Chapter 5

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I can't remember when they found me, or how I got back to Konoha. Shisui said that I had been sitting in the clearing, just watching the river, alone and unharmed. All I could think about the woman and what she said.


"How do you know my name?" I snarled. The woman huffed and flicked her grey streaked black hair over her shoulder, "Really Tora, it's rude to ask questions before introducing yourself." I shifted into fighting stance, "Since you already know my name, I don't see the point. Now who are you?" She gave a dainty sniff, "I won't tell you. You're very rude." I prepared to throw senbon needles, but before I could even aim, she disappeared into thin air.

Cruel laughter surrounded me, "Perhaps you should know your opponent before you attack, Tora."I stilled, glancing around the clearing for a glimpse of her. She sang out, "You never know when someone will…Attack!" I spun around just in time to see her swinging a katana at my neck. I ducked away and prepared for another attack, but she stood where I had, watching me with her head tilted, "You're fast, I'll give you that." I glared, "I learned how to be." The woman smiled evilly and I couldn't help but shiver, "You must have learned that from your father."

I stared at her, how did she know that!? When I asked her as much she just smiled and said, "You don't look good Tora... do you need a break from all this fighting?" This woman was infuriating! She never answered a question directly, and she always changed the subject. "Just tell me who the hell you are!" I shouted. The woman tsked, "Now what would your mother say?" I froze, it was a harmless question that didn't assume anything, but I had yet to see the woman say something unassuming. I suddenly knew who she was.


~Flashback over~

I cradled my forehead in my hand, this was bad. Very, very bad. I knew I had to tell Tsunade, but what would I tell her? That my mother, who was thought to be dead to everyone but a few people, was suddenly alive and with the Akatsuki? Like that would help, no one knew my mother when she was in Konoha except Fugaku and he was dead. Mikoto might know something, since she grew up with Hikaru, but she never talked about it. It was the same with Itachi, not that you could get him to speak more than a sentence anyway, and Shisui.

A cool hand touched mine and I jerked away startled. A woman stood there, watching me with wide blue eyes rimmed in yellow. She looked as surprised as I felt. She smiled sheepishly, "Sorry, I couldn't help but see that you looked frustrated, so I thought I'd come cheer you up." I blinked at her, three years ago this woman would have probably ignored me, now I was just another shinobi. I pasted a smile on my face and motioned for her to sit, "I was actually waiting for someone, but you can sit down. What's your name?" I said kindly. The woman grinned and sat down across from me, "Hatake Ame, and you are?" She asked holding her hand across the table.

I accepted it, "Tora." She smiled, "That's a nice name. I've never seen you around here before, and I eat here every day." Ame said conversationally. I cast a general glance around the restaurant, this was one of the places that used to not serve me, but they had changed their minds a few years ago. "I just never did. Besides, my lunch companion picked this place." Ame looked interested, "Oh? Is it a boy? You're pretty, I'm sure you have a boyfriend!" I blushed and ducked my head down. Why was it that everyone was suddenly interested in my nonexistent love life?

"No. Just a friend." To prove my point, Ino dropped into a seat, red and furious. Ame raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. Neither did I, I knew Ino would start ranting soon enough. "Can you believe boys? It's obvious I'm taken, but nooooooo they still have to flirt with me! If Reiko saw he would murder them!" I believed her, Reiko had a very bad temper that flared rarely, but when he did lose his temper, he was as scary as an angry Bijuu.

Ame titled her head, "Reiko... isn't he that kid that became a genin very late? Or was that the kid named Shino? No, no Shino is the dog boy, or is that Kiba?" Ino and I stared at her, it was rare to find someone that didn't know the Rookie Nine. She saw us staring and blushed, "Sorry, I have a hard time remember names. Kakashi says that I'll get over it, but I'm twenty-two and I still haven't." Ino shook her head, "You know Kakashi-san?" Ame rubbed the back of her neck, "Yeah... I should have introduced myself better. I'm Kakashi's new wife. Have been for a year." My friend raised an eyebrow, "Kakashi-san didn't mention a wife..."

Ame grinned, not fazed at all, "That's alright, Ina. He usually doesn't introduce me. Kakashi has the crazy thought that one of his many enemies might try to hurt me to get at him. I think it's kinda sweet." Ino blinked, "It's Ino, with an 'o'." I pretended to wipe my mouth with my napkin to hide my smirk. First Tenshi with 'Naruko' and now Ame with 'Ina'. The woman blushed, "Sorry I'm horrible with names. I think I told you already." I nodded and the topic turned on mundane things.

