Chapter 45

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"Gah! Tora slow down!" Reiko snapped when I spilled a good amount of Kenchin-jiru on his shirt. I shot a nasty glare at my brother, but didn't stop. Naruto pouted when he saw the hearty soup, "Awww, I was hoping for ramen." My glare turned to him, "Having ramen all the time isn't good for you." I snapped then rushed back into the kitchen to collect three more bowls. Ino giggled when I practically threw the bowls down in front of my guests, "What's the hurry Tora? It's not like we all dropped by without warning before." The blonde asked. It was true, more often than not all of Reiko's friends would drop in unannounced and I would have to scrape together something for them to eat. Normally it didn't bother me.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, "She's got a date with Itachi tonight. That's why she's panicking." He muttered. All the girls squealed. I slammed Sasuke's bowl of Kenchin-jiru down, making sure that most of it splashed in his face, "Hush up, Uchiha. And mind your own business." I growled. Sasuke smirked at me, "I'm right though, aren't I?" He said, sounding pretty confident in my answer. I opened my mouth to answer when Sakura spoke, "If you want to be on time, you had better leave now..." I gasped and ran off to my room to finish getting ready, the sound of Reiko and his friends laughter chasing after me.

Tenshi sat on my bed, sulking, "Why can't I go with you, Mama?" She asked moodily as I began to change. I shot her a useless stern look, I had already explained for almost an hour why Tenshi was staying here, "Because Itachi and I want to spend a little time together. You get to spend time with him in two days at the festival, like he promised. Okay?" Tenshi didn't answer, she turned her head away, her lower lip out in a pout. I rolled my eyes and finished tugging on my civilian clothes. I was making my way to the door when Tenshi decided to tackle me; it was only my training as a shinobi that I didn't fall when she wrapped her arms around my right leg. I glared down at her, "Tenshi, let go." My daughter shook her head, "No! I'm going with you!" She shouted. I bent down to try and pry her away from my leg, but her grip wouldn't loosen. I was getting fed up with her attitude, "Tenshi. Let. Go. NOW!" I snapped. She shook her head and tightened her grip.

I tried a different tactic, "Tenshi, your uncles and aunts are all here. They never get to see you." Tenshi wouldn't be fooled. Finally I groaned in frustration and walked outside, dragging Tenshi with me, "Someone help." I groaned when I got to the dining room. All the teens took one look at the clingy Tenshi and burst out laughing. I glared at them, some big help they were. Reiko shook his head, "What's the matter Tora? Can't get your daughter to listen to you?" I glared at my younger brother, "One more comment and it will be your last." I growled. Reiko just smirked then glanced at the clock, "Uh oh, you're already ten minutes late. Doesn't Itachi-sama hate waiting?" Sasuke stifled a laugh. I glared at them all, little traitors.


Itachi chuckled when I told him the whole story of the drama Tenshi had caused over a plate of dangos. It was a full hour of me pleading, begging and threatening Tenshi to let go before Itachi finally showed up at my house, annoyed to be kept waiting. One stern word from her father and Tenshi went from a brat to the most well behaved child ever. The chunnin group who were eating me out of the house found it extremely hilarious, though they were the only ones. Unfortunately, Itachi dragged me out of the house before I got a chance to bash their heads in, or at very least Reiko's- he was the one who had been encouraging Tenshi on after all. "You know they do it just to get a reaction from you, Tora." Itachi said after I had finished my little tale. I shot him a mock glare, "I wonder where they got it from..." Itachi smirked, "Definitely Shisui." He responded easily.

I watched the Uchiha closely as he picked up a dango stick, his gaze drifting off, taking in our surroundings. Suddenly I pointed behind him, "Hey look!" I shouted and Itachi snapped his gaze around, searching for what I was pointing at. Quickly, before he realized what I was up to, I grabbed my boyfriend's wrist and jammed all three dango dumplings into my mouth. Itachi instinctively jerked away from the sudden contact, taking the dango stick with him, but leaving the three dumplings in my mouth, my cheeks bulging painfully around the round doughy things. I smiled with difficulty, careful to keep my mouth closed, trying unsuccessfully to act innocent. Itachi took one look at me and burst out laughing. It wasn't a small quiet chuckle that I, or everyone else for that matter, was used to; but a full laugh, no restraints. It was a nice sound.

