Chapter 48

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I heard Lady Tsunade long before I saw her, " show your prowess, not as a shinobi of Konoha, but as a normal person. This course will test your true strength, balance, strategy, speed, and stamina in five different events!" Sasuke and I came to a large crowd, but I could barely see Lady Tsunade standing there above the crowd. I tried to stand on the tips of my toes to get a better look, and Sasuke grabbed my arm, "Come on, you're going to the winners ring." He told me. I glared at the younger Uchiha, "Why aren't you in the No-Chakra Competition? It's something you would do..." I probed. Sasuke gave me an easy smile over his shoulder, "I was, until Itachi entered. Unlike those fools up there, I know that trying to compete against Itachi is pointless and very stupid." I hummed in consent. Sasuke was right there, Itachi took contests very seriously. He said it was to test his skill, but I secretly wondered if he enjoyed winning. The only person I ever saw Itachi willingly lose to was Tenshi. I tried to peek over the crowd again as Sasuke and I circled around it towards Lady Tsunade's voice, "So... who are in the competition?" I asked, turning to the younger Uchiha.

Sasuke smirked and counted off, "Itachi, Shisui, Naruto, Sakura, and Hyuuga Kazeko." I blinked, "Wait... girls can compete too?" Sasuke nodded, "Yes, but since you've already been nominated for a prize so you can't compete." I glared at the younger Uchiha, "And just what is this prize business about? You haven't told me yet." Sasuke looked almost... delighted, "Whoever wins first place gets a kiss on the cheek by the lady of his choice." I scowled at Sasuke, "You had better be kidding." I growled. Sasuke grinned back at me, "I'm not. You get to kiss Itachi-nii on the cheek when he wins... in front of the entire village." A blush began crawling up my neck, but I ignored it, "So? I've kissed him plenty of times before. It's no big deal." Sasuke didn't look like he believed me, hell I didn't believe myself. "And what about if a girl wins? Who will Kazeko and Sakura choose if they win?" I asked, quickly changing the subject. Sasuke's smug expression slipped off his face, "In the unlikely event that that should happen, Sakura nominated me as her first prize..." I laughed at him all the way to the winner's circle.

vvv Itachi's POV vvv

Shisui was pouting beside me, "Why did you have to enter the No-Chakra Competition? I'm sure Tora would have kissed you anyway, if you asked." He grumbled as we waited for Lady Tsunade to finish explaining to the crowd what the competition was. "FIRST OBSTACLE!" Lady Tsunade shouted then, saving me from answering my whiny cousin. Everyone tensed, eyes on the Hokage. She motioned to a impossibly high wall behind her, "To show their physical strength, each contestant must climb this ninety foot wall, by climbing, NO JUMPING OVER THE WALL! The second obstacle..." Tsunade pointed to the top of the wall, "once the contestants reach the top, they will then display their balance by crossing a tight rope that extends sixty feet. After that is a lake, each contestant must cross the lake by the use of floating objects. As there is only one correct path, this event will test the contestants' strategy," Shisui groaned at that and gave me an envious look, he knew that one would not be a problem for me. Tsunade continued, "And should one toe touch the water, it counts as immediate disqualification." More groans, this time from Naruto and Kazeko. "Speed and stamina are tested in the fourth and fifth obstacles; they consist mainly of running, but you had better be quick on your feet during the fourth event, because there are shinobi itching to start throwing things at you." Lady Tsunade grinned at us, dimly I wondered if she would be part of that group.

From behind Lady Tsunade a voice I knew too well shouted, "You should make them use only their hands for the tight rope event!" The five of us competing glared at Tora, who was glaring directly at me from the winners circle, her scarred cheeks red. "I hope you lose, Itachi!" She snapped, apparently she didn't like being first prize. I smirked at her, when I won I was going to make her eat those words. Lady Tsunade laughed, "That's a wonderful idea, Tora, but then it would only be another test of strength, so we'll keep it as walking across the rope... to test their balance." The Hokage said easily. I saw Tora grumble something under her breath that made Sasuke, who was sitting beside her looking very amused, laugh. Lady Tsunade turned back to the me and the other competitors. "Ready..." She held up her hand and a silence fell over the crowd as the five of us tensed. The Hokage dropped her arm and shouted, "BEGIN!"

vvv Tora's POV vvv

It didn't surprise me that Itachi was already half way across the tight rope by the time Shisui, who was in second place, made it to the top of the wall. It also didn't surprise me that my boyfriend was running across the rope with ease while Shisui and everyone else behind him struggled to stay upright at a slow shuffle. What did surprise me, and everyone else if the gasping was anything to go by, was that Itachi halted when he reached the edge of the lake... and stayed there. I had thought that maybe he was waiting up for the others, to give them a sporting chance (though it would be unlike Itachi), but he didn't budge as Shisui first zoomed by him and began leaping from floating object to floating object. He stayed in place as Sakura, Naruto and Kazeko passed him by too. Staying there with his arms crossed, watching as his opponents struggled to find the correct path through the debris floating around the lake.

