Chapter 46

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FIRE FESTIVAL TIME! You know these are always good! XD BTW, this Fire Festival will be lasting several chapters, because it's chock full of funny, fluffy and family moments!


"I hate you." I growled at Ino, my arms crossed over my chest. The blonde girl just smiled as she put away the makeup she had brought, "But Itachi-sama will love me, so I can live with it." She said happily. Tenshi, laying on my bed with her chin propped on her hands, asked, "Ino-oba? Why does Mama hate you?" Ino picked my daughter up, "Because I made her pretty, and Tora doesn't like to be pretty." I shot my brother's girlfriend one last glare and turned around to face the mirror to inspect Ino's work. I felt like a clown. "Is that why Daddy will love you?" I heard Tenshi ask. Ino squealed, "Oh you're so cute when you call Itachi-sama your father, but yes. Itachi-sama will love me because I forced Tora to be pretty."

Ino must have looked at me then, because she snapped, "Tora! Put down that rag! You're not going to wipe all my handiwork off!" I glared at her over my shoulder, but before I could defy her orders anyway, Reiko pounded on my closed door, "Hey! Stop wasting daylight and get out here!" My brother yelled through the door. Not thinking I yanked it opened and snapped, "The Festival doesn't start until sundown, idiot." Reiko blinked at me, "Uh... Tora when did you get... pretty?" I glared at my younger brother and smacked him upside the head, "Shut up. It's your girlfriend's doing." Reiko didn't even seem to be paying attention to what I was saying. He just absently rubbed his head and squinted at my face, "You can barely see the scars..." He mumbled to himself then called out in a louder voice, "Hey Ino! Good job!" I glared at my brother as I moved past him. Ino followed with Tenshi on her hip. In the brief time that Reiko and I have been talking, Ino had managed to add a little makeup to Tenshi's face as well, "I live to please." Ino said in an overly cheerful voice.

Tenshi leaned towards Reiko's voice, "Reiko-oji! Do I look as pretty as Mama?" Reiko laughed as he took his niece from his girlfriend, "You look prettier, because you're smiling!" He said as he twirled her around. I twitched when Tenshi's foot came dangerously close to the picture frames hanging on the wall. Ino giggled at me and told Reiko, "Stop giving your sister a heart attack. Come on! I wanna see everyone's reaction when they see Tora!" That seemed incentive enough for Reiko to stop swinging my daughter around and help Ino pry me out of the house.

It was just my luck that we were the last ones to show up where everyone had agreed to meet. Even Ame and Kakashi beat us there. Shisui snickered at my expression, "Awww, poor Kitty, has someone had been pulling your tail?" He asked mockingly and received a nasty look for Itachi. Shisui paled and shut his mouth, no doubt remembering the beating he got the last time he teased me, while Hana laughed at him. Tenshi looked blindly around, probably searching for Itachi's voice. "Daddy?" She called, a little uncertainly. Itachi walked over and picked her up, calmly settling her on his hip while most of the women in our group squealed like the fangirls they were. Tenshi wrapped her fingers around Itachi's low ponytail, it was her way of verifying that whoever was holding her was Itachi, just like she touched my scars whenever I picked her up. "Daddy, do you think I look pretty? Ino-oba put may'up on my face." Tenshi asked. Itachi chuckled and kissed her cheek, "Very pretty, koibito."

Ino giggled, "It's called makeup, sweetie." Tenshi glared in the general direction of her aunt, "Only Mama can call me 'sweetie'" She snapped. I shot a smug look at the surprised Ino, I trained my daughter well. Tenshi pipped up again before anyone else could say anything, "I'm hungry." She whined, tugging at Itachi's yutaka, "Daddy, can we get ice cream?" "Real food first, Tenshi." I answered sternly. Naruto perked up at that, "Can we get ramen?" Tenshi scrunched up her nose, "I don't want ramen." She said, it appeared that half of our group agreed with her, while the other half was indifferent. Hana spoke up, "Why don't we split up? Half of us go eat something else while the rest get ramen?"

Before any of us could agree, Naruto grabbed poor blushing Hinata by the wrist and dragged her towards the ramen stand, "Come on, Hinata-chan!" The blonde knucklehead said cheerfully, not noticing that Hinata looked on the verge of fainting. Neji, being the protective older cousin, followed after Naruto, with Tenten following him, giggling. One by one, the chunnin peeled off the main group, until Itachi, Shisui, Sasuke, Hana, Sakura, Kakashi, Ame, Tenshi and me were left. We all glanced at each other. "How about we just go to a hibachi grill?" Ame suggested. Had I not known him for almost five years, I would have missed Itachi's grimace. Shisui noticed his cousin's dislike too, "What's the matter, Itachi-sama? Don't want to eat steak?" The goofy Uchiha teased. Itachi turned and walked away without a word. "Hey! Don't run off with my kid, Itachi!" I yelled as I chased after him. Roars of laughter from the remainder of the group followed me.