By the time my lunch break was over, the three of us acted like close friends. Ame, it turned out, had very funny and embarrassing stories about Kakashi. I smiled and placed my portion of the bill at the center of the table, "Sorry, I have to get back." Ino nodded but Ame looked curious, "Get back to what?" She asked. Ino grinned, "Tora works at the hospital, you see it was her brother that got her the job..." I waved and left while Ino sat with Ame giving her a brief rundown on my life. I would never understand why people just loved to share my story with anyone.


"So then what happened?" Mitsuko asked in her hyper way. Ruri and I exchanged glances and giggled, it had been two months since the Kazekage rescue mission and Mitsuko still wanted the details. Visiting hours were over so Ruri had left the desk to help me file away some more documents before she went home. Mitsuko was tagging along, not ready to go home yet.

Ruri shrugged, "I escorted the Kazekage home with everyone, Naruto said good-bye to his friend and we came home. Only to find that something bad happened during Tora's side of the mission and it's classified!" I rolled my eyes, when I finally admitted to the fact that the Akatsuki woman was my mother, Lady Tsunade locked in information away as top secret. I stood on my tip toes to slide the folder in my hands into the highest slot in the room, "That's why I go on missions with ANBU Team Four, Ruri. I know how to keep a secret."

My friend pretended to act offended, "Well I never! I can keep a secret, as long as no one tempts me with sweets." We all laughed. She leapt off the step ladder and I tried not to freak out. Everyone said I was too protective, something that I had gotten from raising Tenshi. I tried to keep the instinct suppressed, but it still managed to come out every once in a while. Ruri grinned when she saw my expression, "Yes mother?" I shot her a dark look that I had picked up from Itachi and turned away, "If you want to break your neck, go right ahead, I'm not healing you."

Mitsuko looked from Ruri to me and back, clearly confused. Ruri wrapped her arm around her shoulder and said, "Tora is raising a little orphan girl, so she has mother instincts. You should see her when she's around children; it's worse but so funny." I stuck my tongue out at her, "I'm sooooo glad to be of entertainment value. Here, file this in the fifteen year slot." I tossed her an old scroll, one that was practically falling apart. She grabbed it with ease and turned away, but something caught her attention. "...Tora... why is your name here?"

I looked over curiously, the shredded document indeed held my name in multiple places, but I didn't care. I shrugged, "I've never seen it before, just put it away." Ruri did just the opposite, "Oh come on aren't you even a little curious?" She started to open the scroll but I stopped her, "No, I'm not; and for that reason I'm still alive. Now put it up, it's obviously not for our eyes." Ruri rolled her eyes, "You're no fun, Tora. I hope you know that." I threw up my hands, "Why does everyone say that?" Mitsuko giggled, "Maybe because it's true." The girl then blushed and looked down, "Sorry, Tora-san." Ruri playfully shoved her shoulder, "Don't worry about it, Tora never loses her temper; I don't think she even has one!"

I asked, hand on my hips, "Are you two going to help or talk about me in front of my face?" The younger girls looked at me sheepishly and mumbled apologizes. Laughter came from the doorway and all three of us turned to see Shisui and Itachi standing there. Groaning I turned away again, "Don't you two have people to torture?" Shisui smirked, "You're the next one on our list, Kitty." Both Ruri and Mitsuko snickered. I glared, "I'm always the next one on your list, go bother someone else. And visiting hours are over, so what are you doing here?"

"I told you... you're the next victim of torture." Shisui said innocently, making my friends giggle again. I grumbled something none of them could hear and Shisui leaned closer, "What was that, Kitty?" I shouted, "I said, I'm going to drug you again with pain meds!" My best friend shot me a horrified look and Itachi chuckled quietly, remembering the time I had purposefully left Shisui high on pain medicine for his cousin to torture. Ruri, having heard of the story, laughed as well while Mitsuko was once again left in the dark. "Now, are you going to tell me or not?" I asked. Shisui was still giving me suspicious looks, so Itachi answered, "Shisui wanted to walk you home." Shisui shot a look at the head of the Uchiha clan, one that I couldn't identify. For some reason I wish I did.


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