Still, it was hard to watch my boyfriend laugh with a mouthful of three dangos. I slapped a hand over my round mouth and doubled over in my seat just in case I did happen to laugh and spew dango everywhere. Everyone in hearing range was staring at the supposedly stoic Uchiha leader as he uncharacteristically laughed at his girlfriend's strange antics. Finally, with great difficultly, I managed to swallow the dango and straighten up. Itachi was smiling at me, "I think Shisui named you incorrectly... Risu." I just grinned at him, "What ever you say, weasel." I got a dirty look for that, then Itachi started chuckling again, probably remembering my chubby face.

After we finished the plate of dango, Itachi keeping careful watch on his share so I couldn't steal another, Itachi asked, "What do you want to do next?" I smiled at him, "I don't know... how about just walk?" Itachi stood and held out his hand. Almost shyly I slid my hand into his and we left the small restaurant. Taking our time to look at anything that happened to catch our attention, Itachi and I slowly made our way down the main street of Konoha. Of course, it didn't take long for the fangirls to find us. I had been discussing recipes with an elderly woman, Itachi standing off to the side, when a shriek went up through the crowd. Itachi didn't even hesitate as he grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a run, as if we were fugitives trying to avoid getting caught; which, in a way, Itachi was.

Itachi's fangirls, unlike all other kinds of their species, were far more skilled in chasing after him. As it was, it took us a while to lose the fangirls. Itachi finally ducked down a narrow alley, yanking me with him, while the fangirls thundered by, not knowing they just lost this round. A breathy giggle escaped my throat. Itachi shot me a dark look, "Shhhh!" He hissed lowly, just in case the fangirls were still around. I bit down on my first knuckle to suppress my laughter, but it still managed to leak out. When holding it in became unbearable, I buried my face in Itachi's chest to smother any noise that came out of my mouth. Itachi sighed, "You're impossible at times." I titled my head up so I could smile at him, my chin resting squarely on his chest, "It's not every day I get chased by fangirls, Itachi-sama." Itachi frowned at the honorific, making me giggle even more.

Itachi leaned down to press his lips to mine. I hadn't even known he had kissed me until he pulled away. I stared up at him, blinking, all thoughts of laughter had fled. Itachi was smirking, "At least you're not giggling anymore." He commented. I glared, darn Itachi and his ability to shut me up. I grabbed my boyfriend's shirt front and yanked downward so that our lips crashed again. I tried to pull away, just to get revenge on him, but Itachi took two large steps across the narrow alley so that I was pressed against the opposite side, trapped between my boyfriend and the wall. Not that I struggled that much. We only came up for air, and I only got one breath before Itachi was back again. I hummed, my eyes fluttering shut, as a warm feeling spread across my body. It felt as if fire was being pumped though my veins instead of blood.

I reached up, my arms, feeling heavy and slow, limply hanging over Itachi's shoulders so that my hands could grip the back of his shirt, making sure my boyfriend stayed there. Itachi chuckled against my mouth at my determination to keep him there. Suddenly his tongue pushed into my mouth without warning and my legs turned to water. Had it not been for the wall pressing against my back, I would have fallen to the ground. A suppressed moan escaped my throat as Itachi's tongue explored the depths of my mouth. He pulled back after what seemed like an eternity, yet at the same time it felt like it was too soon, and ducked his head to nuzzle at my neck. I threw my head back, dimly noting the dull pain when the back of my skull banged against the wall, my breath coming in short pants. I could feel his hot breath against my skin, his warm mouth caressing the soft skin of my neck. Every time Itachi blinked, I could feel his long eyelashes scrap softly against my jawline. I was hyper aware of everywhere our bodies touched; the way his hands rested at my hips, how his silky ponytail coiled around my shoulder to snake down my arm. "Itachi..." I groaned when I felt his teeth snag the skin just over my pulse.

Itachi pulled back, his depthless onyx eyes loving. He rested his forehead on mine and closed his eyes, "Anata." He responded in a whisper. I blushed, but this time not out of embarrassment. I smiled and tilted my chin up a little to press a small kiss on Itachi's lips. I was really getting used to the idea of being Uchiha Itachi's girlfriend, especially if it had so many perks.


Risu means squirrel. And we all know Itachi means weasel. ;P D'awwwwww, Tora and Itachi are so cute!

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