When I had finally caught up to them, Tenshi leaned down in Itachi's arms, her hand out to touch my cheek; but because of the height difference her little hand landed on my temple, "Don't worry, Mommy, I'm here." She said cutely, her wide grin spreading across her face. I took her hand from my temple and kissed its palm, "I know, sweetie. So what do you want for dinner?" Tenshi thought long and hard, her small face twisted up in effort. "I want onigiri!" She crowed, proud to have finally made the decision. Itachi, more open now that we were away from our friends, chuckled, "Alright, koibito." I smiled as I threaded my arm though Itachi's free one. Itachi leaned down to kiss the top of my head, "You look beautiful." He said lowly and I blushed. I guess Ino had been right to make me wear the kimono after all, not that I would ever tell her that.


Tenshi was busy wolfing down her third, and probably final, rice ball. Itachi left to get her ice cream, leaving me alone at the table with only a blind four year old for company. "Tenshi, you have rice on your face." I said, touching a napkin to her left hand. Without responding my daughter grabbed the napkin and rubbed it across her face, knocking loose the grains of rice. She didn't even pause in devouring the onigiri. I chuckled softly to myself, unable to believe how hunger she was. "Well, ain't ya purty." Someone slurred behind me. I stiffened and shot a look over my shoulder, sure enough there was a drunk leaning down over me, practically drunk. I mentally groaned, wondering why I seemed to be the only person drunks went after. Then I cursed Ino's name for covering up my scars, the drunk would have kept walking if she hadn't.

My daughter stopped eating her rice ball, her cloudy blue eyes flicking in the direction of the drunk's voice, "Mama?" She asked uncertainly. The drunk looked at Tenshi, his eyes swimming, "An' who'ssss dat?" He asked, confused. I rolled my eyes, "My daughter. Now leave." I didn't even know why I answered him. I just did. The drunk swayed on his feet and pawed at my shoulder to find his balance, but I knocked his arm away. He leaned heavily on the table instead, peering down at Tenshi who was looking blankly at the table. "Yer too purty to have a kid hangin on ya... Why don't cha ditch her?" He asked. I was glad Tenshi didn't catch his meaning, the last thing I needed was a bawling four year old. I glared at the drunk, "Leave us alone."

The drunk, his confusion over Tenshi gone, leered at me again, "But ya are 'lone. Wif on'y yer daugh'er fer compannny." I was standing up when a hand shoved me back down in my seat. The drunk went deathly white. I looked up to see Itachi standing there, his Sharingan activated as he glowered at the drunk. I had thought my boyfriend looked furious when he learned of Sasuke and Shisui's pranks; I was wrong. "She asked you to leave." Itachi said, a cutting edge to his voice. Tenshi slumped down in her seat, sensing Itachi's anger, her blind eyes wide as she stared upwards towards Itachi's face. I pulled my daughter closer, realizing that she had never really heard Itachi when he was furious, just stern. "I-I-I..." The drunk stuttered. Even though he was wasted, he knew how much danger he was in at the moment. From the look in Itachi's red eyes, I had no doubt that he would actually murder the man. "Leave." Itachi snarled, his voice barely above a whisper, but it was enough to seen the man stumbling into a drunken run.

I giggled as Itachi sat back down, and got a look from my boyfriend, his eyes turning dark once again. I smiled, "I'd hate to see what you would have done when I was in Iwa." I told him, referring to the reconnaissance mission where I first faced drunken flirting idiots. Itachi said nothing as he reached across the table to wrap Tenshi's fingers around her ice cream cone. "Had I been with you in Iwa, none of that would have ever happened." He said. "What are you talking about?" Tenshi asked, her face already sticky with the ice cream. I suppressed a groan as I grabbed a napkin to wipe her face, "Nothing, sweetie. Come here so I can wipe your face." Tenshi obligingly turned her face towards me, her chin jutting out. I smiled and kissed her nose before quickly cleaning her face.

That was the last relatively sane moment of the night.


Don't kill me for the (kinda) cliffhanger! Mwahahahahahaha! So we finally see how Itachi reacts when drunks try to flirt with Tora! CX

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In honor of the Fire Festival... FLAME FRIENDLY!

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