I leaned forward in my seat, my eyes narrowing at my boyfriend, trying to guess his game. Sasuke snickered beside me, "You look awfully worried that your boyfriend won't win, Tora..." He commented. I glared at him, "No, I'm just wondering what kind of idiot he is. Sakura is already halfway across the lake and-" There was a shriek and splash that cut me off. My head whipped around to see Sakura, Naruto and Shisui trying to keep their balance as the waves caused by Kazeko falling in rocked their little islands. All three looked like they were about to fall in themselves and be disqualified along with Kazeko. It was then that Itachi started on the third event. He bounded onto the first floating object of his chosen path, a small log barely large enough for one foot. No one had chosen that path, not only because it was set off to the side, hugging close to the shore instead of going straight towards the other end, but because the objects were set too far apart, almost impossible to make. Itachi somehow made the leap and landed squarely on the next object, not even bothered by the sway of the water underneath him. He continued to leap easily from each floating object as he slowly circled the edge of the lake until he reached a gap in the path larger than the ones before. I glowered and sat back, "He's never going to make that." I growled. Sasuke smirked at me, "Just watch." He said easily. I glared at him, he knew something...

The waves caused by Kazeko's fall in finally reached the shore and, almost as if it were planned, the next object floated within jumping distance of where Itachi was standing. He made the leap and landed perfectly on the slippery log, causing it to shoot forward back into it's original position, making and easy step for the next object. I rolled my eyes, suddenly understanding, "He was waiting until everyone was already on their chosen paths before taking the correct one." I said to myself. Sasuke nodded, "Lady Tsunade said this event was to test one's strategy skills. We all know Itachi's skill in strategy is unmatched." He said. I glanced at him, smiling a little, "Why Sasuke, you sound disappointed... Are you sad that you won't be getting that kiss from Sakura?" The younger Uchiha blushed and glared at me, making me laugh.

The competition was in the bag. While the remaining three contestants had to struggle back to the beginning and take the correct path across the lake (Sakura fell in before she even reached the correct path), Itachi sped through the fourth obstacle, dodging blunt kunais and shuriken thrown by hidden shinobi with ease, and then through the fifth event, which was just a one hundred yard dash. He slowed down the closer he got to the finish line until the infuriating smug Uchiha walked calmly over the line, his dark eyes already on me, claiming me as his prize. I became very interested in my nails while I waited for Shisui and Naruto to finish the race; Naruto actually beat Shisui because he knocked him down within steps of the finish line, which caused everyone to laugh. Only once Shisui stood back up and crossed the finish line did Lady Tsunade speak, "The winner is Uchiha Itachi!" She shouted, though she didn't seem very surprised. She motioned to the winners circle, where self nominated fangirls were already standing, waving, hoping that Itachi would pick them, "Itachi, your prize is a kiss on the cheek by the woman of your choosing. Take your pick." The fangirls almost drowned the Hokage out as they all turned rabid, each clamoring for Itachi's attention.

I slunk further down in my seat, my arms crossed over my chest, though I really didn't know why I did it. I had been kissed by Itachi in public before, it shouldn't bother me that I was about to kiss my boyfriend's cheek but it did. Maybe because I knew people would be watching, or that I wasn't very good with showing affection, it was rare that I ever kissed Itachi first and not the other way around. But whatever it was, I was very reluctant to have to stand up and give my boyfriend a kiss, even if it was only on the cheek. Only the fangirls were surprised when Itachi said, "I pick Tora." I stood and made my way out of the winners circle, carefully avoiding the now savage fangirls, and came to stand in front of Itachi. My eye twitched at his smug expression, he could at least try to keep that smirk off his face. Lady Tsunade pushed us a little closer, "Well go on, give the winner a kiss!" She said, grinning deviously. I shot her a glare out of the corner of my eye, I could tell everyone was taking extreme pleasure out of this. Slowly I leaned up, tilting my head so I could kiss Itachi's right cheek. Just a quick one, small and chaste. No one could get teasing material out of that.

Apparently Itachi had different plans.

My lips were just millimeters from his cheek when my devilish boyfriend snapped his head around and made me land my kiss right on his mouth. Gasping I pulled back, blushing fiercely, my mouth opening to chew Itachi out, but before I could my boyfriend grabbed the back of my neck and brought me back to his lips. I tried to push him away, embarrassed beyond belief, but Itachi growled into my mouth, his arms wrapping around me, making sure I stayed there. My struggling became less and less fervent the longer Itachi kissed me. With one last unenthusiastic push at his shoulder, I finally gave in and wrapped my own arms around my boyfriend's neck, content to let him have his prize.


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