Chapter 47

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Tenshi laughed, "Faster Sasuke-oji!" She shrieked as Sasuke jumped from building to building above our group. Ino threw her arm around Sakura's shoulders, "You know... Sasuke would make a great father..." The blonde matchmaker said conversationally. Sakura went as bright as her hair and she glared at her friend, "I have no idea what you're talking about..." She growled warningly. Ino feigned an innocent look, "What? I was just commenting that Sasuke would be a great father one day." She said with mock surprised, as if she had no idea what Sakura was thinking. Then she smirked, "Unless you have something to tell me..." I rolled my eyes while Itachi chuckled quietly beside me, his arm wrapped around my waist like it always belonged there.

Sasuke landed a few feet in front of us, "Awwww... Sasuke-oji, why can't we go again?" Tenshi asked, her arms wrapping a little too tightly around Sasuke's neck. "Because you're favorite uncle is tired." Sasuke responded as he used one hand to unwind Tenshi's tight grip. "HEY!" Almost all the men in our group, with the exception of Kakashi and Itachi, snapped, not liking that Sasuke was making assumptions. I laughed along with the rest of the group. Reiko glared at Sasuke, "I'm her favorite uncle, I'll have you know." He growled. Sasuke smirked, "Is that so? Prove it." The youngest Uchiha said smugly. Reiko turned to Tenshi who still clung to Sasuke's back, "I'm your favorite uncle, right Tenshi? You love me the most." Tenshi scrunched up her face, "No!" I had a hard time not laughing at the look of pure heartbreak that graced my brother's face. "I love Mommy and Daddy the mostest! Daddy carry me!" Itachi's smug look rivaled Sasuke's as he retrieved Tenshi from his younger brother. I had both hands clasped over my mouth, trying desperately to smother my laugh.

Someone grabbed me around the waist suddenly and yanked me back, "There you are! I've been searching for you forever!" The person, a woman by the sound of her voice, exclaimed before I could react. I spun out of her grip and glared at her, "What do you want?" I snapped. Seiji blinked back at me, "Acrobatics. What else do I want you for? Yun broke his arm, again, so I came to get you." Seiji was in charge of a group of entertainers that always came through Konoha during the Fire Festival. Four years ago Reiko had made me stand in for the resident acrobat, Yun, who had broken his arm while he was practicing. Seiji made to grab my arm again, but I evaded her, "I don't do acrobatics anymore! I haven't since the last time I replaced Yun!" Seiji frowned and opened her mouth, probably to ask why I no longer did acrobatics, when Tenshi asked Itachi, "Daddy? Where is Mama going?" Seiji looked over my shoulder at my four year old in Itachi's arms. She shot me a sly grin, "Oh... I think I understand now." My face flushed red and my jaw dropped at what she was implying, "I-I... IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!" I sputtered. Suppressed snickers came from behind me. Seiji just grinned, "I don't know why you're denying it. Personally I'd brag if I had a stud like that..." Even Kakashi cracked up after that, I just wanted to die.


I glared at Itachi as I applied my face paint, "Wipe that smirk off you face, Uchiha." I growled. He leaned closer, "Or you'll do what?" I held out my red painted fingers, "I'll paint a frown over it!" Before I could hold true to my threat, something crashed behind us. Itachi looked over his shoulder and groaned, "Tenshi I thought I told you not to touch anything." He said as he walked away. My daughter giggled, "I'm sorry, Daddy! I tripped." She sounded a little too happy to have just 'tripped'. I turned back to the mirror as I tried to recreate the red and orange pattern Seiji had painted on my face the first time I had preformed for her. "We'll have a tight rope artist out of you yet, Darling Tenshi!" Seiji said lightly, followed by Tenshi's squeals of delight. I rolled my eyes, there was no way I was going to let my blind daughter be corrupted by these people. When I finally agreed to help Seiji out, if only to escape further embarrassment, Tenshi said she wanted to come so Itachi brought her along. The moment they saw Tenshi, the performers went wild, acting as if they hadn't seen a child in years; not to mention that nearly every female performer (and a few men) turned into Itachi fangirls the minute he walked backstage with Tenshi on his hip.

Seiji sauntered up behind me, "You better hurry up. You're on after Gaiyu." She said flatly, one hand perched on her hip. I shot her a look before leaning in to paint over another one of my scars with orange paint. When I didn't say anything, Seiji commented, "You know... you have a nice little family. It's not often you'll find a man who will love a child like that, especially if she's not his." I shot her another look, "Tenshi is not mine by blood either." The older woman shrugged, "Yeah, but you raised her. Itachi-sama hasn't been in the picture for long, has he?" She asked, leaning against the table, her arms crossed over her chest as she watched Itachi and Tenshi. I glared at her, "What picture?" I snapped. Seiji giggled, "You're so defensive on your love life, it's so cuuuuute!" She cooed mockingly. I sighed tiredly, four years ago I would not have guessed that the woman before me could ever have a teasing side. Now I only wished that she would go back to that straightforward thirty-three year old woman who had shoved me out on the stage with no remorse.


