Chapter 49

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My eye wouldn't stop twitching. If I got one more strange look from anyone I would not be responsible for my actions. As if to test my claim, Ino's blue eyes began to slide towards me and I snapped my gaze around to glare at her, "Want to make something of it?!" I snapped, my fingers bending into claws. Ino looked away quickly, acting like she had never planned to look at me anyway. Itachi made a choking noise and when I looked up at my boyfriend I saw that he was struggling hard not to laugh, one hand hiding the smirk that I knew was there. I blushed, remembering the hungry feel of his lips on mine, and looked away, muttering incoherent things under my breath. Shisui cooed mockingly, "You're so cute when you're embarrassed, Kitty! I might have to..." Shisui's voice trailed off when he felt Itachi's dark glare turn on him. It was my turn to smother my laugh.

Tenshi chose at that moment to pull on my arm, "Mommy, Daddy... I'm bored. I don't want to walk anymore." She whined. Itachi swooped down and picked up Tenshi easily. Settling her on his hip, Itachi asked, "Do you want to go play a game?" Tenshi pretended like she was thinking really hard before nodding happily, "Yeah! Let's play a game!" She said then wrapped her arms around Itachi's neck, her happy face resting against his shoulder, "I love you Daddy!" Practically every woman withing hearing range squealed at my adorable daughter. Itachi silently held out his free hand for me to take. I didn't hesitate as I slid my hand into his, carefully ignoring the pointed looks from everyone else, my hand in Itachi's felt like the most natural thing in the world.

"You're quite... defensive, Tora." Itachi commented as he lead us down the stall infested streets of Konoha. I shot him a dirty look, "It's your fault." I growled, Itachi just smirked at me, "Please, do explain." He teased and I flushed. "Infuriating Uchiha." I grumbled, not bothering to explain when he obviously knew I was embarrassed about how the kiss on the cheek suddenly turned into a full make out session in front of the entire population of Konoha. Including both our families, who would no doubt tease me for the rest of eternity, and the elders of Konoha, who enjoyed trying to dictate the head of the Uchiha clan's personal life. Almost immediately after Itachi stopped kissing me, the elders had pounced on him and dragged him off for a private talk. "What did the elders want?" I asked, changing the subject. Itachi glanced at me as he shifted Tenshi up higher on his hip, "The usual." He commented and I went bright red, regretting that I had asked. 'The usual' meant pushing Itachi to marry me and get busy producing a heir for the Uchiha clan.

Luckily, Tenshi began tugging at Itachi's collar, "Daddy, you promised games!" She whined. He smiled at her and kissed the top of her black haired head, "So I did, koibito. What do you want to play?" He asked lightly as if he hadn't been hinting at a push for marriage for seconds ago. Tenshi shrugged, "'Don't know... something fun." She said nonchalantly. Itachi rolled his eyes at me, clearly exasperated by my daughter's lack of certainty. I couldn't meet his gaze, still uncomfortable about the idea of marrying Itachi. I had only started dating the man, and already the elders were planning our wedding! Though, according to Shisui, the elders had started their campaign back when Mitsuko shoved me into Itachi and caused us to kiss.

Sensing my distress, Itachi squeezed my hand, "Don't worry about it, Tora." He whispered quietly. My blush deepened, "Why do they do that? Why do the elders meddle in our lives?" I asked. Itachi let go of my hand to wrap his arm around my shoulders and pull me to his side. Gently he kissed my temple, "The elders are worried that I will end up like my father." He said calmly. I frowned at my boyfriend, waiting for him to explain, but before he could Tenshi began tugging at him again, drawing Itachi's attention back to my daughter, "Daddy! Let's play that! It sounds fun!" She exclaimed, pointing towards a little stall that had many cheerful sounds coming from it. Itachi smiled, "Alright." He said as he set her down and produced three yen from the folds of his haori. Handing the yen down to Tenshi, Itachi gently pushed her towards the booth, "Go on, your mother and I will join you in a moment." He said. Tenshi barked a happy 'okay' and skipped off to win her game.

When she was gone, Itachi turned for face me fully, "The elders are fools, anata, they are worried that I will die without an heir to take over the clan, even though my brother is perfectly capable. But no matter how much the elders plead and pressure me to take our relationship further, I will not until the both of us are ready." My blush didn't abate, but I did manage a small smile, "I know you will, Itachi. I don't doubt you on that." I said softly. Itachi matched my smile and looked like he was about to say something, but Tenshi shouted then, "Daddy! Come help me pick out a prize!" Itachi sighed, "It never fails..." He said to himself before wrapping his arm around my waist. I giggled, "Being interrupted comes with the job as a parent, Itachi." I said jokingly and received a look for it.

The stall worker was bent over the counter, speaking lowly with Tenshi from her spot on one of the stools set up in front of the booth. My daughter laughed periodically at whatever the man was saying, her little face lite up with delight. "Tenshi," Itachi said, informing the four year old that we were near. She perked up, "Daddy I won first place! Mr. Shin said I get to pick my own prize!" The booth worker, Shin, grinned and propped on elbow against the counter, "That's quite a girl you have, sir. No one hardly ever wins this game. To have a blind four year old win... why that's nothing short of a miracle!" I didn't know who looked more pleased by the praise, Tenshi or Itachi. I snickered at the pair of them, bringing the man's attention to me, "Such a lovely mother you have, Tenshi! I bet you'll look just like her when you're her age." I blushed and looked down at my feet, shifting so that I was partly hidden behind a very amused Itachi. How could he not see my scars?! The man laughed and motioned to the array of stuffed animals and brightly colored toys hanging behind him, "Take your pick, sweet Tenshi! Any prize is yours, just name it."

