Chapter 50

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A chapter dedicated to the wonderful friendship of Tora and Shisui! Long may they tease each other! lol

BTW Hawk Sirius: This is what I meant when I said Shisui was a mutt...


Hana giggled happily then sighed, her face red, "I can't believe he asked me to marry him! I mean yeah, I've kinda suspected he was going to ask me for about a month, but I never thought he'd do it so romantically!" She squealed. I smiled at her as I took a sip of my tea. We were both currently on break, and I knew that Hana would want to gush happily to someone. "I've been wondering if he would ever work up the nerve. Itachi said he's been debating about it for almost two months." I mused. Hana gave a giddy laugh, "That's so sweet! I'm so happy that he put real thought into this, and to propose during the fireworks? I never thought Shisui had it in him!"

"I'll take offense to that." Shisui said flatly behind his fianceé. Hana squealed and jumped up to hug him, showering kisses on his face. Itachi smirked at the pair as he slid around them to take a seat beside me, giving me a kiss on the cheek as a way of saying hello. I blushed only a little, feeling secretly proud of myself that I wasn't totally red in the face. Hana finally detached herself from Shisui and they both took their seats, their faces showing equal amounts of giddiness and love. I giggled at the pair of them while Itachi looked very amused. I leaned closer to my boyfriend and stage whispered, "Think they'll notice if we left to give them some privacy?" Hana and Shisui's blissful expressions turned flat as they glared at me. Itachi chuckled and lowered his voice, completely ignoring his cousin and his fianceé, "I doubt they would notice if you poured something on them." Itachi said, giving the couple a grin that dared them to say something. I pulled my tea closer, "I don't think this will be enough for the both of them..." I mused, looking down into the green liquid. Shisui interrupted, "Alright, we get it! We'll try to dial it down."

I fluttered my eyelashes at my best friend, "Who said that was going to save you?" I asked innocently. Shisui narrowed his dark eyes at me, "You wouldn't dare..." He growled. I smiled and pushed the cup of tea towards Itachi, "You're right, I wouldn't..." I told my friend. Itachi smirked, "...But I would." He finished. Shisui opened and shut his mouth several times before crossing his arms with a pout. Hana laughed, "I think the both of you take too much joy in teasing Shisui-koi." She said. Shisui grumbled under his breath, "That's probably why they get along so well. They enjoy torturing me." I snorted, "You're still sore about those pain meds, aren't you?" I asked. Shisui glared, no doubt remembering the time I purposefully left a very high Shisui in the clutches of his younger cousin.

I changed the subject, "So have you figured out what clan you're going to be members of?" Shisui had caused a minor problem when he proposed to Hana. Being that she was the heir to the Inuzuka clan, Hana would either have to give up her title to become an Uchiha, or Shisui would give up his clan name to be an Inuzuka. Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal, except the Uchiha elders had thrown a fit that the Inuzuka clan would get their kekke genkai, the Sharingan. On the other hand, the Inuzuka clan were irritated that they would loose the heir to their clan, even though Hana's younger brother Kiba was perfectly capable to take over, even if he was reluctant to do so. Shisui shrugged, "We're still discussing it. Hana doesn't mind giving up her title to marry me, but I don't want to make the Inuzuka elders angry with us. But if I became an Inuzuka I would-" Itachi groaned and pressed his fingers into his temples, "Can we talk of something else?" He interrupted. I grimaced, feeling a little guilty. Being the Uchiha clan leader, Itachi was in the center of the whole mess. "Sorry, Itachi..." I apologized.

Shisui smirked and opened his mouth, no doubt to tease us about something, but I beat him do it, "So, Doggy, how does it feel to be leashed?" Shisui went bright red while Hana roared with laughter. Even Itachi snickered, despite his mood. "TORA!" Shisui snapped, coming to his feet. I smirked up at him, "What? You call me 'kitty' all the time. I finally get payback." Shisui stood there sputtering until Hana finally dragged him back down in his seat. She patted his shoulder, "Don't worry about it Shisui." She soothed him. I smirked, "Yeah, you have bigger problems, like wedding plans." My best friend blanched white while Hana took that as her cue to start babbling on and on about the plans she was making. Shisui, the poor soul, was stuck listening to her go on and on about something as simple as the pattern of the san-san-kudo cups. Itachi made some vague excuse to the couple and practically dragged me away, Shisui's dark eyes boring into our backs accusingly.


At dinner with the Uchihas, I sighed internally while I chewed on the Yakisoba noodles, feeling Shisui's burning glare on me. I glanced up at my friend across the table. He was glaring at my darkly, his chopsticks poised over his own dish of Yakisoba, though they untouched. I narrowed my eyes at him and hissed, "What?" My friend's glare intensified, "You abandoned me!" He hissed back. I rolled my eyes, "Itachi abandoned you, he just dragged me away." I told Shisui before delicately taking another mouthful of noodles. Shisui snorted, "Sure, blame it on your boyfriend. I had to listen to Hana talk about the pros and cons of a traditional wedding because of you!" I tried to smother my laughter, I honestly did, but it still managed to escape.