I smirked to myself, even after four years with no practice, I was still good. Granted I was panting when a few years ago I would still have energy after two hours, not thirty minutes; but I still felt the thrill of being able to pull off the perfect back flip, like I had managed to do it for the first time. My eyes darted towards Seiji who held up nine fingers, I still have nine minutes to perform. My sense of accomplishment dissipated as quickly as it came. I had no more tricks to go through, I had used them all! Then I spotted Reiko in the front row, his grey-green eyes wide. He knew that I was finished with my routine, and still had a good bit of the show to go through. A memory came to me, back when I had used Reiko as a volunteer in my shows. I front flipped to the edge of the stage and squatted down, "Come on." I told my brother, holding out both my hands to help him onto the stage. Reiko glared at me for singling him out, "Forget it." I matched his glare and grabbed him by the collar, forcibly dragging him onto the stage and almost causing him to lose his shirt in the process, much to the delight of Ino. "Ladies and Gentlemen, my assistant, Reiko, will be helping me with this next trick." I announced loudly. Everyone could tell he wasn't willing.

I started to pull the red ribbon that tied my hair back. Reiko's eyes widened, "You wouldn't dare!" He snapped. I smirked at him, "You've done it before, it's not that hard." Now the crowd shifted uneasily, wondering what on earth my 'assistant' didn't want to help me with. Seiji gave me a questioning look, I had never brought Reiko up on stage before. I held out the ribbon to him, "If you break your neck, don't gripe at me." Reiko growled as he snatched the ribbon from me then snapped it out a few times to test it's strength, before holding it up, one end in each hand so that the middle drooped down at knee height. Glancing out in the crowd I saw Itachi's eyes widen as he realized what the trick was. He frowned and shook his head, but I pretended not to see. I balanced the ball of my left foot on the ribbon and slowly bright up my right leg until I was standing solely on the ribbon. I pitched backwards a little and had to grab Reiko's shoulders to keep from falling. The crowd gasped while Reiko promised my death with his glare.

I nodded at my brother, signaling that I was ready, and he jerked apart the ribbon ends so that it was a three foot taut robe. Using the momentum of the robe, I jumped a little in the air, then landed back on the ribbon with the arches of my feet. The crowd gasped again, this time out of awe rather than fear for me. I held one hand up in the air, my other arm twisted behind me, and took a small bow. I lost my balance and had to reach out to grab the ribbon with my left hand. Quickly, to cover up the accident, I brought my legs out from under me and held them straight in the air, ankles crossed, so that I was doing a one armed handstand. The crowd shot to its feet with applause, causing me to lose concentration. I bit my lip hard, trying to keep my hold on the suddenly swinging ribbon. I could feel my legs starting to drift too far to the right.

Reiko loosened the ribbon a little so I dipped down, then with another mighty jerk, I was sent flying a few feet into the air. I twisted my body, pulling an impromptu back flip in the air, and landed a two-hand stand on my brothers shoulders. My legs, still out of control, pitched forward, but I managed to land my feet on poor Reiko's head, doing an entire layback on my brother. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw Seiji hold up her thumbs. My time was done, I could leave now. Reiko, having grown up with me using his body as a platform for my acrobatics, didn't move as I pushed off him and landed on the ground, cartwheeling. When I was on my feet again, I bowed, "Thank you for your time! Have a good evening and enjoy the rest of the festival!" I called and back flipped off the stage. Reiko followed more sedately, mumbling on all the ways he could kill me. But his death threats didn't faze me. I was only too happy to wipe off my face paint and with it the make up.

Sasuke was the only one waiting for Reiko and me when we left backstage. I blinked at the younger Uchiha and glanced around, no one from our group was in sight, not even Sakura or Ino. "Uh... where did everyone go?" I asked Sasuke. He smirked at me, his arms crossed, "To get ready for the No-Chakra Competition." Reiko and I both exchanged confused looks, "The... what?" Reiko inquired. Sasuke's smirk grew wider, "It's something new this year, Lady Tsunade made it up. It's a course divided into five sections, and each one has to be completed without the use of chakra at all. You have to come with me, Tora." He explained. I frowned at my boyfriend's younger brother, "Oh? And why should I do that?" I asked coolly. Sasuke looked positively delighted... for an Uchiha, "Because Itachi nominated you as first prize..." My mouth dropped open, "And what does that mean?!" I screeched. Sasuke threaded his arm through mine, "Come on, Tora-nee-san, I'll explain on the way." He said, a mischievous look in his dark eyes. I glared at him. I didn't care how much Itachi loved his brother, this kid wasn't going to survive another minute if he called me that again!


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