Itachi stayed silent, his dark eyes boring into me. "Answer me!" I yelled. "Why should I answer someone who will not listen to anything I say?" Itachi asked, his voice still devoid of emotion. I slammed a fist on the bedside table, "Damn it, Itachi, can you stop the better-than-you act? It's pissing me off!"

Itachi's eye narrowed, his voice deadly as he asked, "Is that what you think? That I think I'm better than you?" I rolled my eyes, "Well what else am I supposed to think? You go around with that stupid act and are always telling me what to do and trying to run my life!" "I'm trying to help you!" Itachi shouted. "Oh is that what it's called? Because that doesn't look like it to me. It seems that you're trying to change me into the perfect Tora you want me to be. Like I'm not good enough to be your girlfriend just the way I am." I shouted back. Itachi stiffened and for a moment I thought he would actually hit me. "Tora..." He said quietly and I frowned, but internally I was shivering at the chill in his voice. I had never heard him so cold before.

Before he could say anything else, the door to my room slid open and a medic came in. She halted when she saw our glares directed at her. The color drained from her face and she stood there frozen, staring at us. Itachi spoke, "Do you mind leaving?" He asked, his tone commanding. The medic squeaked like a little mouse and scurried back, "I'll... come back later!" She managed to say as she slammed the door shut. Her footsteps could be heard thundering down the hall, no doubt to spread the gossip that Itachi and I were arguing. Itachi turned back to me, his emotions carefully guarded behind an emotionless mask, "I have to turn in my report." He said, cool and calm again. I looked away and gave a dismissive shrug, "Fine. Go." I didn't look at him again. Itachi didn't bother to say good-bye. The only indication that he left was the almost silent scrape of my hospital door opening and closing.

I wiped angrily at the tear running down my cheek.


Yikes! Le heated discussions, and not the good kind! I really hated writing this chapter, but we all have to remember that dating isn't all pretty bows and happy endings, even for Tora and Itachi... See what sad movies and sugar highs together do to me? O_O AND THIS WASN'T EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE PART OF THE PLOT! Which is why it popped out of no where... so don't blame me for that. Chapters have a mind of their own sometimes. Seriously, this chapter was SUPPOSED to be nice and fluffy! And then... that happened. (okay mini-rant done!)

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