Tenshi turned her cloudy blue towards Itachi who leaned down and began describing each individual toy with precision. Our blind daughter listened carefully, her face twisted in concentration committing each word to memory, trying to visualize the prizes. Shin chuckled, his arms crossed as he watched father and daughter. He glanced at me, "You have a very extraordinary daughter, ma'am. To be so accurate at that age, especially with her blindness. Tell me, was she born blind?" I nibbled at my lip, "Yes, at least I think so... Lady Tsunade said she was. I didn't see her until about a few hours after her birth." The stall worker blinked at my hesitancy, "You mean you don't know? Isn't she yours though?" Shin asked incredulously. I shook my head, "Tenshi isn't my daughter by blood, I adopted her shortly after she was born." Shin blinked again then glanced at Tenshi as she hugged her new stuffed animal, a large fat elephant, "Huh, no one would ever be able to tell. Your daughter takes after both you and your husband..." Shin mused.

"HUSBAND?!" I exclaimed.


"Stop blushing, Tora. It's an honest mistake." Itachi soothed as he lead Tenshi and me up the grassy knoll where the fireworks were going to be. My hands crept up to my still burning cheeks, "It's too much of a coincidence..." I said miserably, shooting a suspicious look at our gathering friends. Mostly my look was aimed at Sasuke and Shisui, they had done it before I wouldn't be so surprised if they paid Shin to mess with me. Ame shot me a questioning look from her spot on the ground, her right hand resting against her baby bump, as I flopped down beside her, not caring about my kimono. My team leader blinked at my flustered expression then up at Itachi, who was speaking lowly with Shisui, "Tora... what happened?" I groaned and shook my head, the last thing I wanted to do was tell Ame, especially in front of all these gossip machines I seemed to be surrounded by. Ame opened her mouth again, no doubt to force me to tell her, when Tenshi, ever the innocent four year old, asked, "Ame-san, what's a husband? Mommy won't tell me."

Everyone went quiet.

Surprisingly, Kakashi was the first one to start laughing. Followed by Sasuke and Ame, everyone else was either too scared to laugh at Itachi, or just too shocked. I went bright red and ducked farther down, wishing that I was a turtle and could disappear into my shell. "Hey! Stop laughing." Shisui snapped and I blinked at my best friend, surprised that he wasn't the first one teasing us. The three gigglers fell silent again, obviously thinking the same thing. To see Shisui not teasing me was like seeing Ino turning down a good bargain: impossible. Tenshi pouted and hugged her elephant, "Why won't anyone tell me?" She grumbled to herself. Itachi sat down beside me and pulled the blind girl into his lap, "You'll understand when your older." He said, a little too mildly for someone who had just been laughed at. I shifted uncomfortable, feeling the gazes of everyone on us. I glanced at Ame a few feet to my right, her smile promised an interrogation on a later date. I gulped, suddenly dreading my near future, even if what everyone was thinking was the farthest from the truth!

Just then the fireworks went of with a shrieking bang and everyone's attention was diverted to the night sky. Tenshi whimpered and squirmed in Itachi's lap, snuggling closer to her father. Being blind, fireworks were nothing but loud annoying sounds to her and thus the purpose of them was defeated. Normally I would have taken Tenshi home by the time the fireworks started, but Itachi insisted we come, at least for the beginning of it. Honestly I didn't see the point, having already suffered embarrassment at the hands of my friends I saw no need to wait around for yet another opportunity to arise. By far, this Fire Festival was the most horrible one, but also the best.

I sighed and laid my head on Itachi's shoulder, closing my eyes as the popping and loud crackles continued. This was my first Fire Festival as Itachi's girlfriend, so there had been bound to be awkward moments, granted I didn't think there would have been so many. We were still a new couple, the novelty that I was dating the head of the Uchiha clan hadn't even worn off yet. I smiled a little, maybe that was why I was so easily embarrassed by Shin mistaking Itachi for my husband. It wasn't even a month into our relationship and almost everyone we knew, and didn't know, was already planning our wedding. A calmness settled over me and I sighed contentedly, maybe in a few months after the newness wore off things wouldn't be so bad. After all, it took me forever to finally admit to my feelings for Itachi, and even then I was embarrassed about it for a while.

A sudden scream startled me out of my musing and everyone shot up, wide eyed and alert for any attack. All our eyes zeroed in on Hana tackling Shisui to the ground, both of them laughing and kissing. I glanced at Itachi, wondering if he knew what was going on. If the knowing smirk on his face was anything to go by I should say my boyfriend knew exactly why Hana and Shisui were acting like love-struck idiots and not two people who had been dating for a couple of years. There was a sharp whistle as another firework went off and it exploded with a brilliant light, illuminating the grassy knoll. Something sparkled in the grass near Hana's knee. My eyes widened considerably and I considered screaming myself.

A wedding ring.


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