My strangled snickering finally brought the rest of the Uchiha family's attention. Sasuke frowned, "What are you giggling about?" He asked suspiciously. Instead of answering I covered my mouth with my free hand in an effort to hold my mirth back. Shisui's glare could rival one of Itachi's at the moment. Mikoto glanced between her nephew and me, clearly confused. I could tell that the Uchiha brothers were as confused as their mother, though they hid it better. I smiled innocently at Shisui, my shoulders still shaking with silent laughter, "So... you were telling me all about your wedding plans." I said in a high voice. Shisui's right eye twitched, "TORA!" He roared. I was laughing full out now, unable to keep it back anymore. Playfully I waved a hand in front of my face exaggeratedly, "Phew, dog breath." I exclaimed teasingly, leaning back as if to escape the imaginary stench. My friend glared at me for a moment longer before crossing his arms with a smirk, "Just wait for your turn, Tora. You'll be fretting over sake cups too."

My laughter left as if it were never there. I stiffened and glared at the smug Uchiha across from me, my cheeks reddening only slightly, "I will not!" I snapped. Mikoto, Itachi, and Sasuke snickered at my sudden change of mood. Shisui's grin widened, "Maybe not... but you will be getting married, won't you?" He asked coyly. I scoffed and rolled my eyes, "Nice try, Mutt. I know where this is going. Yes I hope to get married someday, and NO I don't know who I'll marry." Shisui pouted and crossed his arms, "No fun, you used to get so embarrassed when someone even hinted that you would marry Itachi." He whined. I bit the inside of my cheek, refusing to acknowledge that my blush was turning just a bit darker. I reached across the table to poke Shisui in the chest, "That's because you wore the joke out, mister. You and everyone else in this stinking village."

Shisui opened his mouth again but Itachi cut him off by saying, "Leave her alone, Shisui. If you continue to mess with her you might get scratched. Don't you know that is what happens when a dog teases a cat?" "Itachiiiii!" Shisui whined. I shot a grateful grin at Itachi, it was always nice to know that your boyfriend was on your side. I made a mental note to thank Itachi later, in a way I knew he would enjoy.


"What about this, Tora?" Hana asked as she held up a overly bright kimono. I grimaced, "No." I said flatly. Hana pouted and threw the kimono into the growing pile of rejected clothes. Shisui got it into his head that I should have some part of the wedding ceremony even though I wasn't a family member. I knew the Uchiha was just using the opportunity to get back at me. The Inuzuka turned to Ino as she shuffled though yukatas, "Alright, tell me the secret to making Tora buy something." Hana said defeated. Ino grinned, delighted that Hana was asking for help. When Ino first invited herself to go shopping with us, she had mentioned that I was stubborn. Hana foolishly didn't believe her.

The blonde teenager took a dramatic stance, "Listen closely, O student, as I, Ino the guru of shopping, divulges her secrets of making the most stubborn woman buy something." Ino intoned. Both Hana and I facepalmed at her antics. Ino ignored us both as she continued in the same falsely mystic voice, "To persuade Tora into buying something is a very complex strategy that is difficult to even a Master Shopper like myself. I doubt you will be able to perform such a task, Inuzuka Hana..." Hana rolled her eyes, "Get to the point, Yamanaka." The older woman growled. Ino grinned, losing her mock seriousness, "You just buy whatever you want Tora to wear then get Itachi-sama, Reiko and Tenshi to gang up on her. That's what I do." Hana blinked, "Really, it's that simple?" She asked disbelievingly. Ino giggled, "It's not as easy as it sounds. Itachi-sama takes some convincing most of the time, and even then he'll still refuse!" The blonde admitted.

Hana thought about it, then folded a modest looking kimono over her right arm, "Shisui can handle Itachi-san. Besides, I'm sure he'd love to see Tora wearing something other than her shinobi clothes..." Ino and Hana turned to give my split skirt and top a disapproving look and got the full force of my glare. Ino actually paled a little, "And just when I thought she couldn't get any more Uchiha-like..." The teen commented. Hana laughed, "Is that red I see in those eyes? It's hard to tell!" The Inuzuka teased. Ino joined her in laughing while I just continued to glare at them quietly, willing them to burst into flames.


Note: San-san-kudo is a ceremony that takes place during a traditional Japanese wedding. Both the groom and bride drink three times from a sake cup to signify the many hardships they will face in the future together. San-san-kudo literally means 'three-three-nine.' And yes, I did research this cuz I'm a nut who likes to know everything possible before I write anything about it.

Rant/Musing Moment: Have you ever noticed that, though Itachi is said to be very strong and everything, his Mangekyu kinda sucks compared to the others. I mean, he gets the normal stuff (Tsukuyomi, Amaterasu, and Susanoo), but that's all he ever uses. All other Uchiha with the Sharingan have other techniques. Like Sasuke can control his Amaterasu, even put it out. Obito (and Kakashi) got the whole transport to other dimension thing going for him with little side techniques with it. Then Shisui got the badass 'Imma going to control people and they won't even know it' genjutsu thing. Madara... I really don't know his abilities that well to say anything about him. The best Itachi has is that his Susanoo is pretty much undefeated. But that's it... I know Itachi's was the first Mangekyu ever shown in the manga/anime, so it might not have other techniques, but still... kinda lame. Ah, don't pay any attention to me, I'm sick and rambling because I'm out of it. I hate allergies... -.-

I had a hard time writing Ino's dialogue... I was too busy laughing